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affiliate directory 20%

20% commission on $0 - $1499
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We Provide the Assistance You Need to Succeed

We believe that success starts with understanding your goals, and we help you achieve them by offering personalized support and resources.

High Paying Commission Rate

We offer the most competitive affiliate commission among all WordPress based affiliate programs.

Dedicated Affiliate Managers

Our affiliate managers are always available to help you process any aspect of the cloud affiliate platform. We will address any kind of question you may have, and we also provide access to top-tier information.

Affiliate-friendly Tracking System

We aim to promote a transaction that lasts for 90 days to ensure that all your sales are properly tracked and you receive full revenue for all your hard work.

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Get the most user-friendly affiliate dashboard that gives you all the information you need to manage your campaigns.

Detailed Performance Reporting

Access affiliate performance reports in your affiliate control panel to monitor the efficiency and success of your marketing strategies and affiliate approaches.

Beautiful Brand Assets

Get the brand assets, creatives including logos, banners which are numerous sizes and to great on any website.

What Makes wpWax’s Products Easy to Sell?

The products on wpWax Marketplace are easy to sell because they are high quality and professional. People love the products of wpWax that are made by experienced professionals who know how to make them look great and work flawlessly. It has a wide variety of products to choose from, so there is something for everyone.

Easy to Use Product

wpWax offers the most lightweight, user-friendly plugins & themes that allows users to improve the efficiency of work on any website

Highly Customizable

All the products at wpWax have a user-friendly and customizable design that allows ambitious individuals to make a personalized web experience.

World-class Products

wpWax offers a wide range of products to meet your needs ensuring that your experience is seamless and stress-free.

Dedicated Support

At wpWax, we love to care for our users. You shouldn't have to worry about having a dedicated support facility. We're here to help you with any questions you may have about our products

How to Get Started


Become An Affiliate

It’s easy to join! Simply register as an affiliate.


Send Traffic to wpWax

Educate people about our product and drive them to solve


Earn More Commissions

Enjoy up to 40 common fuel on each successful purchase.

Get Started Affiliate


Please Do

  • Create quality content for our products.
  • Advertise our products through educating amongst the recipients.
  • Create case study, YouTube videos, comparative posts relating to our products
  • Grow the WordPress affiliate community and provide relevant suggestion with enough cooperation
  • Promoting our products through social media and email marketing
  • Creating educational content to educate our products
  • Using our visuals like logos and banners

Please Don't

  • Distort any information to get more sales
  • Creating controversial content for promotion
  • Creating spammy content relating to our products
  • Using own affiliate link for own purchase
  • Any illicit approach to manipulate the sales volume

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s pretty simple! wpWax affiliate program rewards you if you direct new customers to purchase products from our site.
It’s super easy! Just navigate through the link and become the wpWax affiliate
There is no minimum payout limit for commission withdrawals. If the commission is older than 14 days we will send it to your PayPal account automatically.
Your funds are usually held for at least 14 days to avoid fraud transactions and chargebacks. You do not need to make any withdrawal requests, if the order is 14 days old or more we will automatically send the commission directly to your PayPal email on the 10th-15th day of every month.
There is a “14-days to maturity” rule to ensure if the payment for the order is legit and also to be sure if the customer decided to get a refund or has filed a dispute. So, suppose you earned a commission on the 10th instant of the month, you do not qualify to get paid on the 15th since it does not fulfill the 30 day rule. So, you will get the payment on the next payment cycle.
Of course, feel free to share anything to us here

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