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Build Seamless Interactions Using HelpGent's Advanced Conversational Forms

Unlock a new realm of possibilities with HelpGent's cutting-edge features designed to elevate your dashboard and streamline conversations. Whether you're a guest seeking guidance or a registered user navigating our platform, HelpGent caters to your unique needs.

Amazing features

Dashboard and Conversations

Easily navigate through our intuitive dashboard and engage in seamless conversations with your audience. Whether you're a guest or a registered user, HelpGent provides a user-friendly experience for all.

Conversational/Multi-step Forms(Unlimited Screens)

Craft intricate forms with unlimited screens, ensuring you capture every detail efficiently. Our multi-step feature lets you break down complex information into manageable segments.

Customizable Screens with Media

Enhance your forms with a personal touch. Customize screens using media elements, including images and videos, to create an engaging and interactive experience.

21 Elements

Choose from a diverse set of 21 elements, including 7 basic elements, 5 contact elements, 1 open-ended element, 2 rating & ranking elements, 2 screens (Welcome & End), and 4 choice elements.

Open-Ended - Video, Audio, Voice, Screen Recording

Go beyond text! Capture responses with open-ended options, including video, audio, voice, and screen recordings.

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Get a comprehensive summary of your data, ensuring you have a quick overview of important information.

Cloud Storage Integration

Users have the option to integrate cloud storage like Google Drive and Bunny Drive.

Form Bubble Display

Present your forms uniquely! Display each form as a distinctive "Form Bubble" on all pages or choose specific pages for targeted engagement.

Form Bubble Customizer

Tailor the appearance of your Form Bubbles to match your brand or style. Our customizer allows you to create a visually appealing and cohesive look.

Conditional Screens and End Screen

Tailor the user journey with conditional screens, ensuring a personalized experience for each user.

Advanced Logic

Unlock advanced logic options to create intelligent and dynamic forms, arriving in November.

Pre-made Templates

Utilize pre-made templates for efficiency, saving time while maintaining a professional appearance.

Save Incomplete Data

Never lose progress! Our system allows users to save incomplete data, providing flexibility and convenience.

Four Different Layouts

Explore diverse layout options to find the one that complements your content and user preferences.

Editable Templates

Effortlessly edit templates to suit your needs. Add images within templates for a visually striking form presentation.

Directorist Integration

Enhance your directory capabilities with seamless Directorist integration, expanding your possibilities.

Email Notification Customization

Take control of your notifications. Choose when and how you receive email notifications, ensuring you stay informed at the right moments.

Anonymous Submission

Respect privacy with anonymous submission options. No need for any email or data for seamless communication.

Automatically Deletes Attachments

After a certain period of time, the attachments that are on the chat box will be deleted automatically even without any human touch.

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