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Best free tools for email marketing

Best Free Tools for Email Marketing in 2024 You Shouldn’t Miss

Nowadays, customers have numerous alternatives to choose from besides your business. Indeed, they will go for that particular one that offers the best quality services besides high-quality products. So to achieve business success, you have to think in a broad sense.

Consequently, different marketing strategies have come into the spotlight to help you grow your business. Among them, marketing through email has established itself at an extra height. Following an effective email marketing strategy can let more people know about your business besides the existing customers.

Ultimately the possibility of getting more sales increases in great numbers. Your customers can feel engaged more when you offer free emailing services to them to inform the benefits you offer or their feedback about using your products. Following these strategies makes your customers urge to explore more of your existing products.   

These can be easier for you if you prefer using dynamic email sender services for your business marketing. With that in mind, we will dive into the best free tools for email marketing that can tremendously help you grow your business. Let’s pull the trigger! 

What to Look for in a Free Email Marketing Tool?

There are many free email marketing tools available online. However, before you choose one, it’s crucial to assess your needs and see if the tool meets them properly. Some key factors to consider when evaluating free email marketing tools include:

  • How often do you need to send emails?
  • What type of email do you want to send (newsletters, contact forms, etc.)?
  • How many subscribers do you need?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Best Free Tools for Email Marketing

Right now, we are going to demonstrate some of the top free email marketing platforms that are effective enough to elevate your website’s conversion.

1. HubSpot

Free tools for email marketing: HubSpot.

HubSpot is a free email platform for marketing that allows you to design and send professional-looking emails separately. Besides, you can optimize them as well to boost the performance. You shouldn’t be worried about the accuracy of the data you use on your email because HubSpot CRM solely operates this email marketing tool. 

Moreover, the emails created by HubSpot are fully responsive so that you can display them on any device flawlessly. HubSpot email offers numerous email templates to increase the conversion rate. The intuitive drag and drop editor helps you customize Call to Action (CTA), email layouts, and branding.

Prominent features:

  • A/B testing facility to find out the most relevant content
  • Fully responsive email campaigns
  • Innovative drag and drop editor facility
  • Personalize email to level up the clickthrough rates

Free plan:

You can send 2000 emails per calendar month with HubSpot branding using the free plan.

Paid plan:

The paid plan (Starter) costs $45 per month, starting from 1000 email contacts.

2. SendPulse

Free tools for email marketing: SendPulse.

With SendPulse, you can effortlessly create professional-looking email templates no matter if you don’t have any coding knowledge. The drag and drop email editor functionality allows you to generate email templates quickly. You have the option to use tags so that it helps you arrange the contacts list and send relevant emails to the subscribers.

There is an option to personalize each email based on addressing customers by their name and inputting any information about them on email. You can generate unlimited subscription forms using eye-catching colors and styles. However, you can place them on your website to collect subscribers and send emails to them.

Prominent features:

  • Dynamic drag and drop email editor
  • Automation 360 facility to automate the process of email send out, SMS, and web notification
  • Offers tags to subscribers for smart service system
  • Subscriber rating to analyze subscribers’ activities
  • Statistics to boost email campaigns

Free plan:

With the free plan, you can reach up to 500 subscribers and send up to 15000 emails per month.

Paid plan:

The paid plan costs $6.40 per month with a range of 1-500 email lists.

3. Omnisend

Free tools for email marketing: Omnisend.

Omnisend comes with multiple dynamic tools to give you a superb facility to grow. The incorporated emails and SMS campaigns help bring more customers to your site. You can offer customers a personalized experience since all the templates are built-in and fully customizable.  

To make email marketing effective enough, you can use the built-in segments to select the right people with the right message time. Besides, you can categorize the customers based on their shopping behaviors, activities, and campaigns to get an overall idea about the whole shopping power of that particular customer.

Prominent features:

  • Rich templates library to design professional emails
  • Drag and drop content editor 
  • Target email marketing to achieve more subscribers
  • Campaign optimization facility to boost sales
  • Campaign reports help analyze each campaign’s performance

Free plan:

You can reach up to 250 contacts and send 500 emails per month with the free plan.

Paid plan:

The paid version (Standard) costs $16 per month, and you can reach up to 500 contacts and send 6000 emails per month.

4. Mailchimp

Free tools for email marketing: Mailchimp.

Mailchimp is one of the prominent free tools for email marketing that offers both paid and free email sending service for marketing using different types of plans based on the size of your business. You can fearlessly start email marketing campaign with the numerous drag and drop templates it provides. The Creative Assistant facility can design emails based on your brand. The customer Journey Builder facility allows you to send emails based on customers’ behavior and interactions that make them engaged more. 

Besides, Mailchimp’s email delivery rate is one of the highest among all email marketing tools. It lets you make a good understanding with customers by offering technical support in many ways. You can observe where people click on your emails using the Click Maps feature. That’s why it will help make content more engaging in the future.

Prominent features:

  • A wide variety of drag and drop editor
  • Content Optimizer to make emails engaging
  • Customer journey Builder to increase engagement
  • Offer Click Maps to make content more engaging
  • Mobile App to track email campaigns’ progress

Free plan:

The monthly email send limit is 10000 sends free of cost with the free plan.

Paid plan:

The paid plan (Essential) costs $11 per month. 

5. Benchmark

Free tools for email marketing: Benchmark.

Benchmark comes with multiple features and functionalities which are helpful for both HTML experts and newcomers in email marketing. The intuitive drag and drop builder allows you to create fancy-looking emails by replacing images and blocks anywhere you want. The easy-to-use HTML code editor allows a live preview option while writing each line of code. 

However, the RSS email page has the functionality to automatically send emails to your subscribers when any of your blog posts or RSS feed is updated. You can make your email templates more unique than ever using eye-catching color schemes with a mouse click. 

Prominent features:

  • Drag and drop builder to create beautiful emails
  • User-friendly code editor to preview each line of code
  • RSS email facility to automatically send emails
  • Image editing facility with email editor
  • Fantastic color schemes to adjust email templates

Free plan:

With the free plan, you will get 250 emails per month free of cost.

Paid plan:

The paid plan (Pro) starts at $10.50 per month with an unlimited email facility.

6. MailerLite

Free tools for email marketing: MailerLite.

MailerLite offers three different editors capable of creating attractive and flexible emails. This is one of the best free tools for email marketing and allows integration with prominent e-Commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce so that it becomes easier to insert custom product blocks and generate emails considering customers’ buying habits. Besides that, you can employ the drag and drop editor coming with reciprocal content blocks.

Furthermore, you can create sophisticated marketing workflows in the impulsive automation builder. Besides, you have the freedom to start using RSS campaigns to inform subscribers about fresh content and auto resend campaigns to make them engaged more. MailerLite offers numerous functionalities to improve the quality of your email service in the future. 

Prominent features:

  • Dynamic drag and drop email editor to create beautiful email
  • Free image library to upload images based on your demand
  • Paid newsletter subscription facility
  • Email sync facility with Facebook to get more subscribers
  • Highly efficient email marketing forms to increase conversion

Free plan:

The free plan offers monthly up to 1000 subscribers with 12000 emails.

Paid plan: 

The paid ones (Growing Business) monthly price costs $9 for up to 1000 subscribers and unlimited monthly emails.

7. Mailjet

Free tools for email marketing: Mailjet.

Mailjet is one of the most pioneering and integrated free emailing services for marketing. This tool comes with an intuitive drag and drop email editor that prioritizes the marketers’ demands. You have the opportunity to send emails within a moment with the ready-to-use interactive email newsletter templates. Moreover, these templates are fully responsive to fit perfectly on any device. 

If you are an expert in coding, you can build customized templates based on your demands. Displaying emails with perfect resolution can help make customers more engaged. With that in mind, Mailjet offers an Inbox Preview tool facility to understand how your emails look on different inbox tools like Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and more.

Prominent features:

  • Smart drag and drop email editor
  • Fully flexible email newsletter templates
  • A/B testing tool facility 
  • Contact list management to make customers’ engagement
  • Role management system to efficiently cooperate with team members

Free plan:

The free plan offers you 6000 emails per month.

Paid plan:

The paid plan (Essential) monthly costs start at $15 with 15000 emails per month.

8. Sendinblue

Free tools for email marketing: Sendinblue.

Sendinblue is one of the popular free emailing services for marketing that helps show your creativity in full gear. You can personalize the email’s content by adding your contact’s name or making it more dynamic by using multiple email personalization options. Using the coding, you can generate an email quickly by choosing a ready-made template from the email template repository or design one based on your personal choice.

With the dynamic drag and drop functionality, you can add blocks and decorate them in an eye-catching way to attract your recipients. You have the option to send emails on time with just a single click of the mouse by using machine learning-powered send-time optimization.

Prominent features:

  • State of the art email personalization option 
  • Dynamic drag and drop builder to design message
  • Group contacts based on different criteria
  • A/B testing to find out the best message

Free plan:

The free plan offers unlimited contacts and up to 300 emails per day.

Paid plan:

The paid plan (Lite) monthly costs $25 with emails ranging from 20000 to 100000.

9. Sender

Free tools for email marketing: Sender .

Sender comes with multiple tools in the email marketing area to grow your business in full swing. This dynamic email marketing tool is enriched with a professionally designed template library to create emails in no time. The unique functionality is that you can create your designs without having any coding skills required. 

However, the Smart automation system offers the facility to reach email the perfect customers with perfect content on time. Sender has instant integration capability with the pioneering content management systems, CRMs, and multiple eCommerce platforms like WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, and more. 

Prominent features:

  • Intelligent automation system to reach customers on time
  • Advanced analytics tool to analyze each list
  • Option to add and edit newsletter content without any coding
  • Advanced email delivery system 
  • Rich template library

Free plan:

With the free plan, you can reach up to 2500 subscribers and 15000 emails per month.

Paid plan:

The paid plan (Standard) monthly base price starts from $12.50 with 5000 subscribers and 60000 emails.

10. EmailOctopus

Free tools for email marketing: EmailOctopus.

EmailOctopus offers a rich library of ready-made templates from which you can choose the best one according to your choice and personality. You can design the template based on your preferred way, as it doesn’t need coding knowledge.

Moreover, the templates used here are fully responsive on all devices. If necessary, you can preview the emails on your device to see whether it needs any adjustment.

Prominent features:

  • User-friendly drag and drop editor 
  • LIbrary enriched with ready to use email templates
  • Advanced drag and drop editor to create an email based on your choice
  • Fully responsive emails templates

Free plan:

The free-of-cost plan (starter) offers up to 2500 subscribers and 10000 emails per month.

Paid plan:

The paid plan costs $8 per month with numerous subscribers and email ranges. The initial plan starts with 500 subscribers and 10000 emails per month. 

Polishing Off

Using a proper email marketing tool, you can easily make more visitors engaged with your business. With that in mind, picking the best free email marketing service for your business can significantly create an impact that can lead your team on the road to success. Moreover, the email marketing tools described here are adorned with numerous functionalities to grow your business.

We think, this article will be helpful for you to get a thorough ideas on the best free tools for email marketing. Feel free to share If we should include more email marketing tools on the list. We are happily waiting to get your precious feedback!

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