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Google Drive Integration

Overview:  #

The google drive integration allows users to connect their Google drive account with the HelpGent and allows them to store their files from the server to Google Drive. Hence, say goodbye to the hassle of manually transferring files – HelpGent makes it easy to keep everything in one place! 

How to connect? #

To connect to your Google Drive, Navigate to HelpGentSettings IntegrationGoogle Drive. Now enable the ‘Google Drive’ option. Then, click the “Connect” button to connect with your Google account.

Upon successful connection, you can see your Google Drive account information right here. 

How to migrate Server to Drive ? #

You can migrate your HelpGent  media files from server to Google Drive with ease whenever you want. 

You will get a popup to transfer your files from server to drive. Now click ‘Transfer Now’ button to transfer your existng file to google drive

How to disconnect? #

To disconnect, click on the dots, and get the “Remove” option to disconnect the migration process. 

How to migrate Drive to Server? #

Right after clicking the ‘Remove’ you’ll get a popup to migrate your data from Drive to Server. 

Click ‘Continue’ to transfer your data from Drive to Server.

FAQs #

What happens if I delete files from Drive manually?

Answer: The files will get deleted like the way you delete files automatically. 

What happens if I close the window on migration?

Answer: It won’t affect the migration process. And, the migration process will still be running. 

In case of migration from Server to Drive, if the storage is full what will happen?

Answer: The migration process won’t proceed. If you do continue the migration process, then you need to evacuate the storage for the files you transfer. 

Can I connect multiple drives at a time?

Answer: You cannot connect multiple drives at a time, only one drive at a time.