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Smart3 slider revolution alternatives

Are you looking for Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives?

If you know or are at least somewhat familiar, with WordPress then you probably know of the many different plugins that you can use with it to enhance a website. Some of these very popular ones are WooCommerce, Visual Composer, Contact form 7, and Slider Revolution. All of these offer different tools to help you make your ideal site and design & customize it to your specific needs. 

Slider Revolution is a plugin that you will see comes with a lot of WordPress themes but just because it comes with a theme does not mean it is the right choice for you to use to make slideshows for your site. It is not always the case that if something is popular it must mean that it must be a good fit for what you are looking for. But if you want to make slides or a slideshow for your WordPress site, how do you create it without this plugin? Well, there are actually many different plugins or services that you can use instead. This is why we have brought to you this list of Slider Revolution Alternatives

Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives Can Make Stunning, Unique Sliders and Slideshow

Now we know people are usually more comfortable using a product that they have heard of and are familiar with but you may find as you go through this list of Slider Revolution Alternatives that you have actually heard of some of them. These are all excellent choices to use for making one-of-a-kind sliders and slideshows for your WP sites.

They all have the same core features that will allow you to build great sliders but some come with different and added tools to give you even more functionality. Sometimes the popular choice isn’t always the best choice so let’s see if one of these alternatives is a better fit for you and your WordPress website. 

1. MetaSlider

Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives- MetaSlider

We are kicking off our Slider Revolution Alternatives list with the MetaSlider plugin. MetaSlider is considered to be one of the World’s best slider plugins so if you are looking to create amazing slideshows for your site you have come to the right place. The slideshows you create will be search engine optimized which means that when people do a search relevant to your content, your site is more likely to show up higher in the search results. 

A great feature of this WP slider plugin is that it has the drag and drop tool which is great because all you will have to do in order to create your slideshow is just drag images from your library and drop them into place. There are four different types of slideshows available with the MetaSlider plugin and there is a shortcode included to easily embed your slideshow into your website. 

Highlighted features

  • Responsive
  • WordPress multi-site compatible
  • Fully localized
  • Lightbox support
  • Works with several different translation plugins

2. Crelly Slider

Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives- Celly Slider

Next up is Celly Slider. This slider plugin is responsive so your content will be able to format properly to fit any size screen no matter how big or small. You will not only be able to add text and images but you can also add both YouTube and Vimeo videos. This plugin also has a drag-and-drop builder to help you easily create and customize your slideshows. 

All you have to do is choose which elements you want to go where and drag them to the location and drop them. It is that simple. So even if you are a little tech-challenged you will still have no problem creating beautiful slideshows exactly the way you want. This plugin is cross-browser compatible as well so it can work on most popular web browsers. 

Highlighted features

  • Transitions and animations
  • It can support layers
  • User-friendly admin panel 

3. Soliloquy Lite

Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives- Soliloquy Lite

Next up we have Soliloquy Lite which is a super easy-to-use and powerful slider plugin designed to be used by anyone looking to make sliders for their WordPress website. Soliloquy Lite comes with a drag-and-drop element to allow for super simple and quick slider customizing. The sliders you make will also be responsive so they can work on any device no matter its size.

These sliders are also equipped to handle not just images but videos as well. Soliloquy Lite is one of the most popular slider plugins with hundreds of downloads. It is search engine optimized friendly as well so your site will be ranked higher in relevant online search results which will help draw in more traffic to your site. There is a pro version of Soliloquy as well should you need more tools. 

Highlighted features

  • Lightbox
  • Create product slideshows
  • Slides with thumbnails
  • Instagram slides
  • Pinterest media button

4. LayerSlider

Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives- LayerSlider

The LayerSlider is another very popular slider plugin that you may have already heard of. LayerSlider recently had an update and it is now better than ever. This is a “premium multi-purpose animation platform”. LayerSlider is jam-packed with tons of helpful tools to create amazing sliders for your WP site.

There is a drag-and-drop visual editor which makes it super easy for you to build your perfect, one-of-a-kind sliders, even without having any coding knowledge. This plugin can also work with tons of other popular plugins such as Visual Composer, WPML, Layers WP, and more. LayerSlider is search engine optimized ready so your content will show up higher when someone does an online search that is related to your website. 

Highlighted features

  • Localization ready
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Theming options
  • Eighteen skins
  • Multi-select layers 

5. Master Slider

Smart3 Slider Revolution Alternatives-  Master Slider plugin

And lastly, we have come to number five of our Smart3 Slider Revolution alternatives with the Master Slider plugin. This free WP plugin is responsive so the content you make has the room to format any screen size no matter whether it is a laptop or desktop. It could be a mobile phone. Literally, this amazing plugin is known to be one of the most search engine optimized friendly slider plugins available so your site will show up high in relevant online search results which will help increase traffic to your website. 

More importantly, Master Slider is cross-browser compatible as well so it can work with all popular web browsers such as Safari, iOS browser, Android browser, Chrome, and many more. This plugin also has drag-and-drop slider creation for super simple and easy slider building, all you have to do is drag and drop items wherever you want them to go. 

Highlighted features

  • Translation ready
  • Fully customizable thumbnails and tags
  • More than 6 interactive slide transitions
  • Built-in cache boosting
  • Extensive developer API 



So were we able to convince you that one of these slider revolution alternatives may be a better fit for you? Sometimes it is difficult to know all your options but that is why we made this list, so you can see a back-to-back comparison of many different plugins and services that can help you build your unique sliders for your WP site. 

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