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how to display logos

How to Easily Display Logos Using Various Types in WordPress

Do you want to display logos based on various types on your website?

Whether you are crazy enough to find out an efficient way to make more visitors attracted to your website. Then take a break! Yes, we happily announce that we have got the answer to your queries. We think this solution will give you new hope for decorating a website using an attractive appearance.

By displaying the logos of your valuable customers, stakeholders, and retailers, you can effectively create a positive impression among visitors’ mindsets about your website. This is an effective technique to get more visitors interested in your ones. Moreover, if you display logos based on different types, it will increase the possibility of attracting more unique visitors. 

With all these advantages in mind, in this tutorial, we are going to show you an easy guide on how to show logos based on different logo types. Interestingly, we will complete the overall procedure with a single WordPress plugin. How cool! Isn’t it? Let’s scroll down and explore the process in detail.

Gradual Guide on How to Display Logos in Different Types in WordPress

Following some steps can make the logo displaying process easier for you. For serving this purpose, make sure to install WordPress as your dedicated Content Management System. To complete the overall procedure, you need to install a dedicated plugin for displaying logos named ‘Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro‘.

Step 1: Upload and activate the plugin 

First, you need to upload ‘Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro’ on your website to start the proceeding. To do this, click on Plugins➤Add New from your WordPress dashboard Admin Menu Bar. 

This activity will take you to the ‘Add Plugins’ page. Next, click on Upload Plugin to set ‘Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro’ on your website.

Upload plugin to display logos

Once you have clicked on upload, you will be taken to a page from where you need to choose the file for ‘Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro’. To do this, click on Choose File to select the .zip format file of the plugin. After selecting the file, click on Install Now to install ‘Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro’.

Choose and install plugin to display logos

You have installed the plugin on your website. Next, to activate the plugin, click on Activate, and the plugin will be functional.

Click on activate plugin to display logos on website.

Finally, you have successfully activated ‘Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro’ on your website.

Step 2: Add a logo

To add a logo, return to the Dashboard Admin Menu Bar and click on Logo Showcase➤ Add New Logo. You will be redirected to the ‘Add New Logo’ page. Now, give the logo a name in the  Add Title box. Next, set the logo by clicking on Set logo

Besides, from the URL and Tooltip Settings, you can add a short description, logo link, and tooltip text for the logo. Finally, click on Publish to add the logo.

To display logos, first add new logo

To explore where your newly created logos are stored, go to Logo Showcase➤All Logos. This action will take you to the Logos page. However, you can also add new logos using the Add New Logo option.

All logos page from where you can display logos.

Step 3: Generate a new shortcode

Next, you need to generate a new shortcode for the newly added logos. To do this, click on Logo Showcase➤Shortcode Generator. You will be taken to the ‘Shortcode Generator’ page. Click on Generate New Shortcode.

Generate new shortcode to display logos easily.

Now, you are on the ‘Generate New Shortcode’ page. First, fix a title for this page by clicking on Add title box. Here, you will get Shortcodes and three different settings: General Settings, Carousel and Grid Settings, and Style Settings. All of these settings come with definite functionalities.

Shortcodes and settings to display logos easily.


In Shortcodes, you can copy and paste the automatically generated shortcode to any post or page to display a logo on your website.

Copy the shortcode to display logos.

General Settings

The General Settings offers multiple options to provide users with an advanced logo displaying experience. There are two layout types; carousel and grid, and you can show logos using any of them. 

Besides, you can display logos from different logotypes, customize the logo image, set header title, and more within this Setting.

General settings has options to display logos beautifully.

Carousel Settings

In Carousel Settings, you will get 16 dynamic themes to display logos in the carousel slider. There are numerous carousel control functions, column selection facility on different devices, slide customization facilities, and more to make logo displaying more attractive.  

Display logos using carousel settings.

Grid Settings

Grid Settings offers functionalities like displaying logos using different themes and columns on different devices and set pagination types.

Display logos easily using grid style.

Style Settings

Style Settings offers functionalities to make the tooltip display for logos more attractive. Besides, you can activate the image hover effect if necessary.

Display logos attractively using style settings.

Now, you have an overall idea of the shortcodes and different settings to generate a new shortcode. After completing all the customization processes within these settings and copying the Shortcodes, click on the Publish button to save all your changes.

Click on the publish button to display logos.

Step 4: Display logos using different logo types

If you want to display logos using different logotypes like latest, oldest, randomly, and A-Z title, go to Logo Showcase➤Shortcode Generator. To make things clear, in the previous step, we have set the new shortcode name as Shortcode 1. So, click on it.

Display logos using different logo types.

Next, get into the General Settings and scroll down to Logo Type. The default logotype has already been set as Display logos from latest published.

Select logo type to display logos in different types.

If you want to display older published logos, click on the radio button beside the Display Logos from Older Published.

Display logos as older published.

Following the same procedure, you can display logos on your website using types like randomly and A-Z title as well.

Closing Out

Achieving business success isn’t an easy win until you follow proper strategies, which is why it’s a smart idea to follow the proven techniques. Among these, showcasing logos can positively impact visitors’ mindset to explore your site more, which increases the chances of getting sales.

Considering all these facts, in this article, we have guided you through the most straightforward way to display logos in different types to attract more visitors. We think you will be on the right track to boosting sales following this guide. 

Written by

Abdullah Al - Harun

Abdullah Al Harun is a technical content writer at wpWax and a digital marketing enthusiast. Apart from tech, he enjoys reading books on different aspects of communication, journalism, science, and arts. Whenever he is free, you will find him playing cricket with his teammates.

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