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How to Add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA on Your Website

How to Add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA on Your Website: A Complete Guide

In the present climate, besides enriching websites with dynamic content, you take numerous safety measures to secure your visitors’ private and sensitive information. It’s because several laws have been enacted to protect the privacy of users from specific regions. Among them, California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA is a significant one. It provides and enhances consumer privacy rights and protections for users who are residents of California.

However, this privacy act provides users with the right to know if their personal information is sold or disclosed. Besides, users have the legal right to reject the sale, disclosure, or use of their personal information, and they won’t face any discrimination if they exercise these rights. 

All these prove how crucial it is to have this legal template for your website. With that in mind, in this guideline, we will walk you through the steps of adding California Consumer Privacy Act to your website. Let’s jump right in! 

Step by Step Guide to Add The California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA

Ensuring users’ personal and sensitive information security makes them feel relaxed to discover more of your website’s content. Using the California Consumer Privacy Act can also provide users from California with the same facility. 

Before proceeding further, we guess you are using WordPress as the dedicated Content Management System (CMS) for your website. We will use a multifunctional plugin named ‘Legal Pages Pro‘, which helps you add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA within a few minutes. Let’s complete the overall process through a step-by-step guideline.

Step 1: Upload and activate ‘Legal Pages Pro’

To get off the ground, head over to the WordPress Dashboard Admin Menu bar and click on Plugins➤Add New. You will be redirected to the WordPress plugin bank. Next, click on Upload Plugin to upload ‘Legal Pages Pro’ on your website. 

Upload the plugin to add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA.

Now, you need to search for the .zip format plugin file of ‘Legal Pages Pro’ by clicking on Choose File. Once you are done, click on Install Now to set up the plugin on your website.

Choose and Install Legal Pages pro to add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA.

After installing the plugin, you should activate it to make the plugin functional on your site. To do that, click on Activate Plugin.

Activate plugin to add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA.

Right now, you have successfully activated ‘Legal Pages Pro’ on your WordPress website.

Legal pages pro activated successfully to display California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA.

Step 2: Dive deep into ‘Legal Pages Pro’ settings panel

Let’s take a tour of ‘Legal Pages Pro’. Firstly, go to your Dashboard’s Admin Menu Bar and click on Legal Pages➤Settings. This action will take you to the Settings page of the plugin. The Settings page includes three different parts: 1. General Information 2. Popup Settings, And 3. Miscellaneous Settings

General Information is divided into two sections: General Information and Social Information. In the first section, you should provide basic contact information about your site or business. For the second section, give the URL addresses of different social media you use for your business or website. 

After adding information to these sections, click on the Save button to record the information. Moreover, you can also reset any data by clicking on Reset Fields and record the newly provided data by clicking on Reset Saved Data

The settings panel is helpful enough to add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA.

After filling up all the required fields in the ‘General Information’ part, it’s time to move to the Popup Settings. Here you will find different functionalities to display the popup on your website.

After making all the necessary changes, click on Save button to record all the given data. You can also reset the required data by clicking on the Reset Fields, and lastly, click on Reset Saved Data to save the changes.

You can display California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA as popup.

Lastly, in the Miscellaneous Settings, you will get two buttons. Tap the first button Yes/No to exclude Legal pages in the search result. All the plugin’s data will be automatically uninstalled by clicking ‘Yes’ on the second button. So be alert when using this button. Lastly, click on the Save button to record all the changes.

Miscellaneous settings to add California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA.

Step 3: Add ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’ on your website

To add a ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’ page on your site, return to the Dashboard Admin Menu Bar and click on Legal Pages ➤Add New Legal Page

Now you are on the Add New Legal Page. Here, you can manually add ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’ or use a template. To complete the process faster, you can use a California Consumer Privacy Act template.

First of all, select your website type in the Show Template Type option. The dedicated templates that are relevant according to the nature of your website will be displayed automatically.

Next, choose the California Consumer Privacy Act from Choose a Template list to add the template. The Title and paragraph part will be fulfilled automatically by the body text of California Privacy Rights. Now click on Save Page to save all the changes you have made. 

Select California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA template from the Add new legal page.

Step 4: Display the newly created page for ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’

To discover where your newly created ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’ page is stored, click on Legal Pages➤ All Legal Pages. You will be taken to the All Legal Pages page. Here, you will find your newly created page on California Consumer Privacy Act. There is also the option to include a new legal page with Add New Legal Page

Furthermore, you can display this legal page on any post or page just by copying the Shortcode. Besides, the Action defines that you can view, edit or trash the page if necessary.

The recently created California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA legal page.

This is how you can successfully add the ‘California Consumer Privacy Act’ page on your website.

Closing Out

Ensuring accountability regarding sensitive and personal information is crucial if you want to make a good relationship with your users. There are many ways through which you can do it. Displaying the California Consumer Privacy Act CCPA is a notable one among them. This privacy act works as a safeguard for users so that you will have to be alert enough that no information is misused.

To make the process easier for you, we have crafted this guide on adding the California Privacy Policy Act on website using a ready-made legal template in no time. If you find this tutorial helpful, send your valuable feedback to us using the comments section.

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