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Best WordPress team members plugins

7+ Best WordPress Team Members Plugins in 2024

Displaying team members’ profiles is an excellent strategy to build trust among your website visitors. It helps them better understand your website and drives them to explore more of it. Besides, an eye-catching team members list increases the authenticity of your organization because it proves the tangible existence of the organization. Ultimately, visitors feel more engaged with your site, knowing the persons who work from behind. 

Moreover, a team member list also increases your organization’s brand value. You may ask how? Well. Suppose your team has members who are popular for their activities. In that case, it’s a strong point for your website to earn traffic because visitors will be curious how that particular person gets involved with your site, and it offers visitors a positive signal for your site.

To make things easier for you, numerous WordPress plugins can help you make your website’s team members list more dynamic and gorgeous. In this tutorial, I will be showing some of the finest WordPress team members plugins. 

So, why wait? Let’s get going!

Best WordPress Team Members Plugins

Having an in-depth idea on the top team members plugins for WordPress can help you pick the perfect one for your team. This is why I am going to display the list of the finest team members plugins that you use on your WordPress website.

1. AWSM Team

Team members plugin: AWSM Team.

With ‘AWSM Team,’ you have an excellent opportunity to represent your team in a layout format using dedicated styles and designs. You can effortlessly create one or more groups based on your organization size and add each employee’s profile to it. Usually, most websites display their employee profiles on the ‘About’ page, or you can create a dedicated ‘Our Team’ page to serve the purpose.

Moreover, this dynamic team members plugin is very lightweight and offers you numerous functionalities. You will get three presets and some specific style options with the free version. If you want to grab more, go for the pro version, as it comes with some outstanding designs and more presets than the free ones offer.

Core features: 

  • Exclusive preset
  • Fully responsive and touch-enabled
  • Facility to add custom CSS
  • Clean design 
  • Customizable social media icons (Pro)
  • Numerous style options (Pro)
  • Cross-browser compatibility (Pro)

And more to offer


This plugin has both free and paid versions. The paid version regular license costs $29 with six months of support and future updates.  

2. Team Members

Team members plugin: Team Members.

Whether you search for a dynamic plugin that offers a different vibe in listing your team members’ profile, then happily go for ‘Team Members.’ This plugin provides you the option to add a specialized ‘team’ section to the admin panel. Thus, you can easily display the profiles of your employees, staff, people on your site in a structured way. 

Besides, the plugin offers different functionalities like adding new team members with their pictures, designations, bios, social links. If necessary, you can reorder them at any time. Moreover, the advanced shortcode option allows you to display employee profiles based on your choice.  

Core features: 

  • Compatible with PHP 8
  • Option to add ‘Team’ section
  • Option to reorder profile info
  • Hover photo facility (Pro)
  • Show/hide members from a team (Pro)
  • Add more social links (Pro)
  • Priority support facility (Pro)

And offers more


It offers both free and paid versions. The paid version single site annual base price costs $19. 

3. TC Team Members

Team members plugin: TC Team Members.

Are you especially looking for an easy-to-install team members plugin to display your members’ profiles? If “Yes”, then ‘TC Team Members’ can be a good one. By using an automatic shortcode generator, you have the option to showcase team members’ profiles anywhere on your site. This superb plugin is fully responsive and easily customizable. Moreover, it offers a developer-friendly design. 

‘TC Team Members’ works seamlessly with almost all WordPress themes. You can generate unlimited teams and add members based on your choice. This dynamic plugin is unique for adding four different social media links to the members’ profiles.

Core features: 

  • Fully responsive plugin
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Easy to install
  • Option to add unlimited members
  • 23 different social icons (Pro)
  • Five fantastic hover effects (Pro)
  • Very reasonable pricing (Pro)

And more for you.


This plugin offers both free and paid versions. The paid version single site license annual base price costs $19.

4. Employee Spotlight

Team members plugin: Employee Spotlight .

‘Employee Spotlight’ comes with a dynamic and user-friendly employee management system with top-notch features. The plugin has superb settings with different customizable options. You will get additional resources when installing and activating the plugin to understand the functionalities easily. This is an excellent tool to display employees, team members, partners, and more. 

Displaying an in-depth overview of employee profiles paves the way to get personal with customers and lets them contact you. That’s why ‘Employee Spotlight’ comes up with five fantastic ways to display your members’ and staffs profiles like employees circle grid, employees circle panel grid, stacked view, and more.

Core features: 

  • Five exclusive ways to display a team members profile
  • Offers easy and dynamic profile management system
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Edit profile from the frontend (Pro)
  • Employee milestone widgets (Pro) 
  • Drag and drop ordering (Pro)
  • Easily customizable (Pro)

And it offers you more surprises..


Both free and paid versions available are available for this plugin. In the paid ones, the annual price for up to 20 employees per site costs $99.99.

5. Team Showcase

Team members plugin: Team Showcase .

With ‘Team Showcase’, you can display your members’ profiles in your favorite posts or pages. You can effortlessly create a team list using a custom post. The drag and drop functionality to re-arrange the team members’ lists has made it unique from the other similar plugins. The advanced shortcode generator lets you display the list of your team members on any post or page. 

The team members plugin also offers basic fundamental styling options to create your favorite layout using a layout builder effortlessly. Also, there is an option to display members’ profiles providing social links or contact phone numbers, Skype, etc. 

Core features: 

  • Easily customizable plugin
  • Layout editor to customize layouts
  • Social and contact link for members
  • Display skills using skill bar (Pro)
  • Custom class for team members (Pro)
  • Custom layout for popup box (Pro)

And more for you


You can get this plugin in both free and paid versions. The lifetime payment for an unlimited license costs $25.

6. WP Team

Team members plugin: WP Team.

‘WP Team’ can be a fantastic tool to create and manage your team members’ profiles. It has made itself unique for exceptional designs and numerous options. Within just a few minutes, you can easily and quickly add a charming team member section on your WordPress site. The plugin is user-friendly enough, so you needn’t be a programmer or hire a developer to operate this plugin. 

The free version offers three unique layouts presets and some fascinating style options. Although the core purpose of this plugin is to display members and staff, you can happily use the plugin to show content with images and text. Moreover, you have the option to control the total number of teams and members.

Core features: 

  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly
  • Image zoom in/out effect
  • Option to add margin or space between members
  • Ajax live filtering facility (Pro)
  • Extra photo gallery for individual member (Pro)
  • Multilingual ready (Pro)

And offers more for you.


Get the plugin in both free and paid versions. The single-site annual base price starts from $39 with a 1-year update and support.

7. Team Member

Team members plugin: Team Member.

‘Team Member’ is a dynamic plugin offering numerous opportunities for you. The accessible customization facility of this lightweight team members plugin helps you organize different types of pages like the team, support, contacts, staff, or the about us page. The plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly providing you a fantastic experience of using team members plugin. 

Besides, the plugin is full of unique features and functionalities. You can add an owl carousel-type grid slider that contains your team members’ names, designation, descriptions, and unlimited custom links with social media. Moreover, the plugin’s library garnishes innumerable templates, and you can pick any of them. 

Core features: 

  • 15+ social link icon
  • Live preview option
  • Touch-enable feature
  • Numerous customization options (Pro)
  • 37 ready-made templates (Pro)

And more for you


The plugin has free and paid versions. The lifetime license for a single site costs $18.99.

8. Team Members Showcase

Team members plugin: Team Members Showcase.

‘Team Member Showcase’ is a fully responsive and well-designed WordPress team members plugin. You can effortlessly upload your team members’ profile images and text-based information and update them simultaneously. The plugin’s backend is dynamic enough to add team members with minimal effort. The plugin has integration with drag and drop API.

Display members’ profiles anywhere on your site using automatically generated shortcodes. If needed, you can add or remove any of your teams’ information from the backend. The input field is superb for working with team content. Besides, the free version offers two preset design templates, while the pro version has more surprises.

Core features: 

  • Compatible with all browsers
  • Based on the bootstrap framework
  • Supportive to almost all WP themes
  • Supportive to GDPR (Pro)
  • Integrated with 500+ Google fonts (Pro) 
  • Touch slider effect (Pro)

And offers more


The plugin has both free and paid versions available. The single license costs $16. 

9. WP Team Showcase and Slider/Carousel

Team members plugin: WP Team Showcase and Slider/Carousel.

You can display your team members’ profiles using grid and slider view in ‘WP Team Showcase and Slider’. The team members plugin WordPress is fully responsive to works well on any device. It is compatible with Gutenberg’s shortcode block. Besides, there is a shortcode to display team members’ profiles anywhere. 

Visitors can get a high thought on your team when they see members’ pictures and find their activity on different social media seeing social icons links. Besides 15+ beautiful predefined customizable templates that display team members’ profiles on your websites, offer a positive vibe.

Core features: 

  • Compatible with Gutenberg short block
  • Custom meta field option
  • Four different social links
  • 25 outstanding designs (Pro)
  • Dynamic shortcode parameters (Pro)
  • Supportive to WP Bakery page builder (Pro)

And offers more


The plugin offers both free and paid versions. Buy the Essential plugin bundle for $149 billed yearly to get paid version.

Polishing Off

Right now, you have endless opportunities in front to display the list of your beloved team members and inform the world about the warriors you have in your team. That’s why team members plugins for WordPress come in handy. You can happily make your website trustworthy among visitors using any of the plugins discussed above. 

By implementing the most suitable one for your website, you can effortlessly make your team members happy and make their bond even more substantial. Now, I would like to hear from you. Do you have any idea about more plugins that I should include in the list? Feel free to share your response in the comments section. I’m eagerly waiting for your feedback.

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