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Form Settings: General

Media Limits #

HelpGent comes with lots of options to customize the form. There are two types of settings available one is general and the other is Email Notification. The general setting is responsible for all the customization available with the form. Below is the layout of the settings:

Within the General settings, you have the option to adjust crucial parameters such as the maximum video length, maximum voice length, and maximum upload size. Notably, you can choose to define the maximum upload size in either megabytes or kilobytes, offering you flexibility in this regard.

Note: The free version imposes restrictions, allowing a maximum of 2 minutes for voice and video duration and limiting upload size to 300MB.

HelpGent branding (PRO) #

Additionally, you can disable HelpGent branding from your settings, ensuring a seamless integration of the form into your own branding and identity.

Note: This is available in the PRO version

Form texts #

You can even customize the text on the button texts associated with your form.

Allow Anonymous Submission #

HelpGent empowers guest users with the ability to submit responses anonymously. Simply activate the “Allow anonymous submission” option in form settings, eliminating the need for email validation. This streamlines the submission process, offering a hassle-free experience, perfect for quick and frictionless interactions. To learn more about the feature refer to the Allow Anonymous Submission doc.

Save Incomplete Data (Pro) #

Allowing the “Save incomplete data” feature, authors can gain valuable leads about end users, especially useful when users need to exit a form before filling out all required fields. To learn more about the feature refer to the Save Incomplete Data doc.

Customize form bubble #

When it comes to the form bubble, an integral part of the form’s interface, the General settings provide a lot of choices. You have the option to decide on which pages the form bubble will appear. 

The aesthetic aspect of the bubble is further enhanced by three distinct background options: Screen, Upload, and Color. The Screen background offers the default form bubble appearance, while Upload enables you to incorporate an image into the bubble’s background. If simplicity is your preference, you can opt for a solid color background for the bubble.


Upload image:


For the form bubble, three kinds of shapes are available. 

In addition, the settings allow you to add or remove a border around the bubble and customize its border color to align with your branding or design choices.

Moreover, there are two positions available along with customizable options Offset X and Offset to show the form bubble in any position on the page.

Lastly, you will find the option to modify the bubble size to small, medium, or large.