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Admin can manage their forms from HelpGent→Forms. In this managing process, the admin can control the forms he/she wants to show, the name of the form, etc.

Edit/Change Form name: With the little edit button, the admin can edit the form name.

Shortcode: Apart from the bubble view, the form can also be shown as a widget. This is what shortcodes are for. You can copy the shortcode from here.

Then paste the shortcode to any of the pages where you want to show the widget.

Here is the front-end view of the widget.

Status: You can control the status of each form and determine whether you want to show the form in the front end or now. Turn on the toggle bar of the form, which you want to show, and turn off the toggle bar of the form which you do not want to show on the site.

Note: The status toggle bar will only control the bubble/chat head, not the widgets built with shortcodes.

Edit Form: Admin can edit/delete any forms from here.

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