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Customers no longer have to wait on hold for a live agent, as they now have the freedom to start, pause, and resume the conversation when it’s convenient for them.

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Video messaging

Sending video message is a breeze with HelpGent. It's amazing to have a face to face conversation without getting face to face.

Screen recording

Give your customers an appealing way to share their problems with screen recordings, or you could simply share a video of your screen after recording with them, and you will gain a solid relationship with them and potential new clients.

Voice messaging

HelpGent lets you send and receive voice messages without having to be available at the same time.

Text Messaging

Text Messaging with HelpGent lets you have control over your conversations. You can select when to reply, without the pressure of feeling like you need to respond immediately.

Lead generation

HelpGent allows you to collect information from visitors who become leads once they submit messages to interact with you.

Filter stored messages

Filter out all the conversations based on numerous tags. You can also search the specific conversation by video, voice, name and email.

Form customization

Customize your conversation form as your wish. You’ll get two different beautiful themes to furnish your conversation form.

Personalized welcome message

Send a personalized message to welcome your onboarding prospects. You can set up a thank you page for your audience as well!

Back-end Admin Portal

Get a powerful back-end portal to control all the conversations happened over time. With a back-end portal, you get the control and insight you need to take your customer relations to the next level.

Front-end Audience Portal

With HelpGent, you can have a friendly front-end portal to give your audience to connect with you. This portal helps to give your visitors the ability to easily access information or share feedback with you and your business.

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