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Display and Manage Forms

Table of Contents

Display forms: #

There are 2 ways Admin can display forms to the front end of the site.
(1) Shortcode
(2) Form Bubble.

Shortcode: An automated shortcode is generated for each form upon creation. Admins need to copy the form shortcode from Wp Dashboard> HelpGent> All Forms

The form can be shown on any page using this shortcode.

Note: Make sure the form status is set to active. Otherwise, the forms will not be visible at the front end.

On the frontend of the page, the form will be visible to the users in the following format

Form Bubble: Admins have the flexibility to show the form bubbles on the pages according to their preference. By editing the form settings admin can select the pages where he/she wants to show the form chat bubble.

Note: If none of the pages are selected the bubble will be shown on every page. Also, ensure that the form status is set to active.

Manage forms: #

Admins can manage each form at Wp Dashbard> All forms for multiple events like edit, rename, delete and checking responses on the form.

Edit: Amins can edit the forms screen and the setting configurations according to the preference. Each screen can be configured separately. There are 3 parts in the editing panel. The left side will contain the screens where multiple screens can be added, the middle part will be the screen preview and the right side will contain the Question, Design and Logic.

The details of editng will be discussed at the later part of the docs.

Rename: Each form can be renamed from the all forms panel.

Check Response: Admin can check the form reponses of each forms at the backend.

All the responses that have been reached are stored in the response panel where an Admin can check completed and incompleted responses, filter the responses within multiple parametes and check the summary.

The detail functionality is discussed at the Response and Summary parts of the Doc.