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Best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins

5+ Best WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins in 2024

Are you looking for a perfect tool to create a multi-vendor marketplace like Amazon, Alibaba, or eBay? If the answer is “Yes,” then you have come to the right place.

In terms of eCommerce business, creating a marketplace is a potential idea to level up your income rapidly. This is because a multi-vendor market allows you to display different vendors’ products on one single platform and earn commission through each sale.

Therefore, WooCommerce can be an effective solution to create a marketplace to make your ideas come into action. Besides, you can display similar types of products from different vendors in a marketplace so that buyers have numerous options to pick the best one for them. 

That’s why numerous WooCommerce plugins for multi-vendor are ready to fulfill your purpose of creating a marketplace. Anyone with or without coding knowledge can build their multi-vendor marketplace in less than an hour.

In this article, we will be displaying some of the best WooCommerce multi vendor marketplace plugins to help you create your desired marketplace.

Why wait? Let’s begin!

Things to Consider Before Choosing The Best WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins

Before selecting a multi-vendor marketplace plugin to create your dream marketplace, it’s crucial to understand the characteristics of a dynamic multi vendor marketplace plugin.

Easy to use front-end

A multi-vendor plugin has numerous features and multiple dashboards in it. As a beginner, it may seem puzzling for many vendors. An easy-to-use front-end can help them maneuver different features and do functionalities like upload product, coupon, and order management on the vendor dashboard.  

Flexible payment method

A dynamic WooCommerce multi-vendor plugin should have a flexible payment system so that it helps both the owner and the vendor to fix the specific rules for commission sharing and easy withdrawal system for the vendors.


The cost of your multi-vendor marketplace plugin should be convenient to the overall expenses of your eCommerce business. There are numerous multi-vendor plugins with both free and paid versions are available in the market. You can try the free version first and if it matches your needs, you can go for the paid ones.

Best WooCommerce Multi-vendor Plugins

Now, I will display some of the best multi-vendor plugins for WooCommerce that will help you create a state-of-the-art multi-vendor marketplace on your eCommerce website. 

1. Dokan

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: Dokan.

‘Dokan’ is one of the most convenient frontend WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins. With this dynamic WordPress plugin, you can build your dream eCommerce marketplace with a super-fast speed and start earning commissions from physical, digital, and variable products. Dokan paves the way for creating your dream online marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay in less than 30 minutes.  

Vendors can get an extensive frontend using experience with the personalized, customizable Dashboard on the store frontend. They have the freedom to manage and navigate their dedicated functionalities from here. For ensuring strict security, backend access is restricted for the admin only. You have the option to include as many sellers as you want, and they can add unlimited products as well.  

Key features: 

  • Marketplace with an individual store for each vendor
  • Frontend dashboard facility for a particular vendor
  • Option to earn from each sale
  • Product adding and management using the frontend
  • Zonewise shipping management system for vendors (Pro)
  • Product attributes management facility for vendors (Pro)
  • Vendors have the option to create coupons advanced management features (Pro)

And more for you.


The plugin has both free and paid versions available. You can get four different types of offers in the paid version. The single-site (starter) annual base price starts from $149.

2. WC Vendors Marketplace

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: WC Vendors Marketplace.

Creating a multi-vendor marketplace is way easier with ‘WC Vendors Marketplace’ as it offers a dynamic setup wizard to display the primary steps of creating a multi-vendor market. That’s why you can effortlessly establish a marketplace and start earning in no time. Besides selling different kinds of digital, physical, and variable products, there are options for booking products and auctioning for specific products. With this robust multi vendor marketplace plugin, you can create and sell membership plans to your visitors. 

Moreover, the plugin authority offers users fast and advanced support options by releasing the latest updated versions. You can effortlessly fix the commission rates based on different criteria like percentage, price, and more. This plugin encourages third-party developers to create extensions that increase the plugin’s functionality. Besides, the plugin allows more than 100 gateways for sellers to receive payments. 

Key features:

  • Individual store and unique URL for individual seller
  • Basic frontend dashboard for sales and order reports
  • Fix commission rates based on different criteria
  • Templates to customize storefronts
  • 10 fantastic pro widgets for storefronts (Pro)
  • Tracking number adding facility to orders (Pro)
  • Facility to manage and generate attributes and variations (Pro)

And more to offer.


Both free and paid versions are available for this plugin. The single-site annual base price starts from $199 with premium support and 30 days money-back guarantee for the paid ones.

3. YITH WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: YITH WooCommerce Marketplace.

‘YITH WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace’ comes in handy when you think of a potential WooCommerce marketplace solution. This is one of the best WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins that comes with numerous features that help your site become an ideal one to generate more sales and earn commissions. Within a few clicks, you can generate an advanced Dashboard in which sellers have easy entry to make products ready for sale and earn a commission. You can do everything in an easy and organized way with the dynamic plugin. 

Furthermore, this multi-vendor marketplace plugin allows you to get the full detail of each vendor as there are options to add their store info, social media details, contact details, and more. You have the option to manage focus marketing campaigns and regulate the overall eCommerce by supervising the orders, incomes, and reviews. This plugin offers a dynamic administrative area for the vendors to negotiate reports and edit information. 

Key features: 

  • Option to add multiple administrators to help manage store
  • Permits users to sell and edit their products 
  • Facility to set different commission rates for vendor shops and products
  • Opportunity to apply changes to all vendors simultaneously
  • Vendors have the facility to create coupons
  • Export data facility in CSV format 
  • Restrict the quality of products for individual vendors

And more for you.

Pricing : 

The plugin offers only the paid version. The single-site annual base price costs $99.99 with a 1-year update and support.

4. WCFM Marketplace

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: WCFM Marketplace.

‘WCFM Marketplace’ allows you to use numerous features like easy commission rate, Single Product Multi-vendor, withdrawal & reverse withdrawal, ledger book, store inquiry and review, and many more that give you a next-level experience. This plugin offers vendors a smoother experience of using a WooCommerce marketplace with the dynamic ‘Live chat’ support facility. Besides, WCFM Marketplace is integrated with Element, so it’s a piece of cake to create a marketplace page design based on your choice.

If you already own a marketplace, then you have the option to migrate your site to WCFM Marketplace using the migration option. The plugin offers a customizable commission rate to fix commission on criteria like percentage, fixed, product-based, vendor-based, and membership. Moreover, vendors get easy shipment tracking systems based on variables like weight, country, zone, and distance. 

Key features: 

  • Flexible commission calculation types 
  • Withdrawl and reverse withdrawal system for both administrators and vendors
  • Option to store geo location and radius search
  • Single product distribution among multi-vendors
  • Store vacation option to notify online store closed (Pro)
  • Shipping tracking system to get ideas on shipment (Pro)
  • Allow vendors to add category wise attributes (Pro)

And more to offer.


The plugin has both free and paid plans. For paid plans, the annual pricing for regular plans up to 2 sites costs $49.

5. MultiVendorX

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: MultiVendorX.

‘MultiVendorX’ comes with a wide range of features and functionalities to create a multi-vendor marketplace compared to the world’s most popular marketplaces. You can use this one of the robust WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins to create a fully customizable and attractive multi-vendor marketplace. The easy setup wizard provided with the plugin helps build a marketplace from scratch in no time. The intuitive Dashboard allows vendors effortlessly manage their tasks.

Moreover, vendors needn’t worry about calculating the shipping rates of products as MultiVendorX offers easy shipping rate calculation based on the product’s weight, category, and country. MultiVendorX believes that customer satisfaction is the key to every business’s success. This is why the plugin offers some specialized tools that help you satisfy customers with multiple support options. MultiVendorX offers multiple facilities if you like to migrate from your existing marketplace to the new ones.  

Key features: 

  • Flexible migration support facility
  • WordPress multilingual support facility
  • Customizable vendors registration forms
  • Different payment gateways to choose
  • Option to track Google analytics data (Pro)
  • Customizable open graph messages (Pro)

And offers more for you.


It offers both free and paid versions. To get the paid ones, there are multiple marketplace add-ons available with different price ranges. You can check them and buy your favorite one.

6. Mercado Pro

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: Mercado pro.

‘Mercado pro’ comes with numerous tools to convert your physical or digital products store into a multi-vendor marketplace in a moment. Both developers and novice users can use this plugin as it offers numerous impressive and easy-to-use functionalities to operate this plugin. The plugin provides a separate dashboard facility for each vendor to hassle freely customize their accounts, products, sales, and other necessary activities.

Moreover, sometimes as an admin, you need to make announcements for the vendors. Luckily, Mercado Pro comes with a feature in which you can create announcements for specific vendors or all vendors. Besides, this plugin offers multi-language support to your marketplace. This is why buyers from any region can understand products description in any WordPress-supported language.   

Key features: 

  • Flexibility and customization option for both admin and vendor
  • Secured and hassle-free multi-vendor platform
  • Multiple payment gateways for payment processing
  • User-friendly and separate Dashboard for each vendor
  • Log in facility for different social media
  • Announcement creation facility for the admin

And it offers more for you.


The plugin offers only the paid version. The regular license costs $49.

7. Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multivendor

WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins: Webkul WordPress WooCommerce multivendor.

This plugin is compatible with multi-language facilities and templates through which you will be able to build a world-class multi-vendor marketplace. With this plugin, there are options to include an unlimited number of vendors and create separate vendor profiles for each vendor. From there, vendors can edit or delete their profile and product information. The plugin allows users to use more than 50 add-ons to increase the functionality of the marketplace. 

More importantly, ‘Webkul WordPress WooCommerce Multivendor’ offers a multi-vendor mobile app facility in which you can manage the marketplace from anywhere in the world. This one of the superb WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins provides you with complete authority as an admin to control and manage the entire marketplace hassle freely. As an admin, you can approve products to display, set commission rates for different items, manage automated approval of products and publishing decisions, and more.

Key features: 

  • Flexible commission management system
  • Supportive for all default WooCommerce product types
  • Option to ask questions to admin
  • Individual seller profile for each seller
  • Dynamic shipping management system for sellers
  • Seller order management system for both admin and sellers

And more for you.


The plugin still has only the paid version. The one-time payment for it costs $99 with a lifetime free upgrade.

Finishing Off

Selecting a perfect tool for your need can keep you ahead in the race. Similarly, if you successfully choose an ideal plugin that matches perfectly to build a WooCommerce multi-vendor marketplace, there is a good chance for you to become a successful eCommerce multi-vendor marketplace owner.

Besides, an advanced plugin can build an easily navigable marketplace that encourages both vendors and buyers to display and buy more products respectively. 

We believe the WooCommerce multi-vendor plugins that we have discussed above will be helpful for you to make the right choice for your WooCommerce marketplace website. If you have more to offer, happily share your ideas in the comments section.

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