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Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins

Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress

Gutenberg is an editor for WordPress. The idea of the Gutenberg editor is to make it easier for people to create content layouts without even having to know how to code. Honestly, the Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress are great tools to help you get started with the new editor. They are designed to make your life even easier, and they can save you time and money as well. 

Needless to say, these Plugins for WordPress all have different features, so it’s important that you find the one that is best for your needs and skillset. If you’ve got an idea of endowing your WordPress website with Gutenberg blocks plugins and want to grow it into a prolific business, this guide will be a helping hand to start with extreme ease. 

Because, in this guide, we will walk you through the best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress which you can try out for creating a custom website with different blocks. Let’s get the ball rolling on. 

Top 5 Best Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress

Gutenberg Blocks is a plugin for WordPress that is used to create blocks. These blocks can be used to create a variety of content types.

More importantly, these plugins are mostly free and they offer an easy way to create content in WordPress. Moreover, they offer an intuitive and visual interface that can be customized according to the needs of the user. Let’s excavate a number of awesome Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress.

 1. Ultimate Blocks

Gutenberg blocks plugins-Ultimate Blocks

The Ultimate Blocks plugin is one of the most amazing Gutenberg block plugins out there for any WordPress site that is using the Gutenberg editor. This plugin adds tons of new blocks to the editor, including blocks for adding pricing tables, testimonials, and social media icons.

It also lets you create blocks of content and then place them anywhere on your site. You can also change the size, shape, position, or orientation of the blocks with just one click. The plugin comes with a built-in editor that lets you customize the appearance of the blocks with different colors, fonts, and backgrounds. Also, making better and more engaging content is a very simple task using this amazing Gutenberg block plugin. 

More to come, this plugin can boast of its content filter which allows your visitors to narrow down the search of content based on different filters. 

No doubt, the review block from this plugin comes up with the options like product name, summary, button, features, and star rating which you can use to make your content out of the box. Also, there you have a chance to use different icons in lieu of using bullet points to denote your list style type. 

Again, let me tell you that the Expand block from this plugin allows you to stretch your content. Not to mention, you can keep the unpleasant or confidential part of your content hidden initially. Upon clicking on ‘Show More’ it will show. Then it will hide automatically again. 

Additional features

  • Having social share block
  • Progress bar block
  • Having testimonial block
  • Countdown block

The best part of this plugin is that it is totally free. You can download it from the WordPress plugin repository and start using it right away.

2. Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

Gutenberg blocks plugins-Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg

The Ultimate Addons blocks plugin, developed by the team behind Astra, is a simple, free yet powerful plugin that allows you to create content blocks and add them to any page. The plugin has many features that make it the go-to plugin for creating an amazing WordPress site.

The plugin is not just limited to adding blocks, it also has features like adding custom fields to the block, adding custom templates, and setting permissions for different users. To be very honest, this plugin is an excellent tool for bloggers who want to create content without having any knowledge of coding. All you need to do is install the plugin and then start adding blocks from the list of available blocks. 

Literally, there you can enjoy a number of foundational blocks, for example, blocks for advanced headings, multi buttons, columns, and many more. Also, there are blocks for specific use cases such as price lists, testimonials, and social share icons.

Additional features:

  • Faster Performance
  • Easy customization
  • Advanced headings
  • Google map
  • Gravity forms styler
  • 25+ blocks including FAQ Schema block

Finally, you can use this plugin to enjoy a wide variety of features and functionalities that make it a great option to save time and work more efficiently.

3. Qubely

Gutenberg blocks plugins-Qubely

The Qubely blocks plugin is a Gutenberg block plugin that helps content creators create content for themselves. The blocks in the plugin have pre-made templates, which can be customized by the user. For example, a block of text may have a headline, an intro paragraph, and body text. These are all customizable by the user within the Qubely blocks interface.

Most importantly, the plugin minimizes the limitations of the Gutenberg editor and brings up countless opportunities for any simple to complex design on Gutenberg. The cool fact is that Qubely is a user-friendly Gutenberg plugin with necessary customization features and advanced functionalities.

Additional features 

  • Predefined sections
  • Modern layout packs
  • Highly customizable row columns
  • Row video background & blend mode
  • Drag column resizing
  • Shape divider/builder
  • Built-in animation
  • Google maps

After digging deep into the exciting features of this advanced Gutenberg block plugin, you can give it a worthwhile try.

4. Toolset Blocks

Gutenberg blocks plugins-Toolset Blocks

Toolset Blocks is a Gutenberg block plugin that allows you to create custom blocks. These blocks can be used anywhere in the WordPress environment, including posts, pages, sidebar widgets and front-page sliders.

Generally speaking, Toolset Blocks is a great plugin for people who want to create their own custom blocks. They can use this tool to make sure that they are not wasting time on skillsets that they don’t have and instead focus on what they are best at – creativity and emotions. 

With no surprise, this plugin lets you create custom websites exactly the way you want without any coding knowledge required and even without the touch of any more page builder plugin.

Uniquely, Toolset’s blocks are dynamic, meaning you can build a template using blocks and each post or page using that template will display the correct relevant content. Interestingly enough, this block plugin now comes up with WooCommerce Blocks for Toolset, so that you are ready to  build custom WooCommerce websites with no coding effortlessly. 

Additional features

  • Dynamic templates with custom fields
  • Builds archives for custom types
  • Query and display content anywhere
  • Displays content on maps

If you look for a Gutenberg blocks plugin to create a custom website even without adding another page builder plugin, then going to Toolset Blocks will be an amazing option to get everything done with extreme ease. 

5. WPForms

Gutenberg blocks plugins-WPForms

WPForms is a popular WordPress form builder plugin out there in the market. The Gutenberg Blocks plugins are a new way to build forms in WPForms that are compatible with the new Gutenberg editor.

WPForms Gutenberg Blocks Plugins allow you to create forms within the blocks interface of WPForms. This means you can create forms with easy drag and drop functionality, without writing any code.

No to mention, this plugin allows you to create different types of forms like contact, lead capture, sales, survey forms, login forms, and more. Also, the plugin is tremendously user-friendly. 

Last but not least, WPForms helps you to merge your form with various eCommerce plugins, email marketing tools, and CRM software. 

Additional features

  • Responsive mobile-friendly
  • Smart conditional logic for creating high-performance forms
  • Entry management system for streamlining your workflow
  • Spam protection 
  • Pre-built form templates to save even more time

So, you can give it a try because of its user-friendliness and the flexibility to create different types of powerful forms.

Final Curtain

Gutenberg Blocks Plugins for WordPress are a great way to create content in WordPress. It’s easy to use and it can be used by everyone. That’s why we have handpicked a list of the best Gutenberg blocks plugins for WordPress. From our list, you can choose any plugin that fits your plans and requirements. 

Or if you have already used any plugin from the above list, then drop us a line below sharing your experience with the plugin. 

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