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Installation and Activation

We know how troublesome to face plenty of lawsuits after starting a business. This will make you demotivated, and sometimes you may lose interest in running a business as an entrepreneur. Therefore, we have come up with a solution for you. We are offering a Legal page Pro plugin with multiple features including privacy policy, cookie policy, terms of use, terms, and conditions of your service, return policy, etc. ad many more to make your business more secure and clean in terms of policies.

The very basic idea behind developing this product is to make your business easily controlled, convenient, and secure. Using Legal page Pro, you can create your own legal pages and a template of legal pages without even having a single knowledge of programming. We offer additional key features like Advertising Disclosures, Confidentiality Disclosure, Pricing policy, Refund policy, and many more. Moreover, like every product of ours, you are getting 24/7 support from our dedicated support team.

Installing the free version #

There are two ways to install the Legal pages plugin. First, installing via the WordPress Dashboard and second, via the FTP.

Installing via the WordPress Dashboard

Step 1: Navigate to WordPress Admin Dashboard→Plugins → Add New and search for Legal pages in the search box. Alternatively, download the plugin from WordPress plugin repository and upload it in WordPress Admin Dashboard→Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin.

Step 2: Install and activate the Legal pages Plugin from the search result.
After activating the plugin you will see a new menu called Legal pages added to the WordPress Dashboard menu.

Installing via FTP

Refer to the URL to download the plugin file from the WordPress plugin repository. Now, log in to your hosting using an FTP client. Once connected, upload and unzip the file in the plugins directory; usually found in the hosting server’s /username/public_html/wp-content/plugins/  directory. For any assistance related to FTP settings please contact your hosting provider.

Installing the pro version #

We have made our installation process very easy so that you don’t face any difficulties during this period. To begin with, you have to purchase a plan according to your choice for https://wpwax.com/product/legal-pages-pro

Download the plugin from your  “Dashboard”

Firstly, you need to navigate to wpwax.com Account

This will take you to the login page. If you have not signed up yet, just click the signup option at the bottom right of the login form.

This will take you to the Sign-up page. After completing the Signup process, you will be logged in as a user.

Secondly, if you have signed up before, simply use the user name and password that you used to sign up,

Thirdly, once you have purchased the plan for legal page pro you will be able to see Legal page pro in the dashboard at the Download section.

Lastly, you need to navigate to wpwaX.com DashboardDownloadLegal page pro

Then simply download it. 

After successfully completing the above steps your file will be downloaded as .zip file which you do not need to extract. Then you need to upload the plugin and install it from your admin dashboard by navigating to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Add new → Upload Plugin → Choose file → Install now

Once you have installed the plugin you need to activate it navigating to the WordPress Admin Dashboard → Plugins → Installed → Legal Page Pro → Activate