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Lead Collection (PRO)

In HelpGent, you can efficiently collect and manage user contact information using the “Contact Info” element in your forms. This guide outlines the simple steps to enable lead collection and export data seamlessly.

Step 1: Add “Contact Info” Element to Your Form

Navigate to the form builder in HelpGent. Click on “Add New” and add the “Contact Info” element into your form where you want users to provide their contact details.

Step 2: Configure “Collect Lead” Option

Access the “Element Settings” for the “Contact Info” element. Turn on the “Lead Collect” option. This feature ensures that all the data collected through the “Contact Info” element is saved for lead management.

Step 3: Manage Leads in “Contacts” Menu

All user contact information will be automatically stored in the designated “Contacts” menu. This centralized location streamlines lead management.

Step 4: Export Leads in CSV Format

To utilize the collected leads in external tools or for further analysis, you can export the data from the “Contacts” menu in CSV format. This export option provides flexibility in integrating your leads with third-party tools.

Once you’ve exported the contacts, the CSV file will be structured in the following manner:

By following these steps, you maximize the efficiency of lead collection using the “Contact Info” element in HelpGent. For any additional assistance or inquiries reach out to our support team.