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10 Best WordPress Directory Plugins of 2024

If you’re about to start a directory listing business in WordPress, you must be wondering about the best WordPress directory plugins. If this is the case, you’re in the right spot.

The fact is, the internet world is a warehouse of directories. From Yelp to Tripadvisor, all are directories. Directory sites provide the users with locations, products, services, etc. Again, many website owners sell paid listings and make money with their sites. So, what makes a directory business more exciting and appealing? The very common answer is the directory plugin.

Today, we will give you an overview of the 10 best directory plugins for WordPress that may change your thoughts towards the directory business.

Let’s get started!

Criteria That Should be Evaluated Before Choosing a WordPress Directory Plugin

Best WordPress directory plugins: Criteria to choose the best directory plugin.

You know, choosing the right WordPress directory plugin will change the face of your directory or listing business. But, unfortunately, the internet world is the hub of countless WordPress directory plugins. So, choosing the best one out of many is so challenging. However, some factors to be considered can provide you with a great and intuitive deal at your hand. Let’s see…

i. User-friendly

Best WordPress directory plugins: User friendliness is important.

As a user, you don’t want a directory plugin that sucks itself while functioning on a particular task. You will be wondering to know that there are a lot of plugins out there that don’t serve the real purposes of a directory website.

But, a user-friendly directory plugin serves the purposes of a directory website. The greatest benefit of having a user-friendly WordPress directory plugin is, it doesn’t take much time to function like loading the page while submitting a listing form. 

ii. Media support

Best WordPress directory plugins: Plugin should be media supportive.

Is the media a powerful weapon to skyrocket any business? You ask how? Nowadays, it is a common phenomenon in the technical world that no directory business goes without the brand logo or media files. According to the research on the WordPress directory plugin conducted some years back says around 80 percent of users don’t approach a plugin without media support. 

Hence, looking for this option in your next directory plugin can seal a great deal in your directory business. 

iii. Payment gateway

Best WordPress directory plugins: Easy payment gateway is important.

You have an online directory business but you don’t have a payment gateway option. It seems too funny. Honestly, there are very few directory businesses that don’t have payment gateway options. Once you settle your payment gateway option, you should pay attention to its flexibility. Do you know why?

As an online business owner, you must know you aren’t dealing with a single person rather you are dealing with countless people. Hence, different people have different points of interest and they might be looking for different payment gateway options. So, spice up your listing business with a flexible payment gateway that can facilitate countless customers at a time. 

iv. Monetization options

Best WordPress directory plugins: Directory plugin should have monetization option.

A payment gateway and a monetization option are like two sides of a coin. A directory or listing business without a monetization option is just like a car without an engine. Monetization is the key ingredient for getting paid through your directory listing business.

A typical WordPress directory plugin must have different monetization options that can make your business go on. So, keep your eyes on which one is giving you the best control while setting up your most preferred monetization options in your directory website. 

v. Options for adding new listings and modifying old ones

Best WordPress directory plugins: Options for adding new listings and modifying old ones.

Directory business owners need to keep themselves up to date with the times and demands. Hence, you, as a prudent online listing business owner, should buy a directory plugin that comes with options for adding new listings and adjusting the old ones in the most efficient way. 

vi. Rating & review system

Best WordPress directory plugins: Rating and review system is must.

A positive rating and review can escalate your business in a glimpse. On the contrary, a negative review will make you more productive and careful about your upcoming endeavors. 

So, your directory plugin should have a space for a rating and review system so that you can learn your business status after a certain period. 

Our 10 WordPress Directory Plugins List And Direction

Let’s be straightforward. You need the best WordPress directory plugin path for your listing business. So, choose yours from the list below.

1. Directorist

Best WordPress directory plugins: Directorist is the top choice in the list.

Directorist, developed by a bunch of programming enthusiasts from wpWax, has shaken the WordPress directory world with its amazing and charismatic directory ramifications. Want to give your directory business a splash of Yelp and Yellow-Pages? Well, you are one step behind showing the world your listing business. 

Don’t you believe it? 

Directorist plugin works like magic with numerous features like location, interests, and category. People have different choices using various themes for their websites. The amazing thing is, this plugin is truly compatible with most of the popular and user-friendly themes like  Astra, Divi, Avada, etc. Interestingly, you can empower your business with a CSV bulk importer whenever you need to do so. 

You ask why should I use it? 

The reasons are many! For example, this is a user-friendly, customizable, and responsive directory plugin. 

Highlighted features:

  • 25+ Elementor Page Builder widgets
  • Front and back-end listing submission
  • Great compatibility with WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin
  • GDPR compliant
  • Listing image slider
  • Display business hours, FAQs, image gallery, carousel & slider, Google reCAPTCHA for a listing using paid extensions
  • Custom user Registration and Login
  • Create Unlimited listing based on location and category
  • Sustainable for a long-term use
  • Open Street Map and Google Map Integration
  • Live chat

Price: Starts from $99 

If you want to flood your listing business with success, then you should give it a try. So, don’t waste time and add this to your shopping cart. 

2. Sabai Directory

Best WordPress directory plugins: SabaiDirectory.

Now it’s so easy to create a directory structure for your businesses like restaurants, hotels, and super shops. Sabai Directory developed by Onokazu is a premium WordPress directory plugin in the plugin community. Multiple maps facility is available here and you can travel from one map to another, using Google maps. 

The amazing fact is here, you can set your custom fields, view filters, categories, and whatnot. The main reason why I choose this directory plugin is the ease to find out the listings. Do you know how? Searching the listings by keywords, locations, distance or category is the option that has already crossed the hearts of many users around the world. 

Highlighted features:

  • Listings are shown in the list, grid, or map view
  • 100 % responsive and user-friendly
  • Different locations support
  • Allows the users to comment or review photos or posts
  • Multiple directory creations at a time
  • Add new or claim existing listings
  • Custom fields filter listings and the customers’ reviews 

Price: $29 with 6-month support from the developer team

If you want to enjoy a healthy directory business life, then make a deal with Sabai Directory.

3. Name Directory

Best WordPress directory plugins: Name Directory.

The name directory originally developed by ParkietenVilla.nl makes your site more like Glossary. Multi-directory functions in a single WordPress installation are available on this plugin. Adding more names or words is just a breeze. No difficult issues happen on the way. 

An easy and simple plugin that doesn’t make the site heavy. The best thing that has amazed me a lot is its free of cost. How a directory plugin serves users with lots of premium features just free of cost, is truly incredible, isn’t it? 

Highlighted features:

  • Multiple language support
  • Show or Hide, both you can do for your new listings with this plugin
  • Basic design but works like a pro
  • Disclosure or disguise submitter name
  • Hide or the exposure search function

Price: Totally free of cost

What plugin will be better than Name Directory when it is totally free to use? So, who are you waiting for? Seal a deal as fast as you can. 

4. Toolset Directory

Best WordPress directory plugins: Toolset Directory.

Let me tell you the secret about the success in directory business. It’s all about having a standard directory plugin. In this view, you can count the Toolset Directory in your list. You ask why?

Let me explain. 

The amazing thing is, it is a great match plugin for both amateurs and pro developers. Most importantly, it doesn’t require any PHP coding while building any directory websites. How amazing it is!!!! Isn’t it? Its integration with most other popular plugins like Woocommerce, Elementor, and Yoast SEO works like a beast. 

 Highlighted features:

  • Different types of payment gateway integration
  • Custom fields creation
  • Category trees
  • Email notifications setup
  • Multilingual directory websites

Price: $149

If you think you are a newbie or have just entered the directory business field, then you should give it a try to make your directory business journey nothing like ever.  

5. Directory Pro

Best WordPress directory plugins: Directory Pro.

Our next excavation is Directory Pro, developed by e-plugins. The magnificent email support is the charm of this plugin. The whole platform itself is very user-friendly. A very robust functional plugin that elevates any directory business up and up. The colorful user interface has added extra value to its users. Its possible integration with Woocommerce, PayPal, and Stripe is customer-hunting. 

Highlighted features:

  • 100 % responsive
  • Mobile signUp facility 
  • Vip Badge 
  • A way to view and customize the front and backend dashboard
  • Allowing to create of multilingual directories
  • Frontend submission

6. GeoDirectory

Best WordPress directory plugins: GeoDirectory.

GeoDirectory, developed by AyeCode Ltd, has entered the market to escalate the WordPress directory plugin. This plugin has been popular over the years due to its location-based business directories. A global business directory is the prime concern of this plugin. The amazing fact is, it is multisite compatible which means as a developer you can easily recommend your clients create multiple directories with GeoDirectory. 

The most appealing thing is, it has a built-in user review system and inquiry forms that make countless reviews and inquiries about listings. Let me tell you the thing that can drive you to use it for your website. And, it is an amazing search interface that makes searching a breeze. Plus, the interface is very light and scalable to work with. 

Highlighted features:

  • It comes with 40+ widgets/shortcodes or blocks
  • Having amazing review and inquiry forms
  • Compatible with any virtual theme 
  • Guest add a listing facility
  • Updated Google Analytics widget for directory owners
  • SEO permalinks settings modification
  • Its front-end form allows you to add more listings and edit them with the drag-and-drop option

Price: It’s almost free of cost, however, some add-ons require bucks and typically the price of them starts from $19. 

7. LDD Directory Lite

Best WordPress directory plugins: LDD Directory Lite.

Let me give LDD Web Design a round of applause for presenting such a wonderful business directory plugin called LDD Directory Lite. Basically, I placed it on the list just because of its easy installation process and ease of use. In contrast, many directory plugins are quite hard to manage and set up.  Most importantly, it will make the way easier to add a more powerful and effective directory to your WordPress-based site. 

Highlighted features:

  • It’s so easy to configure
  • Makes everything easy and pliable to change Taxonomy and Post type slugs
  • Adds new fields and listings
  • Google maps and social media integrations
  • Light but super powerful while functioning
  • 100 % clean and responsive interface 
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Adds extensions like Directory Reports & Exports, Directory Reviews

Price: Free of cost at WordPress.org. However,  the Extension’s price ranges from $9.99 to–19.99. 

8. Web 2.0 Directory 

Best WordPress directory plugins: Web 2.0 Directory.

Do you want to know the magic of building WordPress directory websites more effectively? 

Ask me how? 

The process is very simple. Just install a Web 2.0 Directory plugin and see how powerful you feel with your site. The plugin is a positive one for visitors as they can add new listings or packages of listings using the front end of a website. Moreover, you can call it a location-based directory as you can direct it to the locations you are searching. But how?

The maps and map markers make the way possible to reach the exact location you want with the powerful search option. What more do you expect from a simple piece of directory website? 

Highlighted features:

  • SEO-friendly plugin truly compatible with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin
  • YouTube and Vimeo video attachments for easy and fast listings
  • Easy configuration
  • Bookmarks functionality
  • Google and OpenStreet maps integrated 
  • Enabling reCaptcha
  • 100 % responsive

Price: $ 39

Get access to the Web 2.0 Directory and build your WordPress directory website like a Pro. 

9. Business Directory Plugin

Best WordPress directory plugins: Business Directory.

Let me tell you the name of a simple yet powerful directory plugin which is the Business Directory Plugin developed by the Business Directory Team. With this plugin, you can build a real-estate listings site, a Yellow-Pages directory, a book review site, and a local directory site. The plugin is very versatile and user-friendly. The reCaptcha options resist the unwanted or spam listings that flood the site unnecessarily. 

Are you an owner of a directory site that requires public reviews, comments, and ratings to go up? This directory plugin for WordPress allows the users to give reviews, comments, and ratings. So you are up with this plugin.  

Highlighted features:

  • 100 % responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Compatible with Yoast SEO, Rank Math, or All-in-One SEO
  • Quick search and sorting bar options
  • Create multiple fee plans
  • CSV import and export option for easy and fast listing creation
  • 100 % customizable form fields to frequently submit listings
  • Compatible with numerous payment software, like PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, etc. 

Price: Free of cost

So, don’t miss the chance to triumph your site up with one of the most exciting free version WordPress directory plugins. 

10. HivePress

Best WordPress directory plugins: HivePress.

Last but not least is HivePress. This plugin is a free multipurpose WordPress directory plugin. HivePress is one of the most flexible directory plugins out there. This plugin allows you to create any type of directory or listing website.

With HivePress and its extensions, you can monetize your directory site with at least 6 different ways to make your site profitable.

Highlighted features:

  • Social login option
  • Users can submit and manage their listings from the front-end
  • Google map facility
  • Review and rating system
  • Private message facility
  • Claim listings option
  • Geolocation search option
  • Booking and reservation option

Price: Free

If you want to make more money from your directory site, then you can buy and use HivePress.

Which WordPress Directory Plugin Will Be Right for Your Needs? 

People are different taste buds. Some people have a lot of money and they need a healthy directory plugin while some people are always thinking about budgets but need at least a quality. 

You might be still wondering which plugin will be the perfect solution for your website. 

  • Best overall: If you want to get the magic with numerous features like location, interests, and category, then Directorist will be a suitable directory plugin for your website. 
  • Best local directory: If you want to get a location-based business directory, then you can try Geodirectory. 
  • Directory plugin for making more glossaries: If you want to add more names or words to your directory site, then the Name directory will be the right plugin for your website.
  • Lightweight directory: If you look for a way easier process to add a more lightweight and effective directory to your WordPress-based site, then LDD Directory Lite is the perfect plugin for your website.

Round Off

Finally, we are off. We believe this article will help those people who regularly deal with WordPress directory plugins. We have almost listed all the effective and popular WordPress directory plugins that center on people’s minds. We believe our list of directory plugins will be fit for all walks of users irrespective of a newbie, intermediate learner, Pro developer, and many more. 

So, seal your deal if you are still yet to buy at least a directory plugin for your directory business from our list. If you have already bought a plugin from our chosen list, please don’t forget to share your experience with us by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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