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Best WordPress table pluigns

2024’s Top-Rated WordPress Table Plugins: 7+ Essential Choices

Want to show lots of info on your website? Tables are the way to go! They organize data neatly, and responsive tables let users pick and sort stuff the way they like.

Creating tables with code can be time-consuming. But what if you’re not into coding? No worries! WordPress has plugins for that. These tools are easy to use, even if you’re not a coding expert. They make creating beautiful tables a breeze.

In this blog post, we’ll show you some of the best WordPress table plugins. Without further ado, let’s scroll down!

Factors That Matter: Selecting the Ideal WordPress Table Plugin

Let’s take a detailed look on some key factors to pick the best WordPress table plugins for your need.

i. What Features Do You Need?

Think about whether you want your tables to have sorting options (organizing data), filtering (finding specific info), pagination (splitting long tables), calculations (automatic math), or interactive elements (like charts or graphs). Choose a plugin that has the features you’ll actually use.

ii. Is It Easy to Use?

Check if the plugin’s interface is simple to understand and work with. If you’re not tech-savvy, look for plugins that offer drag-and-drop building or clear instructions.

iii. Will It Work with Your Site?

Make sure the plugin is compatible with your current WordPress version and the theme you’re using. Also, check if it’s well-maintained with recent updates to avoid problems down the road.

iv. Will It Slow Down Your Website?

Some plugins can add extra weight to your site, so consider how they might affect loading times. Choose plugins that are known for good performance to keep your website speedy.

v. Is There Help Available?

Look for plugins that offer good documentation (guides and tutorials) and support options (like forums or email help). This way, if you run into any issues, you can get assistance quickly.

vi. Will It Look Good on Any Device?

Make sure the plugin creates tables that look great and work well on both computers and mobile devices (like phones and tablets). This is called “responsive design” and it’s important for reaching all your visitors.

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Best WordPress Table Plugins for Your Website

Alright, let’s introduce you to some top-notch WordPress table plugins. They’re super easy to use, and you’ll learn all about their cool features.

1. WP Table Builder

Best WordPress Table Plugins: WP Table Builder.

WP Table Builder is an intuitive plugin to generate interactive tables for your WordPress site. The plugin comes with a drag and drop facility to give users a smoother table plugin using experience. You have the freedom to generate any kind of table, especially comparison tables, pricing tables, and list tables with WP Table Builder. 

Besides, it offers seven elements to create a table in an eye-catching way, and all of them have their customization option. Furthermore, WP Table Builder has cell management mode with four dynamic options: add a new row, add the new column, merge cells, and split cells. Besides, you can easily import or export both single and multiple CSV or XML files with this one of the best WordPress table plugins. 

Exclusive features: 

  • Huge amount of elements
  • Dynamic customization facility
  • Flexible control to customize table appearance
  • Numerous pre-built templates
  • Create and insert new tables using Gutenberg block
  • Vertical/horizontal sorting option

And offer you more.


It offers both free and paid versions. For paid version, you can grab a single site paying an annual price of $59 with unlimited tables and prebuilt templates, and more.

2. Ninja Tables

Best WordPress Table Plugins: Ninja Tables.

Ninja Tables offers you a pro-level experience of generating WordPress tables using multiple ways. This advanced plugin comes with more than 100 table styles, and based on your purpose, you have the freedom to choose any of them. Besides, there are 3 different CSS libraries with numerous color schemas. It’s pretty easy to generate order forms, product catalogs, and WooCommerce products using Ninja Tables. 

Moreover, this one of the best WordPress table plugins is perfect for pagination, filtering, and sorting tables. Search engines can easily find your created tables as this plugin is SEO- friendly. However, the plugin’s frontend and backend are well coded so that there is no risk of facing any issue with loading and rendering data.

Exclusive features: 

  • Endless table colors and customization options
  • Frontend table export to CSV, PDF, and print
  • Table editing facility from Frontend
  • Display data from your custom SQL table and SQL query
  • Facility to do conditional column formatting
  • Strong media integration with WP Table

And many more surprises.


It offers both free and paid versions. For the paid ones, the single site annual license costs $63 with 1 year plugin update and priority support.  

3. TableBerg

Best WordPress Table Plugins TableBerg

Tableberg is a WordPress Table Block plugin that has a dedicated table block with several sub-blocks. It has all the features you need that the default table block doesn’t offer. As it’s built explicitly for Block Editor, the tables created with Tableberg load very quickly. You can create any table using Tableberg.

The plugin comes with a lot of customization features. It allows users to create tables with adjustable headers, footers, and widths, ensuring optimal layout and design. It supports customization of header, footer, and row background colours, providing a visually appealing interface.

Additionally, Tableberg offers flexibility in cell padding, table-border size, colour choices, and inner border customization, making it an excellent choice for those seeking detailed control over their table designs.

Exclusive Features:

  • Table headers and footers for better organization of the data.
  • Customizable table width and alignment. 
  • Colour customization for header, footer, and rows. 
  • Adjustable cell padding for better spacing. 
  • Custom border size and colour for both outer and inner borders.


Tableberg is a completely free plugin. You can download the plugin from the WordPress repository. Moreover, the good news is Tableberg Pro is going to be launched shortly with more advanced features and functionalities.

4. Data Table Generator by Supsystic

Best WordPress Table Plugins: Data Tables Generator by Supsystic.

Data Tables Generator comes with fast and user-friendly facilities to process and organize data tables considering SEO friendliness. The intuitive plugin offers multiple operational and visual customization functionalities to improve the design’s quality and gives you the power to modify tables to perform specific tasks. 

In addition, you can focus on other essential tasks as the robust settings panel and Editor save your valuable time. The tables are fully responsive to work seamlessly on any device. Data Tables Generator is unique for multilingual facilities. Like other spreadsheet software, you have an option to add multiple formulas to your table.

Exclusive features: 

  • Frontend table editing facility
  • Formulas and HTML support
  • Export and import tables from CSV, Excel, PDF, and Google Sheets
  • Option to save editable fields
  • Autoupdate facility from Google Sheets
  • Data table with Google charts
  • Opportunity for ‘roles restriction’

And more to offer.


The plugin offers both free and premium versions. In the paid ones, the single site yearly base price costs $49.

5. wpData Tables

Best WordPress Table Plugins: wpData Tables.

wpData Tables is an advanced plugin to quickly and effortlessly demonstrate complex data using tables and charts. You can easily create a table or chart in no time by just following three simple steps. Using Google charts rendering engines makes it possible to make 14 different types of charts. wpData Tables offers a dynamic table builder that helps you create eye-catching tables without coding skills. 

This one of the best WordPress table plugins quickly creates tables and charts from multiple data sources like Excel, CSV, PHP, and more. If you work using external data, there are numerous options to import data. wpData Tables best suits users who seek a fast and easy table creation facility.

Exclusive features: 

  • Tables support based on MySQL-query
  • Server-side processing facility
  • Customization option for each table
  • Facility to generate table manually
  • Create tables from Google Spreadsheet files
  • Table Constructor Wizard

And bring more surprises for you,


It offers both free and paid versions. In terms of the paid version, the single domain annual base price starts from $44 with 1- year premium support and monthly updates.

6. TablePress

Best WordPress Table Plugins: TablePress.

TablePress is considered to be one of the best WordPress table plugins for free with fantastic user reviews and ratings. Within a short time, you can effortlessly generate eye-catching tables and organize them in a very structured way using the plugin. It offers a dynamic option to add any type of data and formulas for assessment. Using TablePress is a piece of cake if you have experience using spreadsheet software before.

Besides adding data manually, you can import or export tables from/to Excel, HTML, CSV, and JSON files. It quickly drives the process of migrating tables from other plugins.

Moreover, to offer users a more fantastic experience, TablePress has an additional javascript library that offers numerous features like sorting, filtering, pagination, and more. You don’t need any coding language to use this plugin. 

Exclusive features: 

  • Manage and edit tables from your Admin Dashboard
  • Use a shortcode to insert tables on posts, pages, or text widget
  • Apply template tag function to display table anywhere on your theme
  • Row highlighting option
  • Add/create table using manual input
  • Option to add links and images from media library to tables

And offer you more.


TablePress offers both free and paid versions. The Pro license pricing starts from $79/year, perfect for individuals and small sites.

7. Visualizer Tables and Charts

Best WordPress Table Plugins: Visualizer Table and Charts.

Visualizer Table and Charts helps you include interactive and animated charts, graphs, and tables using DataTables.net, Google Visualization API, and ChartJS. Moreover, all of these three are cross-browser friendly. The plugin is also mobile device responsive.

To give you an amazing data visualization facility, it offers different kinds of well-designed charts. This one of the best WordPress table plugins also helps you add colored diagrams, animated charts. You can create and organize numerous types of tables and charts on posts and pages of your site. 

Exclusive features:

  • Chart editing facility for visitors 
  • Option to import data from any database 
  • Excel-like data editor to edit data 
  • Priority email support from developers
  • Facility to access 11 different chart types
  • Periodical data synchronization

And many more.


Both free and paid versions are available for you. The single-site annual base price starts from $99 with 1-year updates and support in the paid version.

8. Pricing Table by Supsystic

Best WordPress Table Plugins: Pricing Table by Supsystic.

You can effortlessly design pricing tables with no programming skills with Pricing Table by Supsystic. All you need is to choose a template for the table, do the necessary editing, and publish the table on your WordPress website. The pricing tables are fully interactive to use seamlessly on any device. You have an option to generate countless pricing tables along with unlimited columns and rows. 

This plugin is mainly helpful to evaluate how price changes affect a product’s features. The drag and drop functionality allows you to display your products, services, and different offers in an eye-grabbing pricing table. Users should avoid adding unnecessary elements to display pricing plans while using the plugin. Moreover, you have more options, including export and import tables, badges for columns, and more. 

Exclusive features:

  • Drag and drop builder 
  • Switching toggle option
  • Hover animation effect
  • Facility to export and import tables
  • Comparison pricing table facility

And many more.


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. To get the paid ones, the single site (personal) annual (1-year license) costs $89.

9. Posts Tables with Search and Sorts

Best WordPress Table Plugins: Post Tables with Search and sorts.

‘Post Table with Search and Sorts’ is a powerful tool to display WordPress posts in an attractive and easily findable table. Besides, users can effortlessly find their desired content as this plugin offers sortable and filterable tables for posts. This one of the best WordPress table plugins provides a hassle-free content filtering process for users to find desired content by author, date, category, and tag. 

Moreover, Post Tables with Search and Sorts is fully responsive to works seamlessly on any device. It comes with a WPML facility to translate content into different international languages. Besides, you can start using this plugin quickly by adding a specific shortcode [ post_ data_ table] on your favorite page and widget. 

Pro features: 

  • Embedding audio and video facility
  • Complete control over content and columns
  • Showcase custom fields and taxonomies
  • Fast loading with fantastic performance
  • Easy setup and customization facility
  • Quick search, sorting, and filtering


The plugin allows you to take any between free and paid versions. In the paid version, the single site (starter) annual base price costs $69, including a money-back guarantee and email support.

10. WooCommerce Product Table

Best WordPress Table Plugins: WooCommerce Product Table.

‘WooCommerce Product Table’ is a fully responsive table WooCommerce plugin to create an attractive product table for your website. The plugin’s layout is resilient enough to generate different types of tables for your site. This plugin works best to create audio stores, spare parts shops, restaurants, takeaway food menus, etc. You can effortlessly generate complicated layouts as there are options to add rows within columns. 

If you have difficulty understanding the functionalities, the plugin has a massive library of video tutorials. Moreover, you have complete authority to modify items like columns, content, table layout, and style based on your preference.

Besides, WooCommerce Product Table is a perfect example of customer satisfaction if you look at the ratings and reviews of customers. 

Pro features: 

  • Display product table on the shop page
  • 14 pre-built starter tables
  • Display variation drop-down in the product table
  • Option to include third-party plugins
  • Facility to create a separate product table
  • Attribute and custom field filters


The plugin has both free and paid versions available. The single-site early license costs $99 with PRO updates and priority support in terms of the paid ones.

Which Table Plugins for WordPress Suits Best?

Which of the best WordPress Table Plugins suits the most

Now, I have displayed the best WordPress table plugins for you. They all have unique features and functionalities that make them competent to this list. If you doubt picking the best one from this list, it’s wise to choose one that offers the best functionalities according to your site’s type. 

Whether you seek the most effective table plugin for your site, you can go for ‘wpData Tables’ as it has been designed considering user-friendliness. Furthermore, it offers massive features to give you a fantastic table plugin using experience. This plugin can be your best partner to generate different charts and tables. 

However, if you search for the best free table plugin for your WordPress website, ‘TablePress’ is undoubtedly the best choice to fulfill your needs. You can measure its popularity efficiently by evaluating the plugin’s number of active installations.

Finishing Off

Tables are awesome for making users happy on your site. And guess what? WordPress has some cool plugins for that. These plugins we talked about are packed with cool features. You can choose the one you like to make your site more convincing.

We hope this article will help you choose the best WordPress table plugin. Now, it’s my turn to hear your thoughts. If you think of any plugin I should include on this list, please feel free to share your precious ideas in the comments section. I’m all ears to listen to you!

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