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HelpGent Roadmap

We are happy to share the roadmap of our journey with you.

In Progress
Offload media to Google Drive

Media will be stored in Google Drive which will reduce server requests and load media faster to speed up your site

In Progress
Reply, Forward, and Edit messages
  • Reply: Reply to a specific message
  • Forward: Forward a message to other users
  • Edit: Typo? No worries, just edit the message
In Progress
Directorist Integration

Directorist Integration will let listing owners create contact forms with video, audio, & text functionality to connect with their clients.

Custom fields in text

Get more information from your users with additional fields like

  • File Upload field
  • Checkbox
  • Radio
Unsend or trash messages
  • When you unsend a message, it is no longer visible to anyone in the chat
  • Trashing a message will store it in a Trash so you could recover them
Multiple support agents

Add agents to manage the customers under the admin’s supervision

  • Assign conversations to agents
  • Agents can respond to assigned tickets or unassigned
Multiple steps

Create multiple screens with conditional videos and make the form more interactive

  • Has multiple use cases - get feedback, create job applications, service quotations, etc
  • Create multiple steps with questions before getting input from the user
  • Add videos to each step to engage users better
Real-time Notifications
  • When a user is online
  • When a support agent is online
  • Upon receiving a new message
Under Consideration
Private Messages

One-to-one private conversation with your user

Delete Messages

Delete a specific message completely

Under Consideration
CRM Integration

Integration with the most requested CRM tool. Share with us your favorite tool

Under Consideration
Facebook Messenger Integration

Research in progress. More info will be provided later

Under Consideration
Reports and Analytics

A report to evaluate your customer’s experience and analytics so you can target your customers better

Support Agent's role management

Add/Edit capabilities of the agents

Under Consideration
Video Transcribe

Automatically transcribe videos to text

Media optimization

Compress media efficiently for better optimization

Youtube video embed

Embed a Youtube Video into the chatbox

All Contacts

Display a list of all your guests and registered users who contacted through HelpGent

  • Collect leads
  • Export to CSV and run campaigns in marketing tools
  • Convert guests into potential users
Screen Recording

With the screen recording option, you and your customers can send screen recordings from the chat window

Customer Portal

Users can keep track of their conversations, manage and communicate using the front-end customer portal

Guest User

Initially, anyone can send messages, including anonymous individuals who have not registered. After sending a message, a token is sent to the guest user's email to keep a track of the conversation and to follow up without having to register

Unlimited Forms

Create unlimited forms with different intro videos, messages, and color combinations

Display Forms on Selected Pages

Now that you have created a number of forms, you can now display them on selected pages

Video Upload

Both users and the admin can upload videos from the dashboard or within the chatbox itself

Video Recording

Record videos from the chat interface. You no longer have to leave the chat window to record a video

Voice Recording

Enjoy the voice recording facility absolutely free of cost. Unlike other messaging systems, you have the option to preview the recording before sending it

Tags on Conversation

Add tags to manage the conversations. It helps you to find certain conversations in a quick and hassle-free way