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Tour and travel booking WordPress plugins

Best Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins

Howdy wanderlust warriors and travel enthusiasts! 

Lend me your eyes (and ears)! Are you tired of manually booking your next adventure, painstakingly sifting through pages of travel options and price comparisons? Well, Don’t worry my fellow travelers, because I have some exciting news for you. 

In this article, I am going to Introduce the best tour and travel booking WordPress plugins! These amazing plugins will revolutionize the way you plan your next trip, making the process both efficient and enjoyable. With features like customizable booking forms, real-time availability calendars, and secure payment gateways, you’ll be able to book your dream vacation in just a few clicks. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into the juicy part.

Best Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins- Our Favorite Picks

Here are the top 5 WordPress plugins for travel booking that are available for WordPress websites.

1. Tourfic

Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins- Tourfic

Tourfic is considered the best Travel Booking WordPress plugin that has revolutionized the travel booking industry. Its user-friendly interface and cutting-edge features make it easy for travel businesses to create personalized tours, showcases, and itineraries on their website. Compatible with WooCommerce, Tourfic allows businesses to conveniently integrate payment gateways for travel booking. 

Moreover, its extensive customization options give businesses the freedom to customize their tours and showcase to reflect their branding and website design. With the integrated advanced reporting and analytics features, businesses can monitor user engagement and refine their services accordingly.


  • Both Hotel & Tour Booking options in one plugin: This exclusive plugin offers a unique combination of Hotel and Tour Booking options, allowing users to manage both services from the same website. Forget about having to purchase multiple plugins for different services – this plugin is the only one you need.
  • Multi-Vendor Feature: Tourfic is the ideal choice for businesses in search of a multi-vendor travel website. This platform offers vendors the opportunity to register and list their hotels and tours for sale. It includes a comprehensive Multi-Vendor Function for easy management of all your vendors’ services.
  • Booking.com Integration: Tourfic provides full API integration with leading travel sites such as booking.com and travelpayouts.com. Through our platform, you can seamlessly display their listings on your site and generate revenue through affiliate links.
  • Power of WooCommerce: If you opt for Tourfic, you can avoid any additional costs associated with integrating a Payment gateway. This is because Tourfic is built on WooCommerce, enabling you to use any WooCommerce-compatible Payment plugin. This stands in contrast to a majority of other Travel plugins, which require you to purchase their proprietary booking system in order to access a Payment gateway.
  • Booking data on the Dashboard: Upon completion of each reservation, the booking data seamlessly integrates into your dashboard. Your dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of your reservations, including customer particulars, order details, order date, total price, payment method, and more, allowing you to effectively manage reservations and plan accordingly.
  • Customer Review System: Tourfic features a comprehensive review system for both Single Hotel and Single Tour Pages, which displays the total average rating and the number of reviews, various review parameters, as well as the reviewer’s name, review date, and description. Moreover, It is possible to configure the backend to receive reviews exclusively from verified customers. Only those who have stayed in your accommodation or gone on one of your packages will be eligible to provide feedback.


  • Lack of Themes: Although it’s listed on their roadmap, currently the plugin does not provide any of its own WordPress Themes, therefore the user must depend on external third-party WordPress themes, which may not be able to satisfy all of their individual requirements. 
  • Relatively New Plugin compared to others: This newly-released plugin may be limited in its advanced features and functionality when compared to more established plugins, however, it also presents the advantage of being built with the latest technology and design trends, potentially providing a modern and creative solution to everyday problems in its field.

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2. WP Travel Engine

Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins- WP Travel Engine

For travel agencies and tour operators, WP Travel Engine is a widely used plugin. It has many features, such as a booking form that is customized, payment methods, and personalized email notifications. WP Travel Engine is a decent choice for travel businesses that serve clients from around the world because it includes built-in support for many currencies and languages.

In short, You can turn your ordinary website into a travel booking website with dynamic looks in less than hours by using WordPress Travel Booking Plugin. This plugin is totally free to download.


  • User-friendly interface: The creation and management of trip packages, itineraries, and booking forms is made simple and intuitive for users by the user-friendly interface of WP Travel Engine.
  • WordPress themes: The plugin includes a number of templates that can be customized, enabling users to design original travel packages and itineraries.
  • Customizable booking form: The booking form of the plugin is quite flexible, allowing users to add or delete fields, apply unique validation criteria, and more.
  • Advanced pricing options: WP Travel Engine offers advanced price options, such as group pricing, passenger-based pricing, and more, enabling users to offer various pricing alternatives for their travel packages.


  • Freemium Plugin: Though the free version has the necessary features it doesn’t let you add a lot of advanced features. You need to spend a bit of money to get a hold of it full properly.
  • Limited third-party integrations: WP Travel Engine lacks third-party integrations compared to some other travel plugins.
  • Limited reporting features: Compared to some other travel plugins, this plugin has fewer reporting and analytics capabilities, which might make it challenging for customers to keep track of their bookings and revenue.
  • Limited customizability: Although the plugin gives users the option to change some elements of their travel plans and itineraries, it does not offer the same level of flexibility as some other travel plugins.

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3. WP Travel

Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins- WP Travel

WP Travel is an efficient WordPress plugin for creating travel agency websites or tour operator portals on WordPress quickly and easily. The developer has ensured their plugin is optimized for SEO and is a highly scalable travel engine for WordPress, allowing users to craft customized itineraries and travel packages rapidly. Enhanced by a suite of professional modules, this plugin can help to save considerable development time.


  • Full Data Reporting: The availability of data is critical for any business. WP Travel’s built-in reservation statistics give you the capability to generate reports in varied date ranges, types, and locations.
  • Itineraries Booking: WP Travel provides an integrated booking system for your travel website, enabling users to conveniently book their itineraries directly from your website and allowing you to monitor all bookings from the backend.
  • Payment Processing: WP Travel’s payment processing capabilities allow you to receive full or partial payment for each booking, which is tracked and viewable in the backend. You can access the payment statistics at any time.
  • Translation Ready: WP Travel is equipped with translation capabilities to satisfy the requirements of customers worldwide. With the WPML Translation Plugin, plugin can be adapted to any language, while string translations can be handled with Loco Translate.


While the plugin has many features that make it attractive to users, there are also some cons to consider. 

  • Not well-suited for large websites: The plugin’s features become increasingly difficult to manage as the size of the website grows. 
  • Compatibility Issues: Some users have experienced compatibility issues when trying to integrate the plugin with other third-party services and plugins
  • Limited Customization: The plugin does not offer much in terms of customization or styling options. While the plugin does provide some basic customization options, more advanced users may find these options too limited for their needs.
  • Limited Itinerary features: It doesn’t have the advance itinerary option for each travel package. 

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4. WooTours

Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins- WooTours

WooTour is a powerful WordPress plugin available on CodeCanyon, enabling users to craft and administer travel tours and packages for their WordPress website. Compatible with WooCommerce, the plugin provides a robust e-commerce platform for selling travel packages and processing payments.


  • Bookings enable users to reserve tours, with WooCommerce for ticket sales. 
  • History of reservations is maintained
  • Users can book for daily, weekly, or special occasions. 
  • Custom ticket types are available, along with 3 single layouts. 
  • Exporting to CSV, PDF, and Excel formats of customer lists is possible
  • The plugin is WPBakery and WPML as well as Loco Translate compatible.


  • No free version is available, thus there is a cost associated with the plugin, which can be off-putting for those who are on a tight budget. 
  • Support and updates are not always as reliable as they could be, meaning they may not be as secure as other plugins. 
  • The user interface of the plugin and its demo remain outdated and lack the aesthetic appeal of contemporary travel websites.

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5. Yatra

Tour and Travel Booking WordPress Plugins- Yatra

Yatra is a highly efficient and user-friendly travel and tour booking plugin that can be seamlessly integrated into your website, transforming it into a fully functional travel and tour booking portal. With its minimalist design and easy setup, it’s the perfect way to get started.


  • Create an unlimited number of tours for your travel agency with no restrictions.
  • No restrictions exist regarding the creation of itineraries for tours. You have the freedom to craft an unlimited number of itineraries for one tour.
  • Offers a variety of prices, including the standard rate as well as any applicable discounts. This provides an opportunity to add discounted prices for a tour.


  • The majority of the widely used payment gateways are exclusive to the pro version, so those with a limited budget for their website may find it difficult to access these features.
  • The lack of an advanced itinerary builder is a significant challenge for tour websites.
  • The plugin does provide an option for a lifetime subscription, however, it is rather expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to opt for the annual plan, requiring an annual expenditure.

Free Download | Check Pro

Final Thoughts

We understand that each plugin has its own unique features and it can be difficult to decide which one to choose. From our point of view, after many years of experience, we highly recommend Tourfic. This plugin offers great flexibility, both hotel and tour options, and the payment gateway is handled by WooCommerce, at no additional cost.

Furthermore, Tourfic has the most cost-effective pricing of all the plugins available and they also offer a lifetime deal. Ultimately, the choice is yours; select the plugin that best meets your needs.

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