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Create Legal page Template

You can create a legal page template navigating to WordPress Admin Dashboard → Legal Pages → Legal Page Template

Here you will be seeing legal page templates. By default, we provide you with 4 templates in the Free version (26 in the free). Furthermore, you can create your own legal page template by simply clicking the button named Add new legal page template located at the top of the page. Clicking this button will bring you to Create New Page Template where you can create your own Legal Page Template.

Firstly, give your template a name. Secondly, write the content of that template using the shortcodes located just on the right side of the page.

Your shortcodes contain the value of the General Information and Social Information located in the Settings tab General Information section.

Your templates are editable as you can see 2 buttons named Edit and Delete. You can edit your template by clicking the Edit button which will take you to Edit Legal Page Template. From here you can edit the pages like the way you created. On the other hand, you can delete a template by clicking the Delete button.