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Videoask vs HelpGent

VideoAsk vs HelpGent- Which One to Choose? 

Probably you have heard about VideoAsk, a communication tool, that has brought a revolution in the communication system in online businesses. It comes up with many features that offer seamless user experience in businesses. Other than communication, it enables you to create forms to collect data for different purposes like market surveys, lead generation, etc.

But, have you heard about HelpGent, an ultimate communication tool, that has entered the WordPress ecosystem for the first time with a set of exclusive features to ensure communication and online form building at a time?

VideoAsk is the old player in the ring while HelpGent is quite a new athlete, however, its exclusive features have made this tool the perfect competitor to fight neck and neck. Once you try the free version of both tools, you can at least have a clear idea of which one to pick.

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Still confused? Let’s dive deeper into this article as we have outlined a comparison between HelpGent and VideoAsk for your better understanding. Before, moving further, let’s have a closer eye on the VideoAsk vs HelpGent comparison chart.

VideoAsk Vs HelpGent: Quick Comparison Chart 

Form Bubble ✔️✔️
Form Bubble Customizer✔️
Frontend User Dashboard✔️
Bunny Cloud Storage Integration✔️
Zapier Integration ✔️
Lifetime Plan✔️
Conditional Logic✔️✔️
Save Incomplete Data ✔️
Directorist Integration ✔️
3 Different Layouts✔️

An Overview to HelpGent   

HelpGent, developed by wpWax, is a WordPress tool that offers a solution to the demand for ultimate communication. It enables customers to engage with businesses through video messaging, screen sharing, audio, and text messaging, allowing them to send inquiries and receive responses at their convenience. This is in contrast to traditional customer service channels like phone or in-person support, where synchronous availability is essential.

HelpGent is not only limited to providing communication support but also allows users to create conversational forms for different purposes like collecting leads, user feedback, quiz, advanced logic, etc. 

What is VideoAsk?

VideoAsk is an interactive video platform that allows users to create personalized video forms to collect feedback, gather information, and engage with their audience. It’s a web-based platform (also available on iOS and Android) that enables users to create forms with video questions, allowing respondents to answer via video, audio, or text. VideoAsk is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. 

How Does HelpGent Differ from VideoAsk? 

i. Features of HelpGent 

HelpGent comes up with a host of exclusive features that ensure seamless user experience in communication and online form building. Below are some exclusive features of HelpGent. 

Audio messaging

Sending audio messaging through HelpGent is easier. Unlike many communication tools out there in the market, HelpGent allows its users to record audio addressing solutions and problems regarding customers’ queries and problems. Finally, users can send the audio to their customers and vice-versa. Following this way, you can escalate the satisfaction level of your customers.

Video messaging

Utilizing video messages is an excellent opportunity to effectively display products or services to prospective customers. Through videos, you can showcase the functionality of a product, emphasize its key features, and address frequently asked questions, creating a compelling and engaging presentation. HelpGent allows you to send video messages asynchronously so that your customers can respond to them at their optimal time.

Screen recording with sharing

This functionality enables your customers to effortlessly capture and share their screens with your support team asynchronously, facilitating a more efficient and precise problem-solving process.

Text messaging

Through asynchronous text messaging, customers have the freedom to contact businesses at their convenience, eliminating the need to coordinate a call or be present during designated business hours. This adaptability is especially attractive to customers residing in various time zones or those with hectic schedules.

Conversational forms/multistep forms

Conversational/Multi-Step Forms enhance your data collection process by offering intuitive, step-by-step forms that cater to the specific requirements of your audience.

HelpGent provides a smooth and professional form-building experience, incorporating welcoming screens and personalized end screens. By dividing intricate information gathering into manageable steps, you can simplify the process. Keep your audience engaged with a conversational flow, delivering a user-friendly and efficient experience through conversational or multi-step forms.

Save incomplete data

Essentially, this feature of HelpGent refers to preserving data, even in cases where certain fields or details are not filled out. However, within the Online Form Builder, this functionality specifically involves saving data when users exit the form without completing all the required information.

To illustrate, imagine you’re in the process of completing an online form but haven’t filled in all the necessary fields. This feature enables you to save the partially entered data, allowing you to resume and finish it later. This not only streamlines the form-filling process by eliminating the need to start from scratch but also enhances user experience by saving time for users.

Bunny cloud storage integration

The integration of Bunny cloud storage with HelpGent enables users to seamlessly store and manage their files within the HelpGent platform. Bunny Storage, renowned for its speed and affordability, will house your media. This choice not only minimizes server requests but also accelerates media loading, effectively enhancing the speed of your website.

Google Drive integration

When faced with a multitude of request files, consider transferring them to Google Drive. This way, you can alleviate your workload and set aside tasks, reducing the pressure on your work.

Directorist-HelpGent integration

The integration of Directorist with HelpGent brings both platforms onto a unified path. This collaborative integration enhances the accessibility of your directory website, leading to increased engagement with your audience and ultimately generating more leads and conversions.

Anonymous submission

HelpGent’s “Anonymous Submission” feature enables seamless form submissions for everyone, including unregistered users, eliminating the necessity for user validation processes.

Advanced logic

Utilizing HelpGent’s advanced conditional logic, you can dynamically adjust content, forms, and messaging in response to specific user actions or feedback. This high degree of customization enables you to craft a more intuitive and pertinent user experience, enhancing communication and engagement across their interaction with your platform.

Automatically deletes attachments

Following a specific timeframe, the attachments within the chat box will be automatically deleted, requiring no human intervention.

Lead generation

Gathering leads using HelpGent becomes significantly simpler. Utilizing a contact form, you can acquire lead information and subsequently convince them to become your paying customers.

Customizable Screen with Media

Customize your forms to mirror your brand identity effortlessly. Seamlessly incorporate images and videos into your forms to create a visually attractive and tailored user experience.

Form bubble

With this feature, make your forms omnipresent with floating “Form Bubbles” allowing users to engage with forms seamlessly across all pages.

Form bubble customizer

Customize the form bubble to match your unique style! Utilizing HelpGent, you can easily adjust the layout, incorporate images, and include personalized text within the bubble, guaranteeing seamless alignment with your brand and preferences.

Email notification

When someone fills up a form or submits a form then the form owner will be notified with an email.

3 different layouts

HelpGent comes with 3 different layouts that you can use to design your form if needed.

Conditional screens

Conditional screens make it possible to display certain fields in a form only when the person filling it out meets specific criteria based on their responses to previous questions. These fields remain hidden until the required conditions are satisfied. It ensures that the form remains concise, and individuals completing it are not overwhelmed with unnecessary questions, allowing them to complete the form more efficiently.

Conditional end screen

A conditional end screen is essentially the conclusion or final destination within a form. It involves predefined conditions that determine whether the form progresses to the next question or directly leads to the end screen. These conditions strategically guide the user experience, deciding whether further questions are necessary or if the form can be concluded promptly based on the responses provided.

Quiz(Coming soon)

Using HelpGent, you can easily generate captivating quizzes directly within your forms. Develop questions, customize options, and specify correct answers to assess user knowledge or preferences effortlessly.

Payment system(Coming soon)

Payment Forms in HelpGent can seamlessly gather payments for your services or products using this upcoming feature. Moreover, it can simplify transactions right within your forms, enhancing convenience for both you and your users.

ii. Pricing options of HelpGent

The basic version of HelpGent is free in the WordPress repository. However, the premium plan comes up with two pricing options: Yearly and Lifetime. Let’s have a closer eye on its Yearly plan which has 3 tiers.

videoask vs HelpGent

Nos, let’s have a closer look at the Lifetime plan which also comes up with 3 tiers.

videoask vs HelpGent

iii. Use cases and applications of HelpGent

Customer support

To facilitate top-notch customer support, you can leverage video, audio, and text messages with screen recording and sharing. These ways ensure every possibility of smooth and precise communication in your businesses.

Online form building

With HelpGent, you can create forms that people can fill out online. These forms can be used for a variety of purposes, such as collecting leads, conducting surveys, etc.

Market research

Creating interactive quizzes and survey forms where customer can put their thoughts about your products, can help you conduct thorough market research.

Simplify employee hiring

Utilize prerecorded videos to introduce yourself to potential job candidates and streamline the selection process by identifying highly qualified individuals before formal hiring procedures starts.

Humanize the recruitment process by connecting a face to the procedures, making your virtual candidates feel like integral parts of the team.

i. Features of VideoAsk

Video messaging

Using VideoAsk, you create and send interactive video messages to your customers addressing the details of the products.

Screen recording and sharing

Like HelpGent, VideoAsk allows you to capture screen and share it with your customers. This ensures smooth troubleshooting of the problems your customers might face with your products.

Audio and text messaging

Both audio and text messaging ensure a fast and interactive communication channel for your business needs. VideoAsk comes up with these features and you can leverage them to boost your businesses.

Form bubble

This is the feature that allows you to make your forms omnipresent across the pages. And, it ensures solid engagement between the forms and users.

Live video call

VideoAsk allows you to go for live calls with your leads and give the right solutions to it. It eventually turns the leads into customers.

Collect video testimonials

Collecting video testimonials through VideoAsk is just like a piece of cake. Both you and your users can do that with extreme possible ease.

Video widget

You can enhance the personalization of any webpage by incorporating the VideoAsk widget to your website.

ii. Pricing options of VideoAsk

VideoAsk comes up with a free version with the limitation of using exclusive features. However, it has two premium plans: Yearly and monthly. Let’s get into the yearly plan below.

videoask vs HelpGent

Here is the monthly plan.

videoask vs HelpGent

iii. Use cases and applications

Customer support

VideoAsk ensures smooth communication between a customer support agent and customers through video, audio, text messaging, and screen recording.

Testimonial collection

With VideoAsk, both you and your users can collect testimonials which eventually bolster the business growth.

Employee recruitment

From candidate sourcing to onboarding, VideoAsk helps you to get the best result with precision.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Are there any pricing differences between VideoAsk and HelpGent?

Compare the pricing plans of each platform based on your budget and specific needs. Consider factors such as user licenses, features included, and scalability.

Q.2. Can I try VideoAsk and HelpGent before making a decision?

Check if both platforms offer a free trial or demo so you can explore their features and functionalities before making a final decision.

Q.3. What are the security and privacy features of VideoAsk and HelpGent?

Examine the security measures implemented by each platform, such as data encryption, access controls, and compliance with relevant regulations, to ensure they align with your organization’s requirements.

Wrapping Up: Which One You Should Choose

Both VideoAsk and HelpGent offer unique features and benefits that cater to different needs. VideoAsk excels in its interactive video messaging capabilities, making it ideal for engaging with customers or capturing feedback.

On the other hand, HelpGent comes up with comprehensive customer support tools and conversational forms that not only ensure a smoother customer experience but also allow you to create different types of online forms for different purposes.

Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms depends on the specific requirements of your business and the desired functionality.

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