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The 7+ Best Email Marketing Examples in 2024

Are you searching for the best email marketing examples that can act as an inspiration to design driving email newsletters for the next campaign?

If the answer is ‘YES,’ you have come to the right place. A statistic shows that email marketing has an impressive 40% better conversion rate than popular social media like Facebook and Twitter. From this stat, you shouldn’t be confused about how effective email marketing can be if you design it properly to get more subscribers. Furthermore, a properly designed email encourages subscribers to open it and read the content inside. 

Considering the effectiveness of email marketing for your business, in this article, we will demonstrate the top examples of email marketing that have effectively proved their importance in converting more prospects into customers. Let’s pull the trigger!

How Do You Create a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Some strategies come in handy if you want to create the best email campaign. Implementing them ideally can make your email marketing campaign stand out.

1. Set specific objectives 

Email marketing example: Should have a specific objective.

To create the best email for marketing example, you should have a clear-cut idea of the campaign’s goal. If you think of continuing the campaign just because your competitors do this, all the effort will go in vain. The main objective of email marketing is to develop personal relations with potential consumers. Besides, it’s good to have a mentality that all emails won’t be equally able to attract customers’ attention. Some of them will be effective, and some won’t.

If your company is a startup, it’s simple not to expect customers to be in a hurry to buy any products when it is launched. Instead, you may need to send emails for more than one to get customers attracted. According to statistics, 29 percent of marketers prefer email marketing as a practical approach to attracting customers. From here, you can understand the importance of email marketing. 

2. Get engaged with content 

Email marketing example: The content should be engaging.

Creating new and well-written content on different topics can be a practical approach for dynamic email marketing examples. You may think how? Well, it’s an indirect approach. You can start a blog that contains different types of content regularly.

You can also send notifications to them about the newly published content using email. If customers get convinced with the content, they will feel the urge to share that content with their friends and dear ones through different social media platforms.

3. Personalize your email 

Email marketing example: Make email personalized.

Customers like the way you interact with them by specifying their names. It increases the possibility of making them engaged more with you. Emails begin with the generic term “Dear sir/mam’ and don’t engage with customers much more. Instead, this kind of email displays that it’s a kind of impromptu approach. 

So, to drive more engagement, make emails more personalized for each customer. The starting can be the name of that particular person. This way, customers will feel the urge you have sent personalized emails, and it will undoubtedly give them a nice feeling.

4. Use eye-grabbing images

Email marketing example:  Use eye grabbing image.

Make your emails enjoyable to the customers. The purpose of the best email marketing campaigns is to inform customers about the service you offer. If they fail to impress customers at first sight, they won’t feel the necessity to read that particular email at all. Ultimately, all of your efforts will go in vain. 

You need to implement some creative steps to earn good feedback for your email. Try to make some variations on the content of your email, like you can use eye-catching images relevant to your email’s text or bold some specific words or lines that convey your message more efficiently.

5. Make emails fully responsive 

Email marketing example:  The email should be responsive.

Customers use multiple devices to check their email inboxes. That’s why ensure your emails have fully responsive designs that fit entirely with all device screens. It’s essential because nowadays internet browsing besides desktop has proliferated. Considering all these facts, try to send email fully responsive emails to get readers’ fully attracted.

6. Add specific CTA 

Email marketing example:  Try to add CTA button.

The best examples of email marketing campaigns contain a specific call to action (CTA) that clears the process for the customers on what to do next. Remember, people don’t want to spend valuable time on anything that doesn’t direct them to take any ultimate action.

Instead, it acts like a waste of time. If this is the case, they will get the wrong impression of your message. Ultimately, it won’t be a good sign for you. So, send emails that direct your potential users to a specific Call to Action (CTA).

Best Email Marketing Examples

Right now, we will demonstrate some of the best email marketing campaign examples in front of you that can be a good source of impression for you. 

1. UBER 

Email marketing example: UBER.

UBER has made itself stand out from the other email marketing best examples by taking customers right into the main point. They don’t deliver unnecessary long content but make it short and simple for the customers to read the content without being bored quickly.

Besides, Uber’s emails have specific qualities like an eye-grabbing title, a precise description, and a simple and potent Call to Action CTA. Even more than that, Uber’s design is compatible with the brand.

2. Starbucks

Email marketing example: Starbucks.

Starbucks mainly emphasizes attracting customers with dynamic visual content like stunning images. To make emails more alluring and engaging to customers, they always display the most demanding item’s image with tempting offers. The emails appear to be clean and easily understandable to the customers.

Besides, the important texts are highlighted in bold so that customers can quickly notice those texts. Moreover, Starbucks offers attractive discounts on the most popular items. They allow a buy one get one free deal to allure customers to order other items.

3. Headspace

Email marketing example: Headspace.

If you want to purify your body and soul with meditation, the Headspace app can be an effective solution for this purpose to make you feel relaxed and happy, providing a complete guide on meditation. Headspace is among the best marketing email examples that focus on captivating users’ attention with enchanting graphics, cartoons, promotional offers, and more, and they have successfully implemented these strategies.

4. Taylor Stitch

Email marketing example: Taylor Stitch.

Taylor Stitch runs its email marketing campaign successfully, having a healthy understanding of men’s psychology. We usually see most clothing brands send their subscribers emails about the latest fashion trends and coherent tips and advice on fashion.

But Taylor Stitch hasn’t jumped into the bandwagon anymore. Instead, they do email campaigns informing customers about the latest available clothing collection along with all the related details like products’ prices and the number of items available.

5. Yelp

Email marketing example: Yelp.

Yelp comes up with an effective strategy to make itself more engaging with the new users by sending welcome emails with artistic GIFs. The email’s visual appearance and eye-grabbing design can quickly grab any customer’s attention. Most importantly, customers feel it enjoyable to head towards the sign-up process because of the smooth background and clear Call To Action (CTA)

6. Airbnb

Email marketing example: Airbnb.

Airbnb has designed their emails considering what customers expect from an outstanding email. All the emails have sleek designs and appealing colors. Besides, the emails’ texts are to the point without beating out the bust and offer a clear and easily understandable CTA. 

7. BuzzFeed

Email marketing example: BuzzFeed.

BuzzFeed attracts its audience by displaying eye-catching headlines to grab users’ attention quickly and directing them to click and read the content. This is one of the best examples of email campaigns that decorate its email marketing campaign based on dividing it into lists.

Subscribers have the freedom to select different types of emails they prefer to receive from BuzzFeed. That’s why it becomes easier for you to generate content according to subscribers’ preferences. However, it can be a promising approach for brands with different varieties. 

8. Lego

Email marketing example: Lego.

Lego seeks customers’ attention with a precise but easy-to-understand email copy. It has established itself as a fantastic email marketing example by offering an impressive visual appearance. Sometimes, it adds videos to engage customers more with the email content. On top of that, a customer can also watch the video without quitting the email.  

9. Chipotle 

Email marketing example: Chipotle.

Chipotle offers an email service by sending fantastic birthday wishes to customers’ on their birthday to make it feel special. Based on further research, it’s proved that birthday emails have a higher conversion rate than other types of email.

Sewing Up

Being one of the pioneering digital marketing channels, email marketing has proved to be one of the most effective ways to influence customers’ mindsets. With that in mind, getting inspired by the popular email marketing examples will help you prepare for your next email marketing campaign.

We have offered the best examples of email marketing to help you plan your next email marketing campaign more influential and exciting. If you have more to share with us, feel free to raise your voice.

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