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Form Settings: Email Notification

Email Notification #

Under the settings, email notification settings are also available. 

The “Notify Admin On” setting is designed to notify administrators when a form submission is received. This feature can be used to keep the admin informed about new activities on the platform. In addition, you will find the option to customize the email template that administrators will receive when a form submission occurs. You can personalize the content and appearance of the message, including the subject, message body, and any relevant variables like the form data or submission details. 

The “Notify User On” setting is meant to send an email notification to the user who submitted a form. This feature is particularly useful for users to acknowledge their actions. You will find the option to customize the email template that users will receive when an administrator replies to their message.

You can edit email templates with great flexibility. 

Email Header and Templates #

Furthermore, you have the flexibility to customize the style of email templates. You can toggle the header and footer on or off, allowing you to control their visibility. Additionally, you can specify the background color for the header and tailor the content of the footer text to your preferences.