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How to Create Forms

Creating forms with HelpGent is a breeze. Follow these steps to craft engaging and interactive forms tailored to your needs. You can refer the the quick demonstration,

In the HelpGent menu of your WordPress admin panel, go to All Forms → click on the Create New option.

Clicking on the Create New Form button opens a pop-up that allows you to create a form either from Scratch or your you can use a Starter Form Template. In this screenshot, [1] is the button for creating a blank form, and [2] is for choosing a pre-built form.

Once you click an option to create a new form another pop-up option opens that allows you to give a Form Name and Enable Form Bubble option.

If you toggle the Enable Form Bubble option then you’ll get an option to select pages to display Form Bubble on different pages. If you do not select any particular page then the Form Bubble will display across all the pages.

Tip: The Form Bubble is a floating icon. Clicking on it expands the form.

Once you’ve created a Form, you will be directed to a sleek and feature-packed dashboard. From this Dashboard panel, you can customize your Form options and design.

On the dashboard’s top bar, you’ll find the ‘Editor,’ ‘Settings,’ ‘Preview,’ and ‘Publish’ options. Right in the center of the Form dashboard, there is a live preview of individual Screens (fields) for various device views.

The right sidebar provides the basic settings panel for individual Screens, while the left sidebar offers Screen options.

Fine-tune each screen to fit your requirements with the following options:

a. Element: You will find settings related to the screens.

b. Design: Customize the appearance and layout of each screen.

c. Logic: Implement conditional logic for dynamic and interactive form behavior.