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This plugin comes with options to place suitable legal pages on your websites.

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Product Overview

Do you know how important is it to have proper legal pages on your website based on your service? If you offer any kind of service and you do not have legal pages such as privacy policy, cookie policy, terms of use, terms, and conditions of your service, return policy, etc. then you may easily face a big lawsuit. And you really do not want to go through the ugly process of litigation because you have a more important business to run.

To help you avoid any kind of lawsuit for your website and service, Legal Pages is your best friend. This is a very useful and easy-to-use plugin that will help you create important legal pages very easily even if you do not have any programming or legal knowledge.
This plugin comes with pre-made legal templates to help you create important legal pages and you can use those templates and edit them as much as you need and then you can publish your legal pages such as privacy policy, terms of use, etc.

  • Last Updated
    23 January 19
  • Released
    30 September 18
  • Current Version
  • Requirements
    Legal Pages Pro

Key Features

  • 25 Legal Page Templates, they are:
    • 1.Privacy Policy
    • 2.Refund-Policy
    • 3.Digital Goods Refund Policy
    • 4.Linking Policy
    • 5.External Links Policy
    • 6.Cookie Privacy Policy
    • 7.Facebook Policy
    • 8.COPPA – Children’s Online Privacy Policy
    • 9.Advertising Disclosures
    • 10.Confidentiality Disclosure
    • 11.Testimonials Disclosure
    • 12.Affiliate Disclosure
    • 13.Disclaimer
    • 14.Earnings Disclaimer
    • 15.Medical Disclaimer
    • 16.Terms of Use
    • 17.Forced Agreement to the Terms
    • 18.Affiliate Agreement
    • 19.Amazon Affiliate
    • 20.DMCA
    • 21.Antispam
    • 22.Double Dart Cookie
    • 23.About Us
    • 24.California Privacy Rights
    • 25.End-user License Agreement
  • Ability to lock down any content, page, posts using this plugin and allow user to view a certain content or page or post after they accept any terms and conditions you made.
  • And many more.
  • Most of the template are written in such a way that you sometime may not even need to edit anything, All important information is applied in the page automatically for you based on your website setting.
  • Navigation Arrows display/hide option.
  • All templates are extremely easy to customize.
  • You can also add new page template if you want.
  • You can edit your legal pages in a very beautiful editor the way you edit normal WordPress page. So, you will feel very comfortable creating legal pages using this plugin.
  • Very easy and easy-to-use setting panel.
  • You can customize anything and create your legal pages staying on single page. NO need to refresh a lot. Because we used amazing technology to give you very fast user experience.
  • Very clean plugin and clean interface. NO ugly stuff..
  • Very clean code.
  • Very small in size.
  • Very fast and clean user interface.
  • 100% secure codes following 100% correct guideline provided by the WordPress.
  • Modern Object Oriented Codes.
  • And many more features.