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Table of Contents

Create Popup #

As like legal page, you can create a pop-up navigating to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Legal Pages → Popups 

Reaching here you will see the popups with ID, Names, Shortcodes(which can be used on any page). You can create a new popup by clicking the button named Add New Popup. Clicking this button will redirect you to the page Add New Popup where you can create your new popup.

You have to give your new popup a name. Besides, you need to write the content of your popup. We know it is hard to write the content by yourself and most importantly it takes time. Keeping that in mind we have provided you with 26 templates which are divided into types according to business. You can simply choose the template you want to use.

Your popups are editable just like templates. As you can see 2 buttons named Edit and Delete. You can edit your template by clicking the Edit button. On the other hand, you can delete a template by clicking the Delete button.

You can use the popup shortcode on any of your Page.

Popup Settings #

You can set up your pop-ups functionalities here as like Agreement button text, Accept button text, popup width and height, and many more. You can simply be directed to the Pop-up Settings navigating through, WordPress Admin Dashboard → Legal Pages → Settings → Pop up Settings

There are 3 functional dialog buttons in this field named Disable popup notice title which will responsible for showing popup title in popup text, Allow user to close popup which will control the user accessibility for users to remove popup text, Disable popup Js & CS which will disable additional popup JS and CS.

In the end, there are 3 buttons at the bottom named Save, Reset Fields, Reset Saved Data. Save will be saving your data. Reset Fields will be resetting your filled information. Reset Saved Data will be resetting your saved data.