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Should you still use sliders in 2022?

Should You Still Use Sliders in 2024

If you are looking for a convenient way to display a large amount of your website’s data, then using sliders is a viable element to serve your purposes. Sliders are tools that are immensely popular to display your website’s content in a very concise space.

There are different types of sliders to offer your website a dynamic appearance. You can use them for navigation, content area dividers, or to show off your portfolio items. They’re versatile, and you can include them on your website.

But due to various reasons, it’s a burning question whether sliders have lost their importance or not. Thereon, let’s dive deep into this post to explore the answer to the query, ” should you still use sliders?”

Common Misapprehensions about Using Sliders

Many website owners are dead against using sliders because there are some common misconceptions among them about not using sliders on their websites. In the following, I will put together some common misunderstandings among people who don’t like using sliders on their websites. 

Ⅰ. Banner blindness causes due to sliders

A common misconception about sliders is that they usually create banner blindness among users. Banner blindness is refusing to pay attention to a website because it contains banner ads. These ads are typically easy to identify due to their flashy appearance and tendency to move, jump, and flash constantly.

Showcasing sliders works as if you display an advertisement on your website. And most of the people hate advertisements. Because of sliders, users aren’t able to see every part of any website.

Ⅱ. Sliders make a website perform slowly

Another widespread misconception about sliders is that they are slow. It’s because sliders need CSS and JavaScript code to function. That’s why your website loads some additional CSS and JavaScript codes. So this increases the loading time of your website because of loading extra files. 

In addition, using multiple images without resizing may cause your website to slow down. When you display multiple images using a slider, this may cause a heavy load on the site speed.

Ⅲ. Sliders damage your website’s SEO performance

SEO is one of the crucial factors that you need to consider to rank your website higher on different search engines. So, ensure not to use any element that may negatively impact your site’s ranking. Using a slider is among these elements.

Ⅳ. Sliders are harmful to the user experience

Website visitors won’t stay on a website for longer if it isn’t user-friendly enough. A common misconception is that sliders aren’t UX-friendly. It’s because they move very fast, and users don’t have enough time to read the content. 

Ⅴ. Sliders aren’t fully functional on all devices

To get good traffic on your website, making it responsive on all devices is essential. It’s crucial because the number of website browsers using mobile phones is increasing at a rapid rate of 62.06%. It’s a common thought that sliders don’t work great on mobile devices.

Ⅵ. Sliders are not accessible

Website accessibility is crucial on any website. No matter what device or browser someone uses. It means that all users, regardless of their abilities, must be able to access your website easily. But a common misconception is that you won’t be able to get quick access to a website if it uses sliders.

Why Should You Still Use Sliders for Your Website? 

Despite misconceptions, there is a wide range of valid reasons that prove why it’s a smart idea to use sliders on your website. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Sliders integrate much information in a short space

Sliders are helpful for integrating much information within a concise space. This is especially effective if you want to display a wide range of products or posts on your website within a minimal space of your website. Visitors just need to swipe the sliders and pick the best one of their choice.

2. Sliders increase user engagement

Sliders are potential ways to engage users with your website from the first time they enter the homepage of your website. They are an excellent way to engage customers by comprehending and retaining the information.

3. Sliders are eye-catching

Since sliders are such versatile design elements, you can create truly innovative designs that impress your visitors. That’s why users will be more likely to stay on your site for a more extended period and make purchases.

4. Sliders are handy to create innovational pages

Sliders can be a handy tool for web designers looking to create innovative pages. Their ability to shift between different styles makes them a great solution when switching up your page design style. It means that users are more likely to remember and return to your website, benefitting you and them in the long run.

Popular Slider Types Commonly Used on Websites

Nowadays, sliders have become an effective way to display content dynamically on any website. Here in the following, we will demonstrate the popular slider examples frequently used on websites. 

1. Product slider

Should you still use sliders: Product slider.

Product sliders are used especially in eCommerce websites. With these sliders, you have the option to display a wide range of products within a minimal space. Generally, in product sliders, the image represents all the necessary information regarding a product, like the product image, price, types, categories, product rating, and potent CTA button if anyone is interested to know the details of the product.

2. Logo slider

Should you still use sliders: Logo slider.

Displaying the logos of promising clients, partners, and stakeholders on your website is an excellent way to earn the trust of visitors who visit your website. It helps immensely to increase the sales of your products or services.

Using a logo slider is a suitable choice to serve this purpose to make visitors trust your website. This tool is effective in boosting sales. It’s because visitors put trust in you as you have already worked with the big guns.

3. Testimonial slider

Showcasing the testimonies of your satisfied customers in a sliding manner helps eradicate the confusion of the customers who think about buying your products or service. That’s why testimonial sliders come into play. It removes all customers’ confusion and helps generate more revenues to grow your business. So they feel confident to buy your products or services, and you will find ways to earn more.

4. Video slider

The video slider usually doesn’t contain static images; instead, it includes videos. These kinds of sliders help introduce products, learning tutorials, and courses. These kinds of sliders are beneficial in attracting more visitors. 

5. Photography slider

Photography sliders are perfect for displaying photos if you want to attract more visitors using this slider. This type of slider is suitable for displaying photos creatively, which is ideal for photographers. To show images attractively, you can create an image gallery and include relevant captions to help visitors enjoy your sliders the most. 

6. Post Slider

Post sliders are very popularly used in blogging websites. Within a post slider, you can display the blog post at a suitable place on your website according to categories like most recent, most viewed, or most popular. That’s why visitors can find blog posts without much trying, and blog posts get more views.

7. Storytelling slider

The storytelling slider effectively attracts more users by making it more interactive for visitors. You can share any memorable experience of your business or service within this slider, and if visitors find it interesting, they move forward to see more sliders.

8. Portfolio slider

Displaying a portfolio using a creative and attractive way is a potential way to attract related persons to get more work. Online, you will find different types of professionals in specialized fields, but it’s challenging to find a suitable one among them.

It will be easier if you are creative enough to display your portfolio using portfolio sliders, and it will help you get more clients. It’s also a good investment for future clients when they find someone related to your field.

Winding Up

That’s it. Considering the importance of sliders in displaying different types of content in an eye-grabbing way, we hope you have quickly understood that they are viable options for your website’s growth.

In addition, we have demonstrated various reasons to clarify the question of ‘should you still use sliders?’ by indicating the importance of using sliders along with some common misconceptions regarding this element to help you make the best decision. Feel free to raise your voice if you have any queries regarding today’s post.

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