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How to showcase logo design

Tips on How to Showcase Logo Design Effectively

Logo design is one of the most important aspects of a company’s marketing strategy. If you want to ensure that your logo design is top-notch, you need to know how to showcase it to your clients. There are many ways to show off your logo design skills.  

When designing a logo, it’s essential to show your clients how the logo will look on different backgrounds. You can do this by using mockups or by creating concept designs. In today’s article, we’ll share some effective tips on how to showcase logo design to your customers.

So, why wait? Let’s dive deep into the discussion!

Common Mistakes Usually Happen in Presenting Logo Designs

Here we have listed some common mistakes designers usually make while presenting logo design to their clients.

Confuse clients by offering too many options

A common misconception among logo designers is that clients will appreciate it if you display many logos to them. This idea creates a negative impression on clients’ mindsets. So, it would be best if you considered the number of logos to display. 

Here, it would help if you gave priority to quality over quantity. It’s a good practice to display not more than five logos. To ensure you showcase the best logos to your client, you can sketch hundreds of logo designs if you wish, pick the top designs from there, and present them to your client. 

Use email to send logo designs

Another typical mistake logo designers make while displaying logos to clients is sending them over email. It’s an awful practice that may negatively impact your clients’ mindsets. You will miss the opportunity to explain your logos to them, creating a negative impression of your service or products. So, remember not to send your logo concepts via email.

Consider treating the design as a draft

When you send logos using email, clients usually think you have sent them the drafted version of the design process. But this shouldn’t be the case. That’s why avoid making this type of mistake. However, if you create engaging logo presentations that attract attention with catchy headlines and appealing designs, clients will need just a few revisions to understand it.

Best Tips on How to Showcase Logo Design to Clients

By considering some practices, you can make the logo presentation process more dynamic for your clients. Let’s take a look at them in the following.

1. Explain the goals of the logo design

How to showcase logo design: Explain the goals of the logo design.

Explain the goals you have about presenting logos. Discuss how the logo showcases your client’s organizational identity by addressing the target audience. Tell them why your logo looks different from other companies’ logos. After explaining the logo, you can take your clients’ opinions about what they think of the logo designs.

This way, you can get clear feedback from them. If the answer is positive, it’s okay, but if it’s negative, you can ask for constructive criticism from them and design your logos more beautifully than the last one. Thereon, try to showcase the goals of your logo design. 

2. Inform clients about the logo designing process

How to showcase logo design: Inform clients about the logo designing process.

Making a logo isn’t just a process you can do within an hour or so. It takes much effort, like research, creative thoughts, and experiments. Though non-designers have a misconception about the process that presenting logo design can be done within minutes.

You can’t blame them for this to clients because they aren’t aware of what you do to make your logo a dynamic one. That’s why you need to inform clients about the logo designing process to get an idea about the overall process.

3. Highlight the features 

How to showcase logo design: Highlight on the features.

Try to focus on the features of your logo design rather than explaining to your clients why you select the design for them. If you do so, it may confuse your clients about explaining your logo design. Keep them focused on your logo’s features.

Try to take their opinion on how they think about the logo design. It’s an excellent way to start a conversation between you two. Then, you can describe the features of your logo to them.

4. Get a clear brief from the client

How to showcase logo design: Get a clear brief from client.

A clear brief about the logo design helps get an overall idea of the logo at a glance. This way, you can know how your client wants their logo. If it isn’t, you can design a brief on your own and send it to clients for approval. When you get the consent, then you are confident to proceed on.

There shouldn’t be any ambiguity between you and the client about the logo design. If it’s understandable and clear from both sides, then you can move forward with confidence.

5. Present the logo in practical circumstances

How to showcase logo design: Present the logo in practical circumstances.

It’s widespread that giving real-life examples works a lot more than theories. In the case of logo design, this works a lot. Clients may doubt how your logos will look when they use it in real life. To make the designing process clean for clients, show some practical life examples of how your logos will look in a particular situation. Show how logos look on different products, websites, business cards, and signatures. 

6. Use the right mockups

How to showcase logo design: Use right mockups.

Many graphic designers incorrectly use mockups, also known as wireframes or Mockups. A layout is not always sufficient to convince your client of the usefulness of a logo design – mainly if that logo design will be used externally (in a portfolio, for example). However, most designers often take layouts meant for presentations to clients instead. 

This can be problematic because business cards and other stationary objects are typically read when standing up rather than placed on a table. Additionally, when possible, use presentation mockups – not layout mockups – to highlight specific features of your logo design.

7. Using a slider is a powerful medium

How to showcase logo design: Using slider is a powerful medium.

Using sliders can be a convincing way to display the logo to your clients. These sliders will mainly discuss how logo design will be helpful for your business. This way, clients will quickly understand how they design the logo. To make the logo design more attractive and eye-catching to the users, you can discuss them using different types of sliders. 

8. Try to be patient and strategic

How to showcase logo design: Try to be patient and strategic.

Being patient is a good quality in terms of interacting with people. It’s vital when you deal with the client for logo design. Not all clients have the same approach. Some of them may ask you different types of questions to test your patience.

Sometimes you may not be able to answer all of their queries. But don’t lose your patience anymore. Stay calm and listen to what they say about your logo. Try to draw their attention by focusing on the goals both agreed on.  

Finishing Off

A well-crafted logo design can be rejected just because of an unimpressive logo presentation. So, having ideas on how to showcase logos efficiently means the most to you as a logo designer.

In this post, we have demonstrated some practical tips on convincingly presenting a logo to the client and making the client satisfied with your logo design. Thus, they get attracted to your logo and purchase it from you.

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Abdullah Al - Harun

Abdullah Al Harun is a technical content writer at wpWax and a digital marketing enthusiast. Apart from tech, he enjoys reading books on different aspects of communication, journalism, science, and arts. On his time off, you will find him playing cricket with his teammates.

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