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How to increase WooCommerce sales

How to Increase WooCommerce Store Sales: 10 Pro Tips

Innovative presentation of anything creates a positive vibe in the human mind. As a WooCommerce store owner, it means a lot for you because the more you engage your potential customers with your products, the more chances you have to increase WooCommerce sales. There is a wide range of techniques available to scale up your online store growth. Using a sophisticated WooCommerce product slider plugin can be an effective one among them.

This article will discuss a powerful WooCommerce product slider plugin named “Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce”. With this plugin, you can display your store’s products with numerous jaw-dropping features and strategies that engage visitors more with your WooCommerce store and convert them into potential customers. Let’s do a thorough analysis and discover the reasons for which you should ultimately choose this plugin.

‘Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce’ Plugin 

The ‘WooCommerce Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro’ is your best companion to increase WooCommerce sales. This plugin provides a shortcode generator by which you can create a product slider on any page or post you like. You can beautify your store with the two stunning product slider types it offers carousel and grid.

Apart from that, you have the freedom to display your store’s products according to ID, SKU, category, month, and Year. The plugin also offers more impressive features by which you can level up your WooCommerce store sales to a great extent. So, let’s scroll down and explore this superb plugin.

Reasons You Choose ‘Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce’ to Increase WooCommerce Sales

Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce helps you in many ways to boost your WooCommerce sales. So, there are some specific reasons for which you should go for this plugin.

1. Advanced shortcode generator

This plugin comes with an advanced shortcode generator in which you can create an unlimited number of product sliders according to your need. To create sliders, copy the shortcode and paste it to any post or page you like, and display your favorite products in the newly created slider.

The success of your business depends on more conversion and sales. Using the advanced shortcode generator, you can create as many sliders as you need to display different types of products. Thus, you create more chances by showing your products to more visitors and ultimately converting them into potential customers.

2. Various slide layouts

You can get two different slide layouts in this plugin. One is the carousel and the other one is the grid slider layout. Both of them have different styles and settings. As an owner, it’s a great opportunity for you to engage your customers more with your products. That’s how they will feel the urge to buy your products. These slider layouts serve this purpose very effectively.

i. Carousel slider layout 

Your product display area contains great value. With a carousel slider layout, you can display unlimited WooCommerce products within stunning sliders that come one by one repeatedly. It helps the visitors to navigate more and more products without scrolling the slider up and down. You can also display products according to their types in the carousel slider. So the possibility of conversion and sales increases a lot.

ii. Grid slider layout

Another superb slider layout is the grid. You can easily display your WooCommerce store products in a grid view. Customers need to scroll down and find their favorite products in this layout. There is a short description of each product’s caption so that customers can make a valuable decision whether they buy the product or not.

3. 28+ pre-designed themes

Your appearance defines your identity. In terms of the WooCommerce business, it means a lot. Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce offers 30 pre-designed themes by which you can give new appearances to your slide while displaying products. 

You will get 15 themes each for both carousel and grid sliders. So your chances of displaying products with the new look and design increase a lot and eventually your WooCommerce sales and conversion rates will level up.

4. Display products according to different types

You can display different types of products in sliders. Your WooCommerce store may have numerous products. But it’s impossible to show all of them in some specific sliders. Moreover, customers will get bored seeing the same kind of products again and again. As a result, they lose the interest to navigate to your next products anymore and leave your WooCommerce site.

With this plugin, you can display products according to different criteria like latest, top-rated, on sale, featured, category, best selling, random, etc. This feature helps you display products that keep pace with the latest trend and fashion.

5. Display products with different ribbon badges

Boost your WooCommerce sales by adding a ribbon for exclusive products. Ribbon works as a tag to highlight products to your potential customers and thus it increases sales. This plugin offers three ribbon badges with the default name: on sale, featured, and sold out. 

You can change any of these default names and set your favorite ones. Ribbons help the customers to make a quick decision about products whether they will buy those or not. So try to give a catchy ribbon name as it attracts customers a lot.

6. Image resize

Your store product’s images need to be sharp and clear enough so that they attract potential customers and drive them to buy products. You can resize all the products’ specific images in the same size. You can also crop the images with specific height and width to present them attractively to increase your WooCommerce sales.

7. Slider autoplay option

You can control the carousel slider autoplay option with this plugin. Visitors have lots of alternatives except your WooCommerce store. So, it’s your responsibility to attract them with different facilities. The slider autoplay option lets visitors see your products without any single mouse click. There are two types of carousel slider autoplay options: normal and marquee.

8. Numerous display options

Increase your WooCommerce sales by displaying buttons such as the product’s full title, header, title, price, ratings, add to cart, and many more. So, your potential customers can get very detailed ideas on products displayed in the slider and it helps them to decide easily whether they will buy the products or not.

9. Control the carousel slide speed

It’s really disturbing for a visitor to navigate products that go randomly without any interval in the carousel slider. As a result, he/she will leave your WooCommerce site and go for other alternatives. You can make your site free from this hassle by controlling the slide speed and slide timeout. 

Proper control over your carousel slider speed and slider timeout can give visitors more time to observe your store’s products thoroughly. If they become convinced of your products, the conversion rate and sales of your WooCommerce store will increase to a great extent.

10. Fully responsive 

People are busy nowadays. They don’t have enough time to go shopping physically. So they want to save time by purchasing online products. They love purchasing their favorite products through their mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. It’s a big step for you as a WooCommerce store owner to boost WooCommerce sales by convincing your potential customers. 

You can make your WooCommerce store fully responsive on any device with this plugin. This plugin helps you display product sliders on devices like mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. So, it doesn’t matter whether your potential customers stay home or not. All they need is to take their favorite devices and click on the products they like. That’s how your store’s sales go up in great numbers.

11. 24/7 support

A real friend always stays beside you in weal and woe. Similarly, the ‘WooCommerce Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro’ plugin is like a reliable companion for your WooCommerce store I have already mentioned. The support team of this plugin stays beside you in any kind of support you need regarding this plugin. So feel free!

Wrapping Up

Business success depends on becoming strategic and having a good understanding of customers’ attitudes and demands. ‘WooCommerce Product Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro’ plugin can be a reliable companion for your WooCommerce store’s growth. The features and options of this plugin let you boost your WooCommerce store sales if you implement them correctly.

In this article, I have tried to focus on the crucial points of how you can boost your WooCommerce store sales by using this plugin. Use this plugin by yourself so you will get more detailed ideas. Let me listen to your success stories on boosting your WooCommerce store sales using this awesome plugin. Don’t forget to share your valuable experiences in the comment section below.

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