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How to insert a table in WordPress

How to Insert a Table in WordPress Easily without Using A Plugin

WordPress is a great platform for building websites and blogs. It’s user-friendly and has a ton of features that make it easy to use. One of the features that WordPress has is the ability to insert tables into your posts and pages

Tables are a great way to display data in a structured way. You can use tables to present information in columns and rows, and they can be formatted to look like any other type of content on your website. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to insert a table in WordPress. We’ll also share the process of formatting your table to make it look great.

How to Insert a Table in WordPress ( A Stepwise Process)

No more hassle or confusion—our step-by-step process will demonstrate the art of table creation. Whether you’re a seasoned WordPress pro or just starting your online journey, you’ll learn how to effortlessly bring your data to life with stylish and structured tables.

Step 1: Get entry to the Gutenberg Block Editor

You can insert a table using the powerful WordPress Gutenberg block editor. To do this, stay on any WordPress post or page and click on the plus sign to get entry to the Block Editor. Next, write ‘Table’ in the search option.

How to insert a table in WordPress: Search table in block editor.

Step 2: Add columns and rows

Next, decide how many columns and rows you want to include in the newly created table. If necessary, you can add or delete more columns to your table later. The default number of columns and rows is 2.

But here, we will insert four columns and five rows in your newly created table. Once you have set the number of columns and rows in the list, click on Create Table.

How to insert a table in WordPress: Insert column and row to create a table.

Here, we have created a table with four columns and five rows.

How to insert a table in WordPress: Newly created table.

Step 3: Customize the newly created table

Now, you can type in any of the cells, and depending on the text length; the cell will expand. To fix the cell width, click the radio button Fixed width table cells under Table Settings. 

How to insert a table in WordPress: Fix the width of table cells.

You can add a Header and Footer to your website if you want. You need to click on the Header or Footer menu to make specific changes. Here we have clicked on the Header section button, and a header is added automatically. 

How to insert a table in WordPress: Adding header and footer.

You can also change the Text and Background color from the color section. Just click on Text or Background under Color Section.

How to insert a table in WordPress: Set color for text and background.

To add a new column or row on your website, select a particular cell and click on the Edit Table button. You have chosen a cell named ‘Girls’ and added a new column by clicking Insert column after. 

How to insert a table in WordPress: Insert extra column.

The process is almost identical if you want to delete a column or row. Just select the particular cell you want to delete and click on Edit Table➤ Delete Column/ Delete Row. 

How to insert a table in WordPress: Delete row or column.

To center any column, click on the Change text alignment button and the Align column center.

How to insert a table in WordPress: Align the column.

It’s possible to change the overall alignment of your table in WordPress. For this, select any website column and click on the change Alignment. There are different options available here. Next, click on Full width from the list. Now, your table will be displayed on a full-width screen.

How to insert a table in WordPress: Change the overall alignment of the table.

This is how you can create tables in WordPress and customize it based on your needs. 

Wrapping Up

To make the table generation process simple and easy, we have shown you a straightforward way how to insert a table in WordPress in this post. Once you follow this guide, it will be easy to add tables in WordPress. Share our experience on how this article benefits you in the comments section. 

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