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Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

7+ Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins in 2024

Are you searching for an effective way to engage more visitors to your site? 

If this is the case, there are many potential solutions for your query. Among them, using a contact form can be a smart choice because it’s considered a direct medium of communication between you and your visitors. The more you can reach them, simultaneously the chances of getting more visitors increase. So, following the right way to create a contact form significantly affects your website’s growth. 

To make things easier, numerous WordPress form builder plugins come in handy to generate contact forms, user registration forms, and more. However, not all of them are similar in action. With that in mind, we have picked some of the best form builder WordPress plugins for you. We think using any of them can give you a fantastic form-building experience on your WordPress website. 

Without more ado, let’s start!

Best WordPress Form Builder Plugins

Selecting the right plugin can help you quickly generate different types of forms for your website. Hence, let’s look deeper into the best form builder plugins in WordPress.

1. HelpGent

HelpGent serves as a versatile platform facilitating the creation of diverse forms, ranging from job applications to customer feedback surveys, market research inquiries, and interactive quizzes. Tailoring these forms to align with your business’s unique requirements is a breeze with HelpGent’s customizable options.

Yet, its capabilities extend beyond mere form generation. HelpGent distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive suite of communication features, including video conferencing, audio messaging, text-based chats, screen recording capabilities, and the ability to share voiceovers seamlessly.

These additional functionalities set HelpGent apart from its competitors and has established it as a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking more than just form-building tools.

Core features of HelpGent:  

  • Unlimited forms
  • Save incomplete data
  • Open-ended
  • User-friendly interface
  • Form Bubble
  • Email Notification
  • Guest user
  • Bunny cloud storage integration
  • Google Drive integration
  • Dashboard and conversation
  • Directorist integration
  • Form bubble customizer
  • Advanced logic
  • Unlimited responses in the free version
  • 3 different layouts 

And more for you.


HelpGent is free to use with several exclusive features. Besides, it offers two pricing options: Yearly and Lifetime with a good number of advanced features. And,both options stand with 3 tiers- Grow, Business, Ultimate.

2. WPForms

WordPress form builder plugins: WPForms.

‘WPForms’ has made itself more user-friendly by prioritizing the user experience. It offers numerous premade form builder templates and workflows, which are beginner-friendly. This is one of the best WordPress form builder plugins with an easy-to-use drag and drop functionality. Within a few minutes, you can effortlessly create any type of contact forms, feedback forms, subscription forms, payment forms, and many more.

Furthermore, the interface of the plugin is easily understandable, and you needn’t hire any developer to decorate it. WPForms is a highly optimized plugin and is a trustworthy partner to improve your site in different fields like conversion, marketing, and SEO performance. It is also fully responsive on all devices.   

Core features of WPForms:

  • Drag and drop form builder
  • Smart conditional logic option
  • Addons for multiple payment gateways
  • Pre-built form templates to save time
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Constant contact integration facility


You can download the free version of this dynamic form builder plugin in WordPress from WordPress.org. In terms of the paid version, the single site annual base price starts from $39.50.

3. Ninja Forms

WordPress form builder plugins: Ninja Forms.

‘Ninja Forms’ is a decent solution for users who have no coding knowledge. The dynamic features and functionalities of this one of the best WordPress form builder plugins pave the way to create eye-catching forms. Different features like drag and drop fields, multipage forms, conditional forms, and other columns and row layouts allow you to design forms like a professional designer. 

Besides, this robust plugin offers some pre-built templates to generate forms for contact, registration, application, PayPal form, MailChimp, and a lot more in no time. The plugin offers you both free and paid versions. You can make the plugin more dynamic by adding different premium add-ons functionality.   

Core features of Ninja Forms:

  • Fully beginner-friendly plugin
  • Easily customizable form templates
  • Fully responsive, SEO, and mobile-friendly
  • Spam protection functionalities like Akismet and Google reCAPTCHA
  • Public forms with sharable links option
  • Developer friendly design
  • WordPress GDPR compiance


Ninja Forms offers both free and paid versions. For the paid ones, the single site annual base price starts from $49.50 with priority support and more.

4. Formidable Form Builder

WordPress form builder plugins: Formidable Form Builder.

‘Formidable Form Builder’ is a superb way to create different forms for contact, registration, email marketing, payment, and more with an unimaginable super fast speed. The plugin comes with advanced drag and drop functionality to make the form-generating process easier. The goal of the form builder plugin in WordPress is to offer a flexible form-building experience for users. 

Using Formidable Form Builder saves your precious time by converting complex forms into easier ones. The plugin is unbeatable for promoting top-class server performance and super speed. However, it is a fully responsive form builder plugin in WordPress, so your form will be displayed clearly on all devices. The plugin also proffers a robust WooCommerce integration to create products forms easily.

Core features Formidable Form Builder:

  • Fully responsive and works great on all devices
  • Specially optimized for speed and maximum server performance
  • Advanced drag and drop form builder 
  • Completely GDPR friendly form builder
  • Built-in survey feature to create beautiful reports
  • Smart forms with conditional logic
  • Form import and export facility


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. For the paid ones, the single site annual base price starts from $39.50 with numerous facilities.

5. Fluent Forms

WordPress form builder plugins: Fluent Forms.

‘Fluent Forms’ is a reliable form builder plugin in WordPress to generate contact forms, subscription forms, or any kind of WordPress forms for your site in no time. The plugin comes with a dynamic drag and drop customization facility to give you a superb form-building experience. Moreover, the drag and drop facility comes with numerous premium features.

However, Fluent Forms has earned vast popularity among users with outstanding reviews and ratings. The sophisticated functionalities of this plugin give you relief from repeatedly coding to create forms. Fluent Forms offers advanced data filtering option where data are stored based on their status and date range.

Core features of Fluent Forms:

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Multi-column contact form layout
  • Specially designed for building conversational forms and classic form builder
  • Limit web contact form by user roles
  • 30+ third-party integration
  • Action hooks for developers


Both free and paid versions are available for this plugin. In the paid version, the single site annual base price starts from $59 with a 1-year plugin update and premium support.

6. Gravity Forms

WordPress form builder plugins: Gravity Forms.

‘Gravity Forms’ is basically a visual form builder plugin in WordPress adorned with numerous features. It offers a sleek drag and drop functionality and numerous integrations than most other similar plugins. You can get plenty of add-ons that enhance this plugin’s functionality. Until now, the plugin offers only the paid version for the users. 

Moreover, Gravity Forms is an excellent solution for restoring the lost data and using it to serve different purposes. This plugin is amiable for developers to customize different functionalities. Throw your worries as ‘Gravity Forms’ offers a fully secure data collection process on your site. However, this plugin works as a reliable solution to make eCommerce payments.  

Core features of Gravity Forms:

  • Dynamic drag and drop form builder
  • Multi-column layout facility
  • Fully responsive form 
  • Custom CSS application on forms
  • Language support for converting form into different languages
  • Integration with the payment processor


The plugin offers only the premium version. The single-site annual base price starts from $59.

7. Forminator

WordPress form builder plugins: Forminator.

‘Forminator’ is one of the fewest easy-to-use WordPress form builder plugins for your website. You can easily create and manage forms using the drag and drop visual builder facility. Now, it’s way easier to receive payments, donations, down payments as this plugin seamlessly integrated with different payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal. You can freely use custom forms along with countless fields.

Moreover, if necessary, you can integrate calculation facilities into your forms like BMI calculator, loan calculator, etc. Forminator comes with numerous third-party integrations with email services, project managers, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and more.

Core features of Forminator:

  • Drag and drop form blocks
  • Frontend post submission facility by users
  • Custom login and registration form facility
  • Improved date field restrictions
  • Option to generate Stripe subscription plans directly from Forminator
  • Limitless notification with email routing and conditional emails


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. In terms of the paid version, the single site monthly base price costs $15.83.

8. Contact Form 7

WordPress form builder plugins: Contact Form 7.

‘Contact Form 7’ allows you to organize multiple contact forms and lets you use simple markup to customize those forms and mail content hassle-freely. The sleek plugin has been on the market for years and is considered to be one of the essential WordPress form builder plugins. Besides, it works tremendously well with Akismet spam filtering, Ajax-powered submitting, CAPTCHA, etc. 

Contact Form 7 is incredibly easy to use though it doesn’t offer a visual form builder facility. To generate form easily, it’s a good practice to learn the specific code syntax of this plugin. Moreover, you have the option to use numerous free and third-party add-ons to increase the functionality of this plugin.

Core features of Contact Form 7:

  • Easily create forms using checkboxes and drop-down menus
  • Entirely free WordPress contact form making plugin
  • Integration with anti-spam tools
  • Option to use different free add-ons from the WordPress plugins repository


Still now, the plugin offers only the free version. 

9. User Registration

WordPress form builder plugins: User Registration.

‘User Registration’ is specially designed for beginners with no coding skills. The dynamic drag and drop form builder facility lets you create any type of custom registration form to increase the functionality of your WordPress site. This one of the top WordPress form builder plugins comes with an inbuilt login form option that is easily replaceable with the default WordPress login form on any page. 

Furthermore, the login form can generate user profile accounts for users. User Registration is decently lightweight and works great on any device. Besides, you have tons of customization options available to decorate each field and form. You have options to add extra functionality to your registration form using numerous premium add-ons.   

Core features of User Registration:

  • Easy drag and drop builder
  • Eye-catching user profile account page
  • Option to assign beautiful user roles and capabilities
  • Unlimited form fields
  • Form import/export facility
  • Smart conditional logic
  • WooCommerce integration facility


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. The single-site annual base price costs $69 with 1-year premium support.

10. Happy Forms

WordPress form builder plugins: Happy Forms.

Using ‘Happy Forms’ is a compelling idea to grow more conversations with site visitors. The user-friendly form builder plugin in WordPress helps immensely to reach more visitors, and it’s Gutenberg compatible. With the plugin, you can create an unlimited number of forms, fields, emails, and messages. You have the freedom to effortlessly add forms on any page, post, or widgets of your site. 

With a simple mouse click, you can seamlessly create multi-column forms on your site. Significantly, there are features to generate conversational forms and live preview checking before publishing a form.

Core features of Happy Forms:

  • Real-time live preview facility
  • Multiple forms adding facility on the same page
  • More than 50 built-in style controls
  • GDPR and 508 compliant forms and secure forms
  • Comprehensive spam protection
  • Trustworthy message delivery


You have the freedom to grab both free and paid versions. In the paid version, the single site annual base price costs $53.80.

Wrapping Up

Using the proper technique at the right place is the key to achieving success. Similarly, a dynamic form that is used to contact visitors can bring lots of traffic to your site and make them the potential one for your site; if you select the best plugin according to your site’s needs, your chances of being successful increase a lot. 

That’s why in this article, we have shown you the top WordPress form builder plugins that will tremendously help you engage more with visitors. You can take any of them according to your needs. If you have more suggestions regarding this post, feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section.

If you liked this post, don’t forget to subscribe to our blog so that we can notify you once any post is published. Finally, you can also follow wpWax on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn for more exciting news, offers, and product updates.

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Abdullah Al - Harun

Abdullah Al Harun is a technical content writer at wpWax and a digital marketing enthusiast. Apart from tech, he enjoys reading books on different aspects of communication, journalism, science, and arts. On his time off, you will find him playing cricket with his teammates.

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