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What’s New in HelpGent 2.0? [Latest Edition]

What’s New in HelpGent 2.0? [Latest Edition]

Great news! HelpGent Version 2.0 has finally arrived! As promised, we have included many exciting new features such as conversational forms, lead generation, editable pre-made templates, new cloud storage integration, advanced logic, and many more. We have also improved previous features and fixed some bugs. This new version was released on November 17, 2023. If you want to know more about this unique and innovative HelpGent 2.0, keep reading this post until the end. 

New Features of HelpGent 2.0

HelpGent 2.0 has upgraded features that can transform how we communicate and engage with our audience. Let’s have a look at what this new edition brings us: 

I. Conversational Form: 21 Custom Elements

The Conversational Form feature is designed to mimic human interaction, presenting questions one at a time. This personalized approach makes the form-filling process more engaging and leads to higher completion rates than traditional forms. 

HelpGent 2.0 has introduced an advanced conversational form that offers 21 custom elements to enhance user engagement and interaction. These elements include 7 essential, 5 contact, 1 open-ended, 2 rating & ranking, 2 welcome & end screens, and 4 choice elements. 

With these various customizable elements, users can create dynamic forms tailored to their needs, ensuring seamless interaction while collecting valuable data.

II. Lead Generation 

This latest version provides users with advanced lead generation capabilities, allowing for seamless data export in CSV format. This feature makes managing and organizing leads easier, providing greater flexibility in handling collected information.

With this update, users can quickly extract lead data captured through forms and conversations, simplifying the process of subsequent marketing strategies or customer follow-ups. 

III. Save Incomplete Form Data

An essential feature of this form is its ability to automatically save any data the user enters, even if they leave the form before submitting it. This can be particularly helpful for the author because they can collect valuable information about their users, which ultimately leads to a better user experience.

IV. Form Bubble Customizer

Users can now personalize the appearance of web page forms displayed as bubbles with the Form Bubble Customizer feature, enhancing the aesthetic and integration with the website’s design. Users can make it available to all website pages or any specific pages, as needed. 

V. Editable Pre-Made Templates

The updated version features editable pre-made templates, allowing users to customize templates to their unique needs, saving time and effort.

VI. 4 Different Elements Layouts

Users can choose from four layout options to customize and present forms in different styles and formats, including media.

VII. Editable Professional Email Template

HelpGent 2.0 introduces an editable professional email template, facilitating the customization of email communications sent through the platform. So you don’t need to start from scratch.

VIII. Cloud Storage – Google Drive, Bunny Integration

HelpGent 2.0 offers an additional drive for faster and more efficient data transmission. This feature enables users to effortlessly save files from the server to their preferred storage platform. Along with integration with Google Drive, HelpGent seamlessly integrates with Bunny, a well-known cloud storage platform, providing users with hassle-free access and data storage.

IX. Anonymous Submission

Users can now submit anonymously, eliminating the need for personal information.

X. Advance Logic

HelpGent 2.0 has introduced advanced logic that enables users to create more sophisticated and dynamic forms based on conditional logic. This feature allows users to create custom content, forms, and messaging that adapt dynamically based on specific user actions or responses. 

With this advanced level of customization, you can create a more intuitive and relevant journey for your users, optimizing communication and engagement throughout their interaction with your platform.

XI. View from Summary [Forms/Questions]

This feature provides a summary view, question by question, or form by form, which offers users an overview for better organization and management of form elements.

XII. And Many More

Apart from these, HelpGent 2.0 includes enhancements, optimizations, and new features to enhance user experience and functionality.

Improved Old Features & Killed a Few Bugs

Our team has significantly improved our signature feature in HelpGent 2.0, which enhances the Asynchronous communication system through video, voice, text messaging, and screen recording with voiceover. We have fine-tuned this feature, making it even more seamless and intuitive. By prioritizing user feedback and insights, we have fixed interface glitches, performance inconsistencies, and functionality issues to make the experience smoother and more efficient for our users.

Download HelpGent 2.0 | Free

Looking Forward to You

As HelpGent evolves, we are thrilled to see innovative ways you utilize these tools to improve your business operations and customer satisfaction.

If you find this interesting, why not check it out now? Don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know which features you enjoyed most in this release.

Written by

AKM Aminul Islam

Meet AKM, a skilled professional who drives business growth and creates impactful marketing & technology content. He also enjoys exploring and discovering new destinations and engaging himself in literature. He values spending time with his loved ones and building connections with friends in his free time.

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