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WordPress clickbait headlines: Top formulas you should know

WordPress Clickbait Headlines: Top Formulas You Should Know

According to statistics, 8 out of 10 people read an article’s headline, but only 2 out of 10 clicks and read the rest of the writing. Do you know why? 

It’s because the headline isn’t catchy enough to keep them engaged with your content. You may write a remarkable piece of content but fails to get your visitors’ attention. There can be various reasons behind this. Among them, not using an attention-grabbing headline can be a significant one behind low traffic.

Thereon. to make your headlines appealing enough to the readers, clickbait headlines have come into action. This strategy is very popular for web content that aims to get users to click on the headlines to redirect them to any specific blog post

Moreover, these headlines typically seek to exploit the curiosity gap by providing just enough information to make your readers interested but not enough to satisfy their curiosity without clicking through to the link content. Moreover, clickbait titles are an attention grabber to attract more visitors to your website. 

Understanding the importance of clickbait headlines for writing excellent piece of content for your WordPress website, we will be describing the do’s and don’t while writing clickbait headlines and some of the popular examples of clickbait titles. 

Things You Should Consider Before Choosing a Clickbait Headline for WordPress

You can keep a few strategies in mind while making a clickbait title for your WordPress blog. Here are some of the best clickbait examples in the following. 

Make WordPress clickbait title SEO-friendly 

Clickbaits are effective to grab users’ attention because they are so eye-catching and provoking that web surfers can’t overlook them anymore when they see them. You can make your WordPress site’s headlines more captivating and compelling if it’s combined with SEO.

To do this, you need to put your post’s keywords into your title. That’s how our title will also appear when someone searches for something on the search engine using the keyword we use on the title. 

Add shocking factors 

Using shocking factors is a popular strategy to create a compelling clickbait headline like crazy, unbelievable or surprising, and more. All of these work effectively to grab readers’ attention. But ensure your writing covers some shocking facts so it won’t seem deceptive in readers’ eyes.

Try to be a little controversial 

Your content can get special attention from readers if you add some little controversial facts to it. If you can implement this technique effectively, then readers will become more curious about your content. Your posts will especially attract readers if you add something that goes against the present circumstances.

Add affirmative adjectives 

It’s a good practice if you maintain consistency in your post’s headline and believe in your words to make your readers feel it. There are many ways to do this but among them using affirmative adjective is a proven technique. For examples, compare the following headlines:

  1. 7+ Themes for Restaurants
  2. 7+ Best Themes for Restaurants

We know most of you will answer that the second headline looks more catchy than the first one. It’s because the second one includes an affirmative adjective like ‘Best’ to make it sounds more confident.

The headline of this article you’re reading can also be an example. We have used the word ‘top’ since these are really the formulas that you should follow when writing headlines.

Best Clickbait Headlines Examples for WordPress

To help you create an effective headline for your WordPress blog post, we’ve put together some prominent examples of clickbait in the following.

1. Piggybacking 

If you are fortunate enough to feature a prominent figure or do a follow-up piece about an existing news story or interview, you can use “piggybacking” to grab attention and attract visitors.

The ‘piggybacking’ technique can be an effective strategy to get a significant amount of clicks for your post. The process of using this effective clickbait technique is to offer a reference of a prominent person or brand related to your post topic.

2. “You’ll Never Believe” 

This headline is usually used to mention a famous person like what happened to, what happened, and how he works. Usually, this type of headline is used to describe the present condition of a prominent person, whether his condition is good or bad now. These headlines typically encourage readers to know the actual scenario by reading the article. 

3. “The X Best” 

Displaying the list of necessary things can easily make readers curious to find the best one for their choice. It makes them choose the best items they can take to make their lifestyles more manageable. 

4. “X Things You Need to Know” 

If you display a list of popular terms like different records in fields like sales, sport-related records, lifestyle hacks, music, and money-saving ways, it will be tough for the readers to ignore these types of content. Instead, it will urge them to explore more of your post by clicking on its particular link.

5. “This Weird Trick” 

Using this type of headline for your WordPress blog post makes readers think about the process that may provide a fundamental trick that will make their life or any specific task more uncomplicated than ever.

6. “This Is What Happens if You” 

These kinds of headlines create an urge among us like it will become a significant loss if we don’t get the ideas described in this post. You will click on the post at once when you understand the importance of the thing described in the post.

7. ‘The Last … You’ll Ever Need’ 

You can use this clickbait type headline to spread your eCommerce store’s products. This type of headline fits perfectly for products that people usually buy. This clickbait example is very helpful in reaching the last number of customers you have for this type of product. You can include products in your post’s lists that will be available enough all the time.

8. ‘Why You Should….’

If you’re going to be bossy and tell readers what to do, you might as well give them a reason.

With this headline, you appear to give readers a helpful tip while enticing them to read more.

Headlines like “Why You Should Stop X and Do Y,” “Why You Should Stop Buying X Product,” or “Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Now” tell people what the content is about while leaving the “why” a mystery… until the click through to your site.

9. ‘You Can Now…’

This is another viable strategy to make headlines lucrative enough to get a higher number of clicks than before. This headline conveys that readers can now find, achieve or do something they weren’t able to do in the past. This way, your readers will become more interested in clicking through your post. 

To Wrap Things Up 

Having a good understanding on using clickbait headlines can be a very effective to get more clicks for your writing. Once readers get attracted by the headline, they will find your article helpful. So, ensure providing enough information on your content to fulfill the readers’ curiosity. Its crucial because if readers don’t get enough info after liking the headline, it may be devastating for your content. 

That’s why, in today’s article, we have demonstrated some compelling examples of clickbait headlines for your WordPress site to get more clicks. By reading this article, you will surely get lots of ideas on clickbait headlines. If you have anything to share regarding this article, feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.

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Abdullah Al Harun is a technical content writer at wpWax and a digital marketing enthusiast. Apart from tech, he enjoys reading books on different aspects of communication, journalism, science, and arts. On his time off, you will find him playing cricket with his teammates.

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