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After having a successful installation of the plugin, you can find the Forms in HelpGent→Forms. All the configurations of the forms including create from, manage form, and shortcode are located here. There is already a demo form created from our script on a fresh installation.

You can edit the existing form by simply clicking the “Edit” button or you can create new forms. Indeed, you can create as many forms as you want and show each one on your preferable page.

Create a new Form:  #

For creating a new form you have to click the Create New button.

After clicking the Create New button, a popup will appear where you have to give a name to your form.

You will be directly redirected to the building portion of the form which contains several steps.

General #

Collect Info: These contact informations will be collected from the users and will be stored in the Contact. Name and Email are the mandatory fields here whereas Phone is optional.

The Guest users will see these input fields while submitting the forms.

Display on Selected Pages: By default, the bubble/chat head is displayed on every page. However, you have the option to display it on selected pages only.

Now, click save or navigate to the form settings tab by clicking the next button at the bottom. 

Form Settings #

This is the main part where you have to design your form. The designing process is divided into several parts which are described below.

Theme Variation: Right now, we have two themes available. You can pick any of your choices. 

Add Image / Record Video: This setting allows you to upload an image or a video background into the form. Furthermore, you can even record a video which might be helpful to show your customers a current campaign.

You will be able to preview your changes to the form right beside it.

Greetings: You can set a greeting message here which will be reflected at the top of the form as you can see.
Description: With the toggle button you can control whether you want to show the description or not. The description text is located right after the Greeting message in the form.

Chat Title: Give a chat title for the chat section in the form.

User Reply Option: Admin can set the number of ways for a form using which users can send/reply to their messages.

Note: Screen Record is only available in the pro version.

Footer Message: You can show a preferable footer message if you want. You can also control the visibility of the footer message text with the control button. Turning it off will hide it from the form.

Credit Text: Admin can hide/show/edit the credit text which is located at the very bottom of the form. Turning it off will hide the footer credit text container.

Note: The credit text option is available only in the pro version.


You can customize your forms in terms of colors, font family, font sizes, etc. You can play with each of the options to see the differences.

Thank You Page #

After successfully designing the form and saving it, you will be redirected to the Thank You Page tab by clicking the next button. This is the page users will see each time after submitting the form.  

The Title and the Description of the Thank You page can be changed as shown below and you also have the option to show a custom CTA button.

The background color, title color, font size, description font size, and color can be customized as well. 

Congratulations! You are ready to display the form as per your use case now. This is how it will appear on the front end.

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