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WooCommerce product slider for your website

Why Should You Go for WooCommerce Product Slider [ 8 Effective Tips]

Are you searching for an effective way to increase your eCommerce-based online store’s conversion and sales?

If the answer is “Yes”, we have answers to your queries. Using product slider can be a very good idea to boost up your eCommerce store’s sales effectively. You will definitely be surprised to see how a WooCommerce slider helps your eCommerce website upgrade its product display styles to the next level. You have the freedom to choose from different types of product sliders to attract your potential customers and grow a mindset among them to buy your store’s products. 

What an amazing idea it can be if you implement the advantages of a WooCommerce slider to promote your eCommerce website! Undoubtedly, they will act as a ‘perfect duo’ since you know eCommerce websites have a huge impact on online business. So, why are you waiting? Scroll down and expedite with us.

What is ‘WooCommerce Product Slider’?

Before moving further, It’s better to have an idea about the mighty plugin ‘WooCommerce’. It is the most popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress. WooCommerce is the complete package for users who dream of being the owner of a lucrative online store.

A WooCommerce product slider is a functionality that increases the power of your eCommerce website. Best WooCommerce slider plugins have advanced functionalities and features by which your user experience and user interface will improve to a great extent. 

An effective product presentation always plays a game in Customers’ mindsets. Advanced product slider plugins have different style options to display products so that they can attract customers more effectively. 

Why Should You Go for WooCommerce Product Slider for Your eCommerce Website?

In today’s world, trade and commerce have moved in a new dimension with the advent of eCommerce websites. Similarly, WordPress provides you the facility to build your dream eCommerce website. 

A WooCommerce product slider plugin improves your eCommerce site’s performance in different ways. Let’s Scroll down and explore the reasons how a WooCommerce product slider can have an impact on different types of eCommerce websites.

The benefits of using product sliders are countless. Proper knowledge of products lets customers buy your products with no hesitation.

1. Target on featured products

With just a few clicks, tons of opportunities come before potential customers. They pick the best among all the alternatives. So, they don’t spend so much time on any specific online store. If there is no item that convinces their mindset, they immediately leave that shop. 

So, be strategic and productive. You can show the featured products of your store in WooCommerce product carousel so that your potential customers will be able to find the featured products in no time.

2. Display related products

Sometimes customers like to taste something different. So you need to understand their urge and find out what more they want. You can display related products in the cart along with featured products. If they are attractive, customers won’t take time to buy those products as well.

3. Increase  customers’ participation and sales

Be empathic! Think from customers’ point of views and feel their needs. Potential customers visit your store to grab their favorite items. You can decorate your store with items of different looks and styles including customers’ favorites ones. That’s how you can make them explore your store’s items more.

WooCommerce product carousel decorates your shop in a way that helps customers spend more time. Spending more time increases the possibility of buying your products. As a result, your store’s sales will increase a lot.

4. Show latest and popular offers and deals on regular basis

Sliders are very potential and convincing source to remind customers about the latest offers and deals you offer. Customers may miss out on offers that are alluring and perfect for them. Ultimately, you may miss the chance of earning more revenues. Don’t worry! A WooCommerce slider helps you display several offers at a time repeatedly. So Customers can choose any of them they like.

Suppose, your store offers some exclusive deals for the upcoming BFCM (Black Friday Cyber Monday). If customers see those offers, they will feel assured and visit your store in their available time. It helps increase your store’s sales.

Now, before diving deep, let’s check out different types of eCommerce websites and know how product slider benefits them. There are mainly four types of eCommerce websites we usually know. They are: 

  • Single brand website
  • Online retailers
  • Affiliate websites
  • Market places

Now, I am going to discuss the reasons or benefits of using a WooCommerce product slider with different types of eCommerce websites. Hope your eCommerce website is WordPress-based because without a WordPress-based eCommerce site, you can not install or use any WooCommerce product carousel plugin. So be sure of that.

5. Single brand website with a WooCommerce product slider

Single brand eCommerce websites sell products of a specific brand. They display different types of products from that specific brand here. As an owner of a single-brand eCommerce website, you can use a WooCommerce product carousel for many reasons.

Displaying products in an orderly way is always a crucial part of any online store. Specially it’s plays a sigficant impact for a single brand website. If your brand is reputed and has lots of products to offer, then you have to be very strategic and careful so that you can highlight all types of products.

WooCommerce slider can be your companion. You can display various types of products classifying them according to ID, SKU, tags, and categories.

Not all kinds of products of a specific brand have the same popularity. Visitors may focus on some specific items. So, these products have high potential to create a higher conversion rate. You can use WooCommerce product carousel and categorize them into different types like top-rated, best-selling, and featured products. That’s how you increase the chance of generating more sales.

Product sliders help increase the sales rate of less popular products. Your single brand website may sell 10 different items for men’s fashion. Among them, four items get a high conversion rate and the rests don’t. You can focus more on the other six items in the slider to attract visitors’ attention.

6. Online retailers with a WooCommerce product slider 

Online retailers buy products from different brands at a wholesale rate and sell those products at a retail price on their respective sites. They sell the same kind of products of different brands or different products from different brands. 

Using a WooCommerce slider helps online retailers focus equally on each item they sell. For example, your site sells women’s shoes of four different brands. While displaying them, you find that two specific brands get high attention but the others don’t get much. 

By using a WooCommerce slider you can give equal importance to all products by displaying them randomly. Visitors will be able to see more products on your site and the chance of selling more new items will increase in great extent.

7. Affiliate websites with a WooCommerce Product slider 

As an affiliate website owner, you sell products of other brands on your website by taking a commission from them. If your website is reputed and the number of visitors on your site is huge then it works great. 

A product slider WooCommerce increases the number of brand owners who want to advertise their products on your site. You can display featured products on your site which helps your visitors take a quick look at the most popular products of different brands and the conversion rates increase.

That’s how your site becomes more popular among the brand owners and they will show interest to advertise more on your site.

8. Market places with a product slider WooCommerce

In marketplace eCommerce websites, entrepreneurs from different brands can enlist their products for sale. By using a product slider WooCommerce you can increase the number of brands to display their products.

Since, there are products from different brands, you can display all of their products randomly, and to know any information in no time, visitors can hover on that specific product and see details about the products. You can rate some brands’ products with star ratings so that it adds extra value to them among visitors.

List of Popular WooCommerce Product Slider Plugins You Can Try

In this list, we’ve covered the four most popular WooCommerce product slider plugins that you can try out to make your online store stand out from the crowd. They are different in terms of features and ease of use.

1. Product Carousel, Slider & Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce

WooCommerce product slider: Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce.

When you get confused about finding a perfect and reliable WooCommerce product sliders, think less and go for the Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce with no hesitation. It is the ultimate solution for those who love to build dynamic online stores by using product sliders. This plugin is fully responsive at any device like mobile phone, desktop, tablet.

You can display products in a slider in different ways so that when visitors visit your site, they will get attracted with the look and functionalities of this awesome plugin. Users without having any programming skills can easily use this plugin. You can create different types of product carousels, sliders, and grids with this plugin. 

Key features:

  • Exclusive settings for each carousel slider
  • Products with unlimited display.
  • Display products like Featured, top rated, best selling,on sale 
  • Advanced settings options
  • Display products by ID, sku, tags, category, month and year
  • Random products display
  • Opportunity to enable/disable hover effect on product image
  • Ribbon/badge for featured, on sale and out of stock products
  • Endless carousel slider
  • Display/hide options for out of stock products

And more for you.


The single-site annual base price starts from $24 with 24/7 support. If this plugin doesn’t meet your need within the first 14 days following the purchase date, you will get a 100% risk free money back guarantee.

Get Link:

WooCommerce Product Carousel, Slider & Grid Ultimate Pro

2. YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel

WooCommerce product slider: YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel.

With YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel, you can improve the usability and interface of your WooCommerce store. You can create the unlimited number of sliders in various parts of your eCommerce store and display them beautifully. 

The sliders created by this plugin are fully functional on any device. By using various templates, you can create your favorite slider in no time.

Key features:

  • Sort products by name, price and date
  • Unlimited slide making options
  • Display products from individual categories
  • Display slide in  sidebar
  • Entrance and exit animation for products
  • RTL support
  • Slider navigation option

And more for you.


The single-site annual base price starts from $49.99 with 1-year of updates and support.

Get Link:

YITH WooCommerce Product Slider Carousel

3. WooSlider by WooCommerce

WooCommerce product slider: WooSlider.

WooSlider is a very easy-to-use product slider for users. Its configuration is so easy that even a newbie can understand it easily. Without any hassle, you can add a slider to your WooCommerce store.

You can make slideshows more attractive with numerous display and settings options of this plugin.  There are two animation slider types named “Slide” and “fade” and you can use animation in the slideshows.

Key features:

  • Easy animation adding system
  • Complete control on display with slide overlays and layouts.
  • Different settings to control every aspect of slide show.
  • Easily customizable with minimal styling and CSS.
  • Activate the “Play/Pause” event.

And more.


This plugin annual base price costs $49 with one year of customer support and extension updates. It also offers a 30- day money back guarantee.

Get Link:


4. Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce

WooCommerce product slider: Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce.

With ‘Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce’, you can create stunning and good-looking product carousel sliders for your WooCommerce store. Display sliders anywhere in your site you want including posts, pages, custom templates, sidebar, and widgets. 

You have the freedom to control and adjust the functions and looks of the product slider with a built-in advanced Shortcode Generator. If you don’t find this plugin helpful, you can get a full 100% refund within 14 days.

Key features:

  • Advanced shortcode generator
  • Two different layouts ( Slider and Grid)
  • Options to create unlimited grid showcase and product slider
  • Enable/disable option for Google fonts loading
  • Show/hide  product review or rating in the slider
  • Unique settings for each slider

And more for you.


The single-site base price costs $39 a year (personal) with 1-year updates and support

Get Link:

Product Slider Pro for WooCommerce

Wrapping Up

Your business success not only depends on a high sales rate but also builds trust and improves strategies to attract potential customers. Products are the heart of your eCommerce website. A WooCommerce product slider displays products in such a pleasant way that helps your visitors to know the ins and outs of any product so that they can make a wise decision before buying an item.

You have the freedom to choose any of the plugins I have mentioned in this post and use them. Choose them according to the features and functionalities they have. You can get more of them in your WordPress site’s repository. Proper usage of WooCommerce product sliders plays a huge impact on your eCommerce website undoubtedly. If you have more to share, then please let us know your valuable ideas in the comment section below.

If you liked this post, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that we can notify you once any post is published. Finally, you can also follow wpWax on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more exciting news, offers, and product updates.

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