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Benefits of HelpGent

Values that Make Communication Comprehensive

Customers no longer have to wait on hold for a live agent, as they now have the freedom to start, pause, and resume the conversation when it’s convenient for them.

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Communicate in Multiple Ways

HelpGent enables you to communicate through multiple ways(video, voice, textm and screen sharing), making your communication stand out and enabling you to have your own conversation on your preferred time and place.

Increase Your Conversion Rate

People tend to buy answers, not commodities - a dynamic communication system with the capability to send video messages, screen record, voice & text messages will boost your solution and improve your sales.

Strong connection with your audience

Create a face-to-face communication that will help you establish stronger bonds with your audience, whether you're selling to them or pitching them on a solution.

Build audience’s trust

HelpGent provides a way to build trust by offering humanly assistance and listening to them as if you were there in person. This allows your audience to engage on their own terms which eventually pile up audience’s trust.

Generate more leads

Create a gateway to connect with your prospects that can help you generate more leads. Stay top-of-mind without being a nuisance, and generate more leads with this powerful tool.

Save your time

Take back control of your time by allowing you to communicate on your own schedule asynchronously. Instead of exchanging boring texts with your customers, use voice or video messages to hasten the resolution & enables you to get your message across without interrupting the flow of your work.

Reduce support cost

Solve queries convincingly by reducing your operating expenses. Allow your business to communicate with customers asynchronously without the need for real-time support and spending on any third-party tool.

Make your site more engaging

HelpGent allows businesses to connect with their customers on a more personal level and create engaging communication. Establish a connection with your audience from their first visit with a video welcome greeting to engage more.

Incrase Customer Retention

Customers are always your top priority, but you can't be available 24/7. Without waiting on a response, asynchronously provide personalized support and earnest care, increasing customer retention rates and reduced customer churn.

No more waiting

Yes, no more waiting for a response! Get your messages delivered right away, without having to wait around for a response. Customers no longer have to wait on hold for a live agent, as they now have the freedom to start, pause, and resume the conversation when it's convenient for them.

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