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Must-have WordPress Plugins

15 Must-Have WordPress Plugins to Grow Your Business

Are you looking for the best WordPress plugin to promote your business to the next level? If yes, you might have encountered almost most of the plugins from the WordPress plugin pool. 

There are around 58,000+ WordPress plugins available. It makes the users overwhelmed to find the right plugin for their website. But why the WordPress plugin?

Because WordPress has many plugins that are free to use. All plugins available are free, which helps you to have a try on its primary features and decide whether to proceed with its premium features or not. 

Many businesses started exploring the benefits of WordPress plugins for their websites. Whether it is to host their site or improve conversions, WordPress plugins are their first choice. Of course, there is no surprise that you have been searching for the best WordPress plugins for your website.

Let us discuss the secrets behind selecting the right WordPress plugins for your business and the list of plugins that trigger your unexpected conversions.

How to Select the Best WordPress Plugin for Your Business Website?

Out of the box, WordPress is not as daunting as you think. Instead, it can be extensively customized with rich plugins and themes that benefit your website. 

Plugins are great, thereby providing multiple options to the users. It puts them in a difficult spot as the users feel more confused about choosing the right plugin for their business. When you are facing the same situation, do not worry! 

We have covered you up with the personal checklist that helps you choose the plugin without much hassle. 

Examine Your Needs

Must-have WordPress plugins: Examine your needs.

Every business has different requirements. Firstly, examine your site and look for the conditions that your website needs. Before looking for one, it is essential to know what exactly your site needs. It helps in better optimization results after the plugin installation. It saves your time and money. 

Free Vs. Premium

Must-have WordPress plugins: Free Vs. Premium.

All businessmen are aware that most WordPress plugins are free. But, while indulging in the plugin search, many would get torn between free versus premium plugins. Let me explain to you clearly. 

Go for the free plugins when you are looking for no monetary commitment right off. As per your needs, many free plugins can give what you expect. You can also update it frequently to enjoy the updated features. On the other hand, premium plugins have a lot of pulses. Premium plugins maintain compatibility with many new features and allow you to optimize the site.

Testing the Plugin

Must-have WordPress plugins: Testing the plugin.

If chosen poorly, the WordPress plugin can slow down the website. This is why testing the plugin and its operation is a must to avoid future chaos. There are high chances that a WordPress plugin’s code standard may not meet your website’s requirements. 

So, it is highly essential to test your plugin with your website beforehand. After testing, if the plugin adds value to your website, go for it without any second thought. 

15 Must-have WordPress Plugins for Your Business Website

Choosing the right plugins is crucial for the speed, security, and other operations of the website. Luckily, some winners in your realm have picked the right plugins out of the irrelevant ones.

Now, it is your turn!! Let us unveil the names, features, the pricing of your business’s best WordPress site. 

1. Rank Math

Must-have WordPress plugins: Rank Math

Rank Math is a modern, lightweight, free, yet powerful WordPress SEO plugin. It is the first-ever WordPress SEO plugin that uses AI to write SEO-optimized content for your websites. And, this is simply an out-of-the-box feature that you cannot find in any other SEO plugins in the market. 

Added on, the plugin features a setup wizard that allows the users to import data from other SEO plugins while setting up. This is really a fantastic opportunity for the users to manage everything accordingly. 

The integration with the Google Search Console helps you out with the desire to get the important information about your website right inside WordPress. The information includes the keywords you are ranking higher on search results, errors on your site, search impressions on your website, the reasons why your keywords aren’t ranking, etc. 

Another important feature that Rank Math can boast of is the room to optimize the unlimited keywords at a time inside your WordPress site. By default, you can optimize 5 keywords, and using a filter, you can bring unlimited keywords under optimization. 

Rank Math also comes with a host of amazing features including internal link suggestions, a built-in 404 error monitor, LSI keyword tool integration, Google analytics integration, Google Schema Markup, local business SEO, XML Sitemaps, SEO Optimized Breadcrumbs, etc. 

Key Features

  • 1-click import from Yoast
  • Clean, & Simple user interface
  • Auto canonical URLs
  • ACF Support
  • AMP Ready
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
  • 30 Detailed SEO Tests
  • Automated Image SEO
  • Control SEO for single pages
  • Control Title and Meta descriptions 

Finally, Rank Math will be an ideal option if you want to improve the SEO in your WordPress website. So, don’t wait, just give it a try.


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. The pro costs $59 with unlimited personal websites.

Download Now

2. Yoast 

Must-have WordPress plugins: Yoast

The next is the Yoast SEO plugin which has already created its room on the surface of the WordPress industry. In case you aren’t convinced with Rank Math, you can switch on to Yoast, the alternative plugin to Rank Math. 

Honestly speaking, there are very few WordPress users who haven’t come across this plugin. Since its birth in 2008, Yoast has been rolling out its amazing features to power up millions of Websites with a healthy amount of traffic. 

Again, the plugin features readability analysis which makes sure that your content is fully readable for everyone even search engines. This plugin will let you know how to optimize your Title and Meta descriptions, how many times you should use the main keywords, etc. 

Apart from that, Yoast ships a bundle of features like Advanced XML sitemaps, in-depth Schema.org integration, Full control over site breadcrumbs, faster loading times, Innovative Schema blocks, etc. 

Key Features

  • Multiple languages support
  • A Google preview
  • Cornerstone content checks

As we know SEO is a vital part of any kind of website no matter whether it is a normal or a directory website. So, power up your site with the Yoast SEO plugin right now.


Both free and paid versions are available. For the paid once, the pricing starts at $99/year.

Download Now

3. JetPack

Must-have WordPress plugins: JetPack

JetPack is a security plugin that leaves your WordPress website safer and faster. Jetpack Security provides easy-to-use, comprehensive WordPress site security including auto real-time backups and easy restores, malware scans, and spam protection. 

The Brute force attack protection helps you to protect your WordPress login page from attacks. Meaning you are almost worry-free from any kind of cyberattacks. Using JetPack Security, it’s much easier to keep a closer look at your site up/downtime and you can get an instant alert of any kind of changes by email. 

Added on, the plugin allows you to automatically update other individual plugins right inside your WordPress site and it ensures the hassle-free maintenance and management of your site. 

Besides, Jetpack Security has a swarm of features to make your WordPress website more  interesting than your competitors and these features include Gallery and Slideshow tools, Subscriptions, Contact form, oEmbed Support, etc. 

Key Features

  • CDN (content delivery network) auto optimizes your images
  • Unlimited, high-speed, ad-free video hosting
  • The custom site search option
  • Advanced site stats and analytics
  • PayPal and Stripe compatibility

As a website owner, it’s your responsibility to leave your website in a safer hub. In this case, JetPack Security gets you covered.


JetPack is available in both free and paid versions. The pro plan Starts at $4/month.

Download Now

4. Akismet

Must-have WordPress plugins: Akismet

Akismet is a plugin that protects your website from any kind of malicious content like comments, contact form messages, and trackbacks. When the visitors comment on your blog posts, this plugin automatically detects the comments which look like spam. 

The plugin in its lifetime has blocked more than 500 billion malicious content up to this date. It means you can rely on this plugin to protect your website from spamming which can harm the user experience and SEO effort. 

The statistics monitor feature endows you with the statistics of your sites’ spam activities both monthly and annually. And, through this, you can have an idea of exactly how many spammers hit your site. 

Finally, Akismet is easy to use and you don’t need any coding knowledge to set up it on your WordPress site. Also, the plugin is 100% responsive with amazing loading speed. 

Key Features

  • URLs are shown in the comment body to reveal hidden or misleading links
  • Moderators can see the number of approved comments for each user
  • A discard feature that permanently blocks worst spam and you can save disc space which ensures amazing loading speed
  • It allows moderators to configure spam parameters such as keywords and links

Akismet should be in your arsenal to stop flooding your WordPress website with spam. So, it’s high time you gave it a shot.


It comes with both free and paid versions. The pro pricing Starts at $ 8/ month.

Download Now

5. Product Carousel, Slider & Grid Ultimate for WooCommerce

Must-have WordPress plugins: Prodouct Carousel, Slider and Grid Ultimate Pro for WooCommerce.

The name says it all!! Product Carousel, Slider & Grid Ultimate for WooCommerce will help you display your products/services differently. You can use Carousel or slider or Grid to showcase your products and attract your visitors. It comes with shortcodes and widgets that increase the flexibility to use it on your website. 

The plugin also has access to tons of design customization options that lets you control the autoplay, slide speed, navigation, and more. 

Key Features

  • Unlimited carousel, sliders, and grids can be created
  • 3 Different themes for widget and 15 different themes for Grid
  • Flexible resizing and cropping product images
  • Advanced setting panel 
  • Mobile-friendly navigation
  • Autoplay Support with slider speed control


Pricing starts from $19.99 per site.

Download Now

6. Easy Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce

Must-have WordPress plugins: Easy Table Rate Shipping Pro for WooCommerce.

Easy Table Rate Shipping for WooCommerce becomes a savior to set up rules for easy shipping rate calculation. Though you have shipping norms, you can add them and come up with the shipping cost quickly. With its rich features, the plugin allows you to calculate the costs based on the total price or weight. 

No hectic settings or options. You can get an outline of the plugin by using it once. It is easily understandable with the flexible setting panel, which helps the users calculate the shipping costs quickly. 

Key Features

  • Supports WooCommerce built-in shipping classes
  • Unlimited shipping calculation 
  • Country, state, or Zip/Postal code Guide for easy shipping calculation
  • Calculates shipping based on the number of items
  • Calculates shipping cost based on the weight of the items


Pricing starts from $19.99 for a site per year.

Download Now

7. Logo Showcase Ultimate

Must-have WordPress plugins:  Logo Showcase Ultimate Pro

Logo Showcase Ultimate, an excellent and best plugin, comes with different themes for your logo sliders. You can display the logos of your clients, partners, sponsors, and even your product items. It helps you display the logo along with the title, tooltip, and URL of your website. 

The plugin is user-friendly and mobile responsive. You can insert the accessible shortcodes and display the logos with or without the border. You can also use any device to view your logo in a carousel/grid/or through sliders. 

Key Features

  • 24 Different themes for logo display
  • Display logos through logo id, randomly, alphabetically, month, year, and older published.
  • Visual composer addon
  • Short description
  • Logo border size and color change option
  • Easy shortcode generator and insertion using TinyMCE button
  • Ajax load for Grid
  • Customizable columns for any devices
  • Supports all modern browsers


It starts from $19.99 per site for a year.

Download Now

8. Post Grid, Slider & Carousel Ultimate

Must-have WordPress plugins:  Post Grid, Slider and Carousel Ultimate.

Post Grid & Carousel Ultimate plugin displays your blogs in grids or carousels as you expect. It also helps in converting the readers into users. The presentation of your blogs will always bring an impact on your business. Knowing it well, the plugin comes with different layouts that help you create multiple grids for your blog presentation.

You can neglect to worry about the appearance of your blogs on other devices. The plugin helps you to display perfectly on any device as it is mobile-friendly and 100 percent responsive. 

Key Features

  • Customizable columns
  • 24 different themes for the grid and four different themes for the carousel and widget
  • Display popular, featured, latest and old posts with category
  • Excerpt length control
  • Social share buttons
  • Navigation arrows with customizable colors
  • Dynamic Shortcodes created with few mouse clicks
  • User-friendly and understandable plugin


It starts from $19.99 per site for a year.

Download Now

9. Legal Pages

Must-have WordPress plugins: Legal Pages

Legal Pages is a valuable and easy-to-use plugin that helps create critical legal pages for your business. If you do not have legal or programming knowledge, the legal pages Pro is your pick. It allows you to choose the pre-existing legal templates to create important lead pages. 

You can make use of the different templates and customize them for your purpose. The plugin helps you to avoid any kind of lawsuit for your website and service. 

Key Features

  • 25 Legal Page Templates for easy customization
  • Amazing technology for fast user experience
  • Ability to lock down any content, page, or posts that restricts users to view it
  • Beautiful editor to edit the legal pages in your WordPress page
  • Flexible setting panel
  • Modern Object-oriented codes with a fantastic user interface
  • Easy Navigation with enriched security


Pricing starts from $19.99 per site for a year.

Download Now

10. Directorist

Must-have WordPress plugins: Directorist

Directorist, the fast-growing WordPress directory plugin, has many cool features. It helps you to create a world-class business directory. With enough time, Directorist has got the chance to become the best WordPress directory plugin. 

If you have been thinking of getting the best directory software/plugin for your business site, Directorist is the best choice. You would easily get sidetracked with numbers using the Directorist plugin. 

Key Features

  • Free Core plugin with myriad features
  • Works flexibly with popular themes like Kadence, Astra, Divi, and other WordPress default themes
  • Good Developer Support
  • Complete integration with Elementor
  • Advanced listing search and filter feature
  • Live chat feature for listing owners (paid extension)


Directorist is entirely free to use, whereas you can also avail yourself of the paid extensions. You can buy it as a bundle with support and updates at $99 for a single site.

Download Now

11. Fluent Forms 

Must-have WordPress plugins: Fluent Forms

Fluent Forms is the ultimate user-friendly, customizable drag-and-drop WordPress Contact Form Plugin that has already created its room in the WordPress industry with its premium features and many more completely unique additional features. 

This plugin helps you create hassle-free contact forms, subscription forms, or any kind of WP Forms that you need to draw your website up and running with extreme possible ease. Added on, the plugin helps you to create web forms and contact forms that are 100% responsive and mobile-friendly. 

With no surprise, Fluent Forms features spam protection with Google Recaptcha that ensures your contact forms are out of spam. Apart from that, the plugin ships with an army of features like multi-column contact form layout, smart conditional logic form fields, conversational forms and classic form builder, 30+ form field types, export/import contact forms, etc.

Key Features

  • Reusable Templates
  • Placeholder Customization for your contact forms
  • 66+ pre-built forms
  • One-click migrator
  • AJAX Submission and Both Client-Side and Server-Side Data Validation for contact forms

Fluent Forms is a tremendously affordable tool to create any kind of form right inside your WordPress site. So, who are you waiting for? Give it a shot without further delay.


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. For the paid once, the pricing starts from $59/year.

Download Now

12. Retainful

Must-have WordPress plugins: Retainful

Retainful, one of the most prominent cart recovery plugins, has many rich features for an eCommerce, Shopify, and WooCommerce store owner. It is automated and has multiple abandoned cart recovery email templates for making the email campaign easier than ever. You can automatically track, capture and send abandoned cart recovery emails to your customers at regular intervals.

Retainful has a beautiful drag and drops editor and an insightful dashboard to analyze your abandoned cart email campaign’s performance. You can also increase your store’s revenue with the attractive following order coupons and referral programs through the Retainful plugin. 

Key Features

  • In-built drag and drop editor for easy customization
  • Exit intent popup to avoid cart abandonment
  • Create unlimited cart recovery email templates
  • Email personalization through shortcodes
  • Track your email campaign’s performance with an analytical dashboard
  • Create FOMO with a countdown timer


You can avail Retainful of the below packages. 

  • Starter – -$15/month
  • Growth – $39/month
  • Professional – $159/month

Download Now

13. Optinly

Must-have WordPress plugins: Optinly

Optinly, the first goal-based popup plugin, helps capture the visitor’s attention through attractive exit-intent popups. It specifically triggers the visitors and redirects them to the target location/page. It becomes the best aid to capture more leads. Creating attractive popups has become easy with Optinly. It offers different popups including, 

  • Gamification Popups
  • Notification Popups
  • Floating Bar Popups
  • Sidebar Popups and more

Surprisingly, Optinly offers a 14-day FREE trial to its customers after their sign-up. It helps them to get in love with the features beforehand. 

Key Features

  • Built-in responsive popup editor
  • 75+ Responsive WordPress popup templates
  • Advanced popup triggering options including page based, exit based, and device-based triggers
  • In-depth campaign analysis
  • Easy and flexible installation and popup creation
  • Seamless ESP and Webhook Integrations


It starts at $25/month.

Download Now

14. TableGen – Data Table Generator

Must-have WordPress plugins: TableGen

TableGen, the data table generator plugin, is a free plugin with an elegant user interface. You can set it up quickly. It is fully equipped for interactive table design. The plugin also offers sorting, pagination, table width modification, and other rich features. 

You can also use the unique shortcode to embed the table on your website. It also supports CSV files for both import and export. 

Key Features

  • Highly compatible and attractive design
  • Simple and beautiful interface
  • Fast updates 
  • Import data from Google sheets
  • Export easily through CSV Format
  • Fast and secure plugin


Free plugin

Download Now

15. Logo Carousel Slider

Must-have WordPress plugins: Logo Carousel Slider

Logo Carousel Slider, a lightweight plugin, helps give out sturdy and gorgeous logos with many intuitive features. It is a user-friendly plugin that allows you to create multiple carousels as you wish. It also has a flexible editor interface that allows you to enable or disable the touch and swipe function. 

The plugin helps you to create five successive product and logo compartments in their unique style. It is compatible with multiple themes that make the carousel look astonishing. 

Key Features

  • Unique settings for every logo slider
  • Unlimited carousel sliders with different logos
  • Advanced settings panel
  • Logos categorization
  • Ability to control the number of logos to display in each device
  • Visual Composer Add-On
  • Slide speed control


Pricing starts from $19.99 per year for a site.

Download Now

Final Words

Every WordPress plugin differs in its way. The WordPress plugins for your business listed here will become a must-have for beginners and a well-established one for WordPress users. However, it is always necessary to go with the test flow and make changes accordingly. Choose the plugin that adds value to your site and a boost to your business. Cheers!!

Author Bio:

Monisha Thangavel is an ardent writer and a blogger carrying years of experience in different realms including eCommerce, Tech, and SEO. Her brevity-rich writings flash a light upon the uncovered yet important points about WordPress and eCommerce plugins. Apart from content, Monisha spends her free time learning calligraphic writing.

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