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GetGenie AI review

Introducing GetGenie AI: AI Content & SEO Assistant for WordPress!

If you manage a WordPress website, you know how much work it can be to keep your content fresh and optimize your site for search engines. But what if there was a way to get help with both of those things? Introducing GetGenie AI Content & SEO Assistant for WordPress! This nifty little plugin uses artificial intelligence to help you write better content and optimize your site for better search engine rankings.

AI-powered writing tools are on hype these days. One of the new names is GetGenie AI. Being a new AI-powered writing assistant, it has already gained popularity. Many people looking for a reliable writing tool for their WordPress sites find it helpful. But is it really a sophisticated AI writing assistant? In this review, you will know the uses, welcoming facts, and some downsides of GetGenie AI.

GetGenie AI works using machine learning theory. So, it covers almost all sorts of write-up tasks within a quick time.

As of now, there is no AI writing tool that can absolutely work only by reading your mind flawlessly. GetGenie AI is not exceptional. But, with just simple efforts, this modern AI-powered tool can generate desired outputs. Let’s check out how GetGenie AI works.

As of now, there is no AI writing tool that can absolutely work only by reading your mind flawlessly. GetGenie AI is not exceptional. But, with just simple efforts, this modern AI-powered tool can generate desired outputs. Let’s check out how GetGenie AI works.

Some Special Features of GetGenie AI

GetGenie AI review: special feature

30+ Templates

This robust AI writing tool has 30+ templates. You can hardly find any standard AI tool with so many unique templates. GetGenie AI gives all the basics to advanced systems. Any blogger and writer can find all sorts of writing features for their purposes in GetGenie AI. The features are exciting and practical, of course. The best part is you will never lose your data, the history option is a great feature of this tool.

GetGenie AI review: 30+ templates

To see an example, we tested a GetGenie AI template named Next Paragraph. We set the creativity level to 5 and the result limit to 2. The tool is quite fast, steps are easy, and the generated outputs are relevant. We tested the grammar; it is good to go. Yet, our suggestion is for a more detailed check. Again, The GetGenie generated answers are plagiarism-free also.

GetGenie AI review: Keyword, Competitor, and Questions Asked.


Providing SEO-optimized content is another outstanding feature of GetGenie AI. SEO benefit is a notable fact that relaxes a writer or marketer concerned about SEO. GetGenie takes care of SEO facts like keywords, competitor and question analysis, content score, and others to boost your content on the SERP. We recommend the tool to all of you who want to take their content to live with all the optimization in a short time.

When you open a page or post, you can notice at the top right, ‘WRITE FOR ME’ to use the GetGenie writing assistant. There are different fields. To use the SEO features, you must first turn on the SEO mode. Under the SEO mode option, you can select the country from the dropdown menu. Select the country for which you are targeting to rank the content.

Now, write a suitable title for your content on the title field. Then press the ANALYZE KEYWORD button. A side panel will appear, and you will see three different options – Keyword, Competitor, and Questions Asked. So, here are the chances to see relevant keywords, fetch the competitors’ data, and limit the number of competitors. Also, using the questions asked tab by users, you can optimize the content for featured snippets. However, you can generate keywords, titles, intro, and outlines for a blog or manually insert a keyword, input a context if you want, and get the blog.

GetGenie AI review: Keyword, Competitor, and Questions Asked.

Finally, to know the SEO score of your content, input it on the WordPress dashboard and see the score at the top of the post. This wonderful score analysis of Heading, Content, Keywords, and other things will give you all the necessary tips to improve the content more.

GetGenie AI review: SEO score

Here, one special thing is you can add any custom keyword as secondary keywords if you want.

GetGenie AI Review: add any custom keyword as secondary keywords

Plagiarism, Grammar, and Spelling

No one likes to create content using an AI tool and separately check-up grammar, spelling, and plagiarism by himself. These errors are certainly not expected to maintain the standard of content. Needless to say, GetGenie AI always ensures these basic facts and is constantly improving the quality.

Simple User Interface

Like any other good writing assistant, GetGenie AI is an easy-to-understand tool. Whether to install the tool, use any new template, or find old histories, all are straightforward processes. People often face difficulty in these facts because they find AI-powered tools hard to use, but GetGenie is a simple yet super effective AI tool.

Beginners & Professionals

Whether you are a professional, a new writer, or a marketer without any content knowledge — GetGenie AI is for all. You can learn from their materials like training videos, documentation, blogs, etc. So, this is another special fact you may consider the tool without any hesitation.

Overall Benefits of Using GetGenie AI

  • GetGenie AI offers many learning materials. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these materials help you learn quickly. The documentations are well-detailed and easy to understand.
  • The Reasonable package is the most attractive thing for that I recommend this fantastic software to buy. Compared to the other AI writing tools, GetGenie AI offers the best prices.
  • GetGenie is a cleanly designed software that ensures a high-quality user experience.
  • Solid templates that ensure the fastest outputs.
  • You have the flexibility to set the result limit and creativity level up to 5 for your expected output.
  • Supportive and quick helpdesk service.
  • Free plan available and worth trying.

You can check the free version from the official WordPress plugin repository. 

Ongoing Offer

The most amazing deal GetGenie AI is offering now is the one-in-a-lifetime deal named Early Bird LifeTime Offer!

The attractive package looks like this-

GetGenie AI review : ongoing offer

Drawbacks of GetGenie AI

We don’t detect any specific difficulty working with GetGenie AI. However, users must never forget that it is an artificial intelligence system. Some facts to be mindful of are:

  • To get accurate results, you need to be aware of the right inputs. Otherwise, artificial tools like GetGenie will always confuse you.
  • Be careful when you expect to write an entirely new article or rewrite an old one. There can be repeated as well as wrongly understood lines.
  • It would be best if you rechecked every small output. As GetGenie is an artificial system, it might not always be correct.
  • No artificial tool can design a perfect piece of content according to your target. So, to make your content more specific, the human touch is required. 

Final Verdict

Overall, we believe GetGenie’s service is quite magical for today. Well, it does not work like a real genie, but modern AI has made it possible to generate high-quality content. Furthermore, we can ignore the little cons as it is constantly developing. People who know how an AI tool works and what potential it used to have will definitely appreciate GetGenie AI. So, you can say it is not overhyped. 

Actually, there is no such limit on customization options. Many users may also have opinions about GetGenie AI’s price, quality, or facilities. But the fact is that no AI writing assistant is perfect. Whether to make unique content outlines, get a Reddit or Quora Question answer, and others GetGenie AI is the best selection as your regular assistant. We hope it will become better with time.

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