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Unleash the Power of Productivity with HelpGent: The Ultimate Communication Solution

Back in the day, our ancestors relied on birds to carry messages across distances. Fast forward to the present, and we’ve got a plethora of communication devices at our fingertips. Take the “Live Chat” system, for instance – it revolutionizes customer service by offering seamless and effortless communication. However, this communication tool provides a real-time experience to its users where two parties need to be present at a time. Hassle, right? 

What if we told you there’s a plugin that lets you do that along with asynchronous video messaging and screen recording?

Yes, we are talking about HelpGent! Get 4-in-1 experience with HelpGent, one of the most dynamic and functional plugins out there! With HelpGent as your chosen plugin, you can engage your audience and customers in a flash. 

HelpGent transforms your WordPress experience into a seamless digital interaction between you and your customers with video messaging & sharing, screen recording & sharing, and audio & text messaging. 

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Overview of HelpGent

HelpGent Review- HelpGent

HelpGent by wpWax is a tool that addresses the need for asynchronous communication by providing a way for video messaging, screen sharing, audio, and text messaging customers to reach out to businesses and receive a response at a later time. This is in contrast to traditional customer service channels, such as phone or in-person support, which require both parties to be available simultaneously.

With HelpGent, customers can send a message to a business at any time, and the business can respond when it is convenient for them. This allows for a more flexible and convenient customer experience, as customers do not need to wait on hold or schedule an appointment to receive support.

Overall, HelpGent’s asynchronous communication model provides a more efficient and effective way for businesses to connect with and support their customers, enabling them to deliver a better customer experience. Would you like to have a glimpse at the core features of HelpGent before diving into the details? Let’s hit up with the following lines. 

Benefits of Asynchronous Communication for Small and Medium Businesses

Asynchronous communication can bring a number of benefits to small and medium-sized businesses. Here are some of the key advantages:

Increased flexibility

HelpGent Review- Increased flexibility

Asynchronous communication allows employees and customers to communicate and collaborate on their own time, without the need for real-time interaction. This increased flexibility can lead to more efficient and productive workflows, as well as improved customer satisfaction.

Better time management

HelpGent Review- Better time management

Asynchronous communication eliminates the need for immediate responses, allowing employees to prioritize and manage their time more effectively. This can lead to improved productivity and reduced stress levels, as employees are able to focus on their most important tasks without distractions.

Improved customer service

Asynchronous communication can help SMBs to provide better customer service by allowing them to respond to customer inquiries outside of business hours, and by providing a more convenient and flexible way for customers to receive support.

Cost savings

By reducing the need for real-time communication, asynchronous communication can help SMBs to save money on resources such as phones and office space. Additionally, it can also reduce the need for additional staff, as employees can handle multiple customer inquiries simultaneously.

Better collaboration

HelpGent Review- Better  collaboration

Asynchronous communication can also improve collaboration and teamwork among employees, as they can share ideas and feedback with each other at their own pace, and without the need for face-to-face meetings.

Overall, asynchronous communication can bring a number of benefits to SMBs, helping them to improve efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, and overall operations.

Quick Glimpse at The Core Features of HelpGent 

  • Attractive builder with customization
  • Two theme forms support the home screen
  • Color font size customization ability
  • Search & sorting by text videos and voice
  • Nice filtering system by tag
  • Search conversations by name & email
  • Keep messages unread for the future reply
  • Quick name edit

How HelpGent Addresses the Need for Asynchronous Communication? 

HelpGent Review- Addressing the need for asynchronous communication

HelpGent is a platform designed to allow for asynchronous communication, which means that participants can send and receive messages at different times, rather than in real-time. This can be particularly useful in a customer service context, where customers may need assistance outside of business hours, or where service representatives may need to handle multiple customer requests simultaneously.

What’s more, HelpGent allows for a more flexible and convenient communication process, as customers can receive support at any time, and service representatives can handle requests in a more efficient and organized manner.

Additionally, HelpGent also provides rooms for creating unlimited forms which you can use to collect unlimited contact information of your customers, video uploading, video recording, voice recording, downloading media, and many more amazing things that elevate asynchronous communication to an incredible height. 

Overall, HelpGent’s asynchronous communication model helps to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency and productivity, and provide a more flexible and convenient way for businesses to communicate with their customers.

Features of HelpGent that Truly Stand Out On The Ground of Asynchronous Communication 

HelpGent is an amazing platform that offers several features that stand out in comparison to other similar platforms. Here are some of the features that make HelpGent stand out:

i. Unlimited forms

This is an amazing feature that highlights the ability of HelpGent to create unlimited forms, collecting unlimited contact information of your customers. The information may include name, email, phone number, etc. 

ii. Guest user

Attracting leads or prospects for a product or service is one of the fundamental hunts for a business or service owner. With that keeping in mind, HelpGent has ensured a solid space for even anonymous users without registration to send messages to talk about their queries. Undoubtedly, it is a great opportunity for small and medium business owners. 

iii. Video upload

Making it easy and sorting out the problems of your customers should be your priority task if you want to bring your business to a better height. Uploading videos addressing the solutions to the problems of your customers is now easier and more convenient with the feature of HelpGent that enables video uploading instantly. 

iv. Video recording

Using HelpGent, both you and your customers can share problems and solutions instantly. And, this is possible with the video recording system of the plugin. Eventually, it creates a better and more improved relationship between the business and the customers. 

v. Voice recording

Another truly-standout feature of HelpGent is the voice recording system that ensures the transmission of voice between two parties addressing problems and solutions. And, here is the charm where both parties can do it asynchronously. 

vi. Text messaging

Text messaging is a common trait of any communication tool. But there are a few tools that render text messaging asynchronously. Out of those tools, HelpGent is quite impressive at delivering text messaging on the ground of an asynchronous communication system. 

vii. Customizability

The advantage of a plugin is that it can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. This level of customization is attainable due to the plugin’s capability to be customized. 

viii. Frontend dashboard

This plugin features a front-end dashboard that enables both you and your users to edit profiles, track account details, and incorporate an unlimited number of shortcodes.

ix. Download media

It is worth noting that you can easily download media files such as images, videos, and audio files when necessary. These media files are securely stored in the system and can be accessed whenever needed. 

x. Screen recording

The screen recording capability allows your customers to capture and send you an illustration of their issues, making it easier for you to understand and resolve their problems. Similarly, you can also record your screen to demonstrate the solution and send it back to your customers.

xi. Unlimited video recording

The default video recording time is set at 2 minutes, but you have the option to extend it to a length that meets your specific needs.

xii. Unlimited voice recording

Similar to the video recording length, you have the flexibility to record your voice for as long as you need. This feature will allow you to easily capture and document important information with an accompanying audio recording.

xiii. Maximum video resolution (Default 720p)

By using HelpGent, you have the ability to experience the highest video resolution possible. This high-quality resolution allows for the precise identification of issues and leads to more accurate solutions

xiv. Unlimited maximum upload size

With HelpGent, users are able to upload files without any restrictions on size. Regardless of the file’s size, it can be uploaded without issue. Similarly, you can also send solutions to problems by attaching files of any size.

xv. Automatically deletes attachments 

After a predetermined time frame, attachments in the chat box will automatically be deleted without any manual intervention.

A footer in an email is a section located at the bottom that typically contains information about a company. You have the option to personalize it by adding your brand name and tag, or remove it altogether, depending on your preference.

xvii. Collect leads

Collecting leads is made simpler with HelpGent, thanks to its contact form feature. This allows you to gather information about potential leads, which can then be used to convert them into paying customers. 

xviii. Offload media to Google Drive

When faced with a large volume of requests, you can offload them to Google Drive to alleviate your workload. This helps to streamline your tasks and manage your workload more efficiently. 

xix. Google Drive integration

This integration enables the users to store their attachments like daily conversations, videos, audio, files, and messaging in Google drive. HelpGent enables this integration to make the user experience smooth and hassle-free.

xx. Reply message 

Replying to a message/text, video, or audio content is all about fun and excitement to specifically point out a particular content instantly. With that keeping in mind, team HelpGent is hammering out the codes to introduce this feature on the surface of HelpGent. 

xxi. Delete message 

A proverb goes that “To Err is Human”. People can send irrelevant text or messages by mistake but deleting it in the right way is divine. Well, in the very near future, the users of HelpGent can have this feature aboard. Meaning in detail, users can delete messages whenever they want or think the messages need to be deleted. 

What about The Pricing Plans of HelpGent? 

At the initial ground, the plugin is free in the WordPress repository. However, it charges a small amount of penny when users go for premium features and related facilities. But, we can assure you that you don’t need to break the bank because HelpGent presents simple, affordable, and realistic pricing plans. The price starts at $199. 

The most exciting thing is that people can avail of this plugin at a 70% discount under the Exclusive Early Bird LTD Offer.

HelpGent Review- Pricing Plans

The Last Notes on HelpGent Review

That’s it. We have tried almost everything to present one of the most dynamic asynchronous communication tools out there. The plugin has truly opened up a new window for communication following an asynchronous ecosystem. 

So, it’s really the perfect time to rethink the way you communicate with your customers. Take the power of asynchronous communication tools in your customer support system and up your sales and get better customer feedback Every. Single. Time!   

Finally, if you need to know more about HelpGent, then feel free to drop us a line in the comment section below. We would love to cooperate with you in the best way possible! 

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