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Table of Contents

After successfully creating the form and turning the status “on” by the admin, the forms will be visible in the front end as per the Forms configuration. There can be 2 ways the form will be visible in the front end as it is described in the Manage forms doc. Both functionalities of the bubble and the widget are the same.

HelpGent allows not only the Registered users but also the Guest users to submit the form.

Registered Users #

The registered users are the users who are already registered on the site. Users can register on the site with several plugins depending on the Admin preference. HelpGent collects the Email and the Username from the WordPress Dashboard-> Users

Both types of users can submit the forms in 4 ways. Screen record, Text, Voice Record, Video. As the registered user’s information is already stored so the messages will be successfully sent immediately after submission.

Note: For Voice recording and Video recording you have to allow permission.

Guest Users #

A guest user is someone who hasn’t registered on the site yet. HelpGent allows guest users to send messages via all available methods such as video recording, text, voice recording, and screen recording(Pro) which simplifies and streamlines communication and boosts audience engagement. The guest users have to provide their contact details containing their Name, Email, and Phone Number for sending the messages.

How can guests send a message? 

How does the guest user receive replies and sends follow-up messages?

After sending a message, a guest token is sent to the guest user’s email to access the conversation and send follow-up messages. The token is valid for 30 days, which means the guest user will have access to all the conversations for 30 days.

What happens when the guest user registers?

If the user registers within 30 days of the initial conversation then all the conversations will be available automatically in the dashboard for lifetime validity (Until the admin deletes it). 

Guest User Settings

By default, the “Guest User” option is enabled. The setting is located in Settings ➝ General ➝ Email ➝ Enable Guest Conversation