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Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

7 Best WordPress Job Board Solutions in 2024

Are you looking to create your job board website or connect employers and job seekers in a dynamic online space? WordPress offers a powerful platform to create a feature-rich job board that caters to your specific niche.

Adding robust job board plugins, you can seamlessly transform your website into a bustling hub for career opportunities. Eventually, you will get lots of traffic and you can even earn more money through monetization facilities.

But, with the vast array of WordPress job board plugins available, it is hard to choose the right one. It seems like searching for a needle in a haystack. That’s why we will explore the best WordPress job board solutions, equipping you with the knowledge to choose the perfect fit for your needs. Additionally, we will delve into the best WordPress job board solution alternatives for job listing. 

So, without further ado, let’s dig deeper.

Why You Need a WordPress Job Board Plugin?

Well, there are several advantages to having a WordPress job board plugin on your website. It can attract top talents by streamlining the hiring process. When you install and use a WordPress job board plugin, you can take advantage of the following.

i. Independence from third-party platforms

When you start using a WordPress job board plugin, you don’t need to rely on third-party job board websites. This plugin can help you bring the right candidates for your company. This saves you money on the fees associated with these types of sites. By using a WordPress job board plugin, you gain more control over the hiring process.

ii. Direct applicant submissions

It is better to place job boards directly on your website. This gives applicants a chance to submit their job applications directly to you. This means you will likely receive highly qualified candidates who are familiar with your company’s niche. So, you can easily understand if they are a good fit for the job.

iii. Time savings

With a WordPress job board plugin, you can create job posts and fill out forms directly on your website. Simply write your job post, configure the settings, and make it live—all within the familiar WordPress environment. This way, you can save a lot of time to do other work.

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7 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins for 2024

If you are searching for a WordPress job board plugin, you can try any of the 7 options below. Most of these WordPress job board plugins are free to use. They also have paid plans if you want to enjoy advanced hiring and job listing features.

Let’s start with the number one WordPress job board plugin on our list.

A Quick Overview of the Best WordPress Job Board Plugins

WP Job Openings– Easy Setup- Clean Grid Layout- Unlimited Job Specifications- Versatile Filter Choices- Two Layouts- Automatic Application Formatting- PDF Resume ViewingFree usage is available. Paid plans start from $69/year.
SeedProd– Dozens of Built-In Templates- Drag-and-Drop Builder- One-Click Template Import- Customizable Login and Registration Pages- Flexible Layout OptionsPlans start from $39.50/year.
WP Job Manager– Job Listing Filters- User-Friendly Admin UI- Frontend Form Submissions- Searchable and Filterable Job Listings- Compatibility with Most ThemesFree usage is available. Pro Bundle at $159/year/site.
WPJobBoard– SEO and Social Media Features- Compatibility with Any WordPress Theme- Drag-and-Drop Editor- Great Support TeamLicenses are available at $97 (Personal) and $199 (Business).
Simple Job Board– Shortcode-Based Functionality- Customizable Application Forms- Categorization of Applications- Multilingual SupportFree usage is available.
Apply Online– Super Simple Integration- Ads Listing and Filtration- Detailed Ad Page- Multiple File Attachment Fields- User Role ManagementFree usage is available.
Job Board Manager– Shortcode Integration- Application Methods- Customizable Forms- Job Categories- Notification SystemFree usage is available.

01. WP Job Openings

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

WP Job Openings is a top-notch WordPress job board plugin. In addition to the below ones, it offers a range of features. Anyone seeking to streamline the recruitment process can use this plugin for free. This makes it one of the best free WordPress job board plugins for both small businesses and growing enterprises.

You can customize WP Job Openings the way you like and attract the right candidates effortlessly. Indeed, WP Job Openings excels in many areas. However, it compiles all applications into a single tab, which is its only limitation. This may pose a challenge if you are managing positions for multiple businesses simultaneously.

Key Features of WP Job Openings:

  • Easy Setup: Getting started with WP Job Openings is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface and intuitive setup process.
  • Clean Grid Layout: It comes with a clean and organized grid layout. So, it becomes simple for users to navigate and find the job listings they are interested in.
  • Unlimited Job Specifications: With WP Job Openings, you can list an unlimited number of job specifications. Hence, you can provide comprehensive details to potential applicants.
  • Versatile Filter Choices: Tailor your job board with a range of versatile filter options. Therefore, users can refine their search based on various criteria.
  • Two Layouts for Showing Job Listings: Whether you prefer a grid or list layout, WP Job Openings offers flexibility in displaying your job listings.
  • Automatic Application Formatting: Applications submitted through this plugin are automatically formatted for readability. This saves time and ensures a professional presentation.
  • PDF Resume and CV Viewing: Easily view PDF copies of resumes and CVs directly within the plugin. You don’t have to download each file separately.

WP Job Openings Pricing

You can use this plugin without making any payments. Or, you can go for paid plans:

  • Individual – $69/year
  • Professional – $139/year
  • Agency – $399/year

If you are not a fan of yearly billing, you can also go for lifetime plans. Check out WP Job Openings official website for more information.

02. SeedProd

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

SeedProd is a highly acclaimed website and landing page builder exclusively crafted for WordPress users. It comes with a user-friendly interface and a robust feature set. It provides a smooth way to create stunning websites and engaging landing pages. SeedProd empowers you to design custom website layouts with ease. And you don’t need any coding expertise.

One of SeedProd’s standout features is its extensive library of pre-designed website templates. This library covers a diverse range of styles and industries. These templates serve as the perfect starting point for building your job board site. Furthermore, SeedProd offers flexible options for creating custom login and registration pages. By tailoring these essential pages, you can enhance professionalism while reinforcing your brand identity.

Key Features of SeedProd:

  • Dozens of Built-In Website Templates: SeedProd offers a wide range of professionally designed templates. Each template is fully customizable to suit your preferences.
  • Drag-and-Drop Builder: With SeedProd’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder, building and customizing your website is a breeze. You can easily personalize every aspect of your site with just a few clicks.
  • One-Click Template Import: Setting up your job board site is quick and easy with SeedProd. Simply choose a template, import it with a single click, and start making modifications according to your specific requirements.
  • Customizable Login and Registration Pages: SeedProd allows you to create custom login and registration pages for your job board. It gives a seamless user experience for both applicants and employers.
  • Flexible Layout Options: Customize your website’s layout, background, images, fonts, and colors. This way, create a unique and visually appealing job board that stands out from the crowd.

SeedProd Pricing

Unfortunately, this plugin is not available for free usage. Here are the price plans of SeedProd, all of which are billed annually:

  • Basic Plan – $39.50/year
  • Plus Plan – $99.50/year
  • Pro Plan – $199.50/year
  • Elite Plan – $239.60/year

03. WP Job Manager

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

WP Job Manager is a user-friendly WordPress plugin developed by Automattic. It is designed to simplify the process of creating and managing a job board on your website. With just a few clicks, you can set up a dynamic job portal. Therefore, recruiters can post job listings more easily than before. At the same time, candidates can browse and apply for positions effortlessly.

In addition to these core features, WP Job Manager offers a range of premium add-ons to enhance the functionality of your job board further. These add-ons include options for managing resumes, monetizing your job board with WooCommerce integration, setting up email alerts, and more.

Key Features of WP Job Manager:

  • Job listing filters: The plugin offers robust filtering options. Users can search and filter job listings based on various criteria such as category, location, and job type.
  • User-friendly admin UI: WP Job Manager features an intuitive admin interface. Therefore, site administrators can easily manage job listings and applications.
  • Frontend form submissions: Recruiters can easily submit job postings directly from the front end of the website. Hence, the process of adding new listings becomes smooth.
  • Searchable and filterable job listings via shortcode: You can use shortcode functionality to display searchable and filterable job listings on any page or post.
  • Compatibility with most themes, including Divi: WP Job Manager seamlessly integrates with multiple WordPress themes. So, there are no issues with compatibility and flexibility in design.

WP Job Manager pricing

This plugin is available on the WordPress marketplace for free. If you want, you can go for the Job Manager Pro Bundle for $159 /year/site. It will give you more options to manage job listings on your website.

04. WPJobBoard

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

WPJobBoard is a premium WordPress job board plugin; no free plans are available. When you use this plugin, you can benefit from a robust career search engine. This makes it effortless to find the right candidate. Consequently, it can also save you a lot of time.

What sets WPJobBoard apart is its exceptional customization capabilities. With its PHP Templating Engine, you can completely overhaul your job board to suit your site’s unique needs. What’s more, WPJobBoard offers a range of monetization options. You can receive payments for job listings and offer employers membership packages, coupons, and discounts.

Key Features of WPJobBoard:

  • SEO and Social Media Features: Enhance the visibility of your job board with built-in SEO and social media optimization features. This maximizes the exposure for your job listings.
  • Compatibility with Any WordPress Theme: WPJobBoard works flawlessly with any WordPress theme. So, you will have flexibility and compatibility for your website design.
  • Drag-and-Drop Editor: Easily customize the layout and design of your job board with the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Create more appealing job listings in this way.
  • Great Support Team: Benefit from responsive and helpful support from the WPJobBoard team. They will promptly address and resolve any issues or questions you encounter.

WPJobBoard Pricing

You have to get a license in order to use WPJobBoard. The process of licensing is pretty simple, and there are two options.

  • Personal License – $97
  • Business License – $199

05. Simple Job Board

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

Simple Job Board is a versatile WordPress job board plugin. It offers a straightforward and efficient way to create and manage online job listings. You can implement this plugin on your website effortlessly by using shortcodes. Hence, you can seamlessly integrate a job board system into your website.

Simple Job Board allows you to easily categorize and review job applications. So, you can simply identify suitable candidates and filter out unsuitable ones. Overall, this plugin gives you complete control over its placement and appearance.

However, Simple Job Board offers basic customer forms, which may not be enough for all. For more advanced features, you can opt for the pro version. You will get more possibilities for customization and functionality.

Key Features of Simple Job Board:

  • Shortcode-based functionality: With Simple Job Board, you can control where and how your job listings are displayed on your website. Simply add the [jobpost] shortcode to any page or post to start using the plugin.
  • Customizable application forms: Simple Job Board allows you to customize application forms for each job opening. You can tailor these forms to include unique specifications, requirements, and mandatory fields.
  • Categorization of applications: You can categorize and review job applications easily with this plugin. Plus, you can assign multiple statuses to applications. making it simple to identify suitable candidates and filter out unsuitable ones.
  • Multilingual aupport: Simple Job Board is available in 14 languages. This is why it is an ideal choice for websites that cater to diverse audiences or run on multilingual platforms.

Simple Job Board Pricing

There is no charge to use this WordPress job board plugin. It is one of the best free WordPress job board plugins available right now.

06. Apply Online

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

If you want the benefits of both WordPress job listing plugins and WordPress recruitment plugins, you can use Apply Online. It is equipped with a user-friendly interface and powerful features. So, you can quickly add a job board to your site and start receiving applications from potential candidates.

Rest assured, “Apply Online” can streamline the process of accepting and managing job applications on your website. It excels in providing a seamless solution for accepting job applications.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t support creating a paid job listing website out of the box. However, you can integrate it with a membership plugin to offer subscription plans. Alternatively, you can use a contact form plugin to accept orders if needed.

Key Features of Apply Online:

  • Super simple integration: Easily integrate Apply Online into your existing website through installation. Next, add a menu link to your desired location.
  • Ads listing and filtration: Display job listings with title, thumbnail image, summary, and taxonomies, along with an “Apply Now” button. Users can filter ads based on their preferences to narrow down their search.
  • Detailed ad page: Each job listing includes a detailed description, features, and an application form. Therefore, candidates can get comprehensive information about the position.
  • Multiple file attachment fields: Allow applicants to upload multiple files to accompany their applications. These include resumes, cover letters, and portfolios.
  • User role management: Assign AOL Manager roles to specific users. Therefore, they can handle application forms without accessing other sections of the WordPress admin panel.
  • Customization options: Apply Online offers hooks and functions for advancements and customization. You can customize Apply Online according to your specific requirements.

Apply Online Pricing

You can use this excellent WordPress job board plugin without spending a single dime; it is free.

07. Job Board Manager

Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

The last option on our list is Job Board Manager, which is a free WordPress job board plugin. In a nutshell, you can easily integrate a job board into your website with this plugin. It offers all the features to simplify the process of managing job listings and applications. And you can do everything with a user-friendly interface.

With Job Board Manager, you can create a professional and feature-rich job board. It will meet the unique requirements of your website. Job Board Manager was made thinking about small businesses looking to hire and recruitment agencies managing multiple listings. This plugin offers the desired tools to streamline the recruitment process.

Key Features of Job Board Manager:

  • Shortcode integration: Easily add job listings, submission forms, and user dashboards to any page of your website using simple shortcodes.
  • Application methods: Provide multiple application methods for each job listing. Customize and manage application processes efficiently.
  • Customizable forms: Create custom job submission and registration forms with ease. Tailor the fields and validation rules to meet your specific needs.
  • Job categories: Organize job listings into categories for easy navigation. Display categories in a grid view with thumbnails to enhance user experience.
  • Notification system: Stay informed with built-in notification emails for various actions. Customize email templates to match your branding and communication style.

Job Board Manager Pricing

There is no charge to use Job Board Manager, you can use it for free.

WordPress Job Board Plugin Alternatives for Job Listing

In addition to using various WordPress recruitment plugins, you can try social media and SaaS platforms for a job listing. Sometimes, they can work better than your expectations. Plus, they are your go-to choice if you have budget restraints.

Therefore, you can check out the following alternatives of WordPress job board plugins.

I) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional networking platform. It is widely used for job searching and recruitment. While it is not a traditional WordPress job board plugin, it serves as an effective alternative due to its extensive user base and job listing features.

How LinkedIn Stands Out for Job Listing

  • Large professional network: With millions of users, LinkedIn provides access to a vast pool of job seekers and recruiters. This makes LinkedIn an ideal platform for job listings.
  • Targeted job posting: You can target job listings to specific demographics, industries, and locations. So, you can be certain that job posts have reached relevant candidates.
  • Candidate insights: LinkedIn offers insights into candidates’ profiles. So, you can asses their skills, experience, and connections. Ultimately, you can make informed hiring decisions.

II) Facebook

Facebook may not be the best option for job listing. However, its extensive user base and diverse functionalities make it a viable alternative for job listings.

How Facebook Stands Out for Job Listing

  • Wide reach: Facebook has billions of active users. So, it offers unparalleled reach for job postings, allowing recruiters to connect with a diverse audience.
  • Targeted advertising: Through Facebook ads, employers can create targeted job ads. They can even make job listings based on demographics, interests, and behaviors, to reach the right candidates.
  • Engagement opportunities: Facebook’s interactive features, such as comments, likes, and shares, facilitate engagement with job postings. This increases visibility and attracts potential candidates.

III) SaaS Platform

Apart from WordPress Job Board Plugins, LinkedIn, and Facebook, there is another solution to handle the recruitment process. And that SaaS recruitment software. One such SaaS platform is JuggleHire Recruitment Software. Let’s discuss about JuggleHire SaaS platform: 


Best WordPress Job Board Solutions

JuggleHire is an excellent alternative to the WordPress Job Board plugin with its efficient hiring tools. With its robust tracking system, it ensures that not even a single candidate gets lost in the application process.

Moreover, JuggleHire’s customizable workflow adapts to specific hiring needs. Its superior virtual interview capabilities facilitate remote hiring. You can reach a global talent pool without geographical constraints. Additionally, built-in communication features and ready-made email templates keep candidates engaged.

Why JuggleHire Stands Out as a WordPress Job Board Plugin Alternative?

  • Create tasks for hiring: To find the right candidate at an early stage of the recruitment process, JuggleHire lets you assign different tasks.
  • Efficient organization: Bid farewell to resume-sifting headaches. JuggleHire streamlines candidate reviews for quick decisions.
  • Professional representation: Craft polished job postings with JuggleHire to attract top talent.
  • Virtual hiring capabilities: Conduct interviews from anywhere with JuggleHire’s superior virtual interview features.
  • Customizable workflow: Tailor your hiring process with JuggleHire’s flexibility.
  • Built-in communication: Keep candidates informed effortlessly with JuggleHire’s communication tools.
  • Free and flexible: Start with JuggleHire for free and customize forms as needed at no cost.

Best WordPress Job Board Plugin – Key Takeaways for You

Although many WordPress job board plugins are available in the market, we have highlighted the top 7 solutions. We firmly believe all these plugins stand out from the rest.

Among them, WP Job Openings holds a special place. This plugin does the initial part of the job listing and boarding process free of cost. And there are options to upgrade if you want to enjoy its advanced features. Nevertheless, the rest of the plugins are widely used and loved in the WordPress community.

And if you want a SaaS platform, you can use JuggleHire Recruitment Software. It’s a beginner-friendly recruitment solution for small businesses. Now if you have any queries related to this blog, feel free to share them with us using the comment box below. We would like to hear from you.

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