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Email Marketing for Your Directory Listing Business- Switch on the Best

Finding your feet in the online marketplace is hard. It’s a very competitive market with no set guidelines to follow. Especially for amateur marketers, finding the right marketing weapon is very climacteric. Using the right tools can help boost your business to incredible heights.

In this case, email marketing for B2B can come onto the screen. However, it could be one of the oldest means of communication but it still retains its appeal as it was a decade ago. The first email was sent by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 and that was the beginning of a modern era of communication. Since then, people have been using emails for different reasons like email marketing for local businesses, email marketing for service, etc., and commercial usage is one of those ones. Whereas, the first commercial email was sent by Gary Thuerk, a Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp, just some years after the invention of emails. 

Email marketing helps you connect with your audience to promote your brand and increase sales. In this article, we will talk about the benefits, different effective strategies, and successful campaigns of email marketing for B2B. 

Let’s get the show on the road. 

How Will Email Marketing Benefit Your Directory Listing Business?

When it comes to a directory business, effort, and ingenuity go hand in hand. But, using available resources ideally is what makes the difference. Email marketing for B2B is a proven method for attracting future clients and keeping current customers updated with everything. Let’s have a closer look at the benefits of this marketing weapon in the directory business. 

1. Creating personalized content

The success of a marketing campaign vastly depends on the emails sent out to the right person at the right time. Moreover, the emails you send to your customers should be thoughtful and informative as well. In fact, the client’s name in the email body makes a difference. 

Literally, a directory business has different types of customers. And they have different faces in preferences which sometimes disconcert your regular thoughts and schedules. However, email marketing for business more dramatically helps you to differentiate the customers based on their preferences and you can easily send them highly personalized content. 

In the general run of things, personalized emails with different images or captivating subject lines are more likely to reach the brains of the audience. You know, a captivating subject line is very cardinal as it drives more than 35% of email readers to click on the emails. 

For example, younger audiences love to have subject lines with emojis or puns exciting. But, make sure you don’t send irrelevant content that bothers them instead. 

2. Reach global audience

In the digital world, the majority of the entire planet uses email. Hence, directory businesses are vastly dependent on email marketing especially when the businesses want to go beyond the global boundary lines. With this marketing tool, now business owners can easily reach customers from even different parts of the world. Bringing the directory business brand to the global platform has become like a sitting duck because of reaching out to the global audience with emails. 

3. Better brand recognition

You have a directory business but nobody knows your brand on the market. Perhaps, this is the worst ever feeling you will be centering about. People will buy your brand when they know it. 

So, brand recognition is very important if you want to stand straight in the competitive market. However, outperforming your competitors doesn’t remain hard as before. Do you know why? One of the most powerful marketing media called email marketing for service has just come onto the ground. Successful brands in the world have evolved through relevant and brilliantly curated emails. 

Sending emails directly to the inboxes of your customers and leads can easily let your brand go through the ceiling if the content is valuable for those ones. Also, getting feedback from existing customers and prospects is crucial. You should learn whether your customers are happy or not with the content you have sent to them. Plus, you should read up on whether customers need alternatives. 

In the same fashion, add a social media marketing strategy to your campaign to stay tuned with the customers. If you bring the customers to the discussion forum on social media, you can easily learn from them what type of content you should add to your emails. 

4. Stronger customer relationships

Email marketing for B2B

Who doesn’t appreciate a thoughtful and informative email? Your users will take your brand positively when they get thoughtful and informative emails about your directory business. Again, understanding your audience or personalization goes a long way in building stronger relationships with customers or prospects. Email marketing for business helps you to reach out to users proactively to show them your enthusiasm and interest. 

These two ingredients, personalization and proactiveness combinedly build a solid and stronger relationship between directory business owners and customers. Providing the necessary and relevant information to the customers regarding the products or services with email can be a groundbreaking strategy to build credibility. Also, keeping your communication honest and authentic will help you stand out from the noise of competitors.

5. Email marketing drives more sales than social media marketing

Email marketing for B2B

Email marketing for B2B and social media marketing are the two most powerful digital marketing strategies. However, the former one drives more sales than the latter one does. Again, electronic mail marketing directly reaches the customers’ inbox while social media marketing doesn’t. The incompatible benefit of this marketing is that it provides a great opportunity for impulse buying. 

Finally, you can encourage a customer to make more purchases in a few ways: 

  • Feature the auxiliary items people tend to buy along with the main products
  • List similar items to the customer’s past purchases.
  • Offer a special discount to existing customers
  • Introduce coupons for special customers

 6. Email marketing improves SEO

Email marketing for B2B is an excellent way to improve SEO for your directory listing businesses. One of the most obvious benefits of email marketing services is that they can drive traffic to your site. The more traffic your directory business website gets, the more revenue it will jumble. But the emphasis here should be on qualified traffic, or visitors who are likely to make some sort of conversion after they arrive.

The advantage of driving qualified traffic to your site is that it enables you to attract readers that are likely to spend time engaging with specific resources and pieces of content.

7. Cost-effective marketing strategy 

Sending multiple emails to customers costs less than a penny. A small amount of money can easily cover a vast list of emails.  Moreover, you can rectify the emails in case you find any mistakes and the rectification cost is zero. 

Types of Successful Email Marketing for B2B Campaign Centering Directory Business

Earning the attention of customers and leads is a big achievement for directory business owners. If you want to get the attention of your customers and leads, you can try out the following email marketing campaigns. 

Email newsletters

Email newsletters are one of the most effective and popular marketing campaigns out there. As a directory business owner, you can use an email newsletter to send promotional messages, product updates, new services, and account-related information. 

If you want to create an effective email newsletter, you should be more careful about the options like content length, type of information, placement of images and text, design, call to action, etc. 

Retention emails

Another successful email marketing for B2B campaigns for directory businesses is the retention email which is a wonderful method to keep your hard-earned customers tuned with your brand. Retention email marketing for B2B is the practice of sending out thoughtful emails at the right time to customers. Your retention email should reflect a deep understanding of the customer and their pain points as well. Most importantly, it should be specific and personalized as a whole.

Promotional emails

The promotional email entices and encourages the leads to buy your products and services. In simple words, a promotional email is an email sent out to prospects informing them of your new or existing products or services. The goals of these emails are.

          Ⅰ. Speeding up the buying process

          Ⅱ. Creating new or repeat customers

          Ⅲ. Encouraging contacts to take some type of action

Transactional emails

Transactional email is an important part of successful email marketing for B2B campaigns. This mail is a tool that is based on account activity or a commercial transaction. Examples of transactional emails are invoices, billing statements, order confirmations, password reset requests, and email receipts. 

Best Email Marketing for B2B Strategies to Generate More Sales in Directory Listings Business

Email is one of the preferred ways of business communication. And, it is a highly effective way to reach out to leads. The number of email users is increasing day by day at a staggering rate.  Now, if you want to generate more revenue in your directory business, we suggest you go through the following email marketing for B2B strategies:

1. Keep your subject line short and relevant

More than 50 percent of email recipients unbox the emails based on the subject line. Therefore, a relevant and short subject line is important to make email marketing for B2B campaigns successful. The email subject line serves as the first and sometimes it creates the last impression. The best subject lines give the reader a reason to explore your message further. Backlinko founder Brian Dean says a subject line should not exceed 16 characters. And, emails with this type of subject line have significantly higher open rates. 

2. Send mobile-friendly emails

You should keep in mind that every email user doesn’t have a laptop or personal computer. Many users check emails on their phones. If you send an email to one of your customers but he can’t open it on the phone, you are more likely to frustrate that customer. So, an email that is mobile-friendly is more likely to make your email marketing for a B2B campaign even more successful. 

3. Use a lot of white space

A mail needs to have a lot of white space. That means you should keep your paragraphs short in your mail, and use more subheadings, and bullet points as well. All these things, undoubtedly, pump up the readability. Moreover, the content of your email should be scannable as the customers and prospects don’t have much time to read your emails’ ins and outs. Also, keep in mind that you aren’t the only one who sends emails to the customers. 

Eventually, if you gather up the undivided attention of the leads, you are more likely to convert them into your customers. Hence, use a lot of white space in your mail which can easily reach the prospects’ hearts. Again, when the question is about readability, then scannable content is more readable than paragraph blocks. 

Source: Google

4. Make your emails valuable

Content that doesn’t make sense or add value always goes beyond the focus. And, emails with this type of content have a bad impact on your open rates. So, you should send emails with valuable information to your customers and leads. 

If you continuously send emails with valuable information, your customers and leads will read them repeatedly. Eventually, they will start to trust your brand and make purchases. 

Polish Off 

Email marketing for B2B is a powerful tool that a directory business owner can use to acquire, engage, and retain existing customers and prospects. This digital marketing strategy is cost-effective but generates more sales for directory businesses. 

So, start to send valuable emails to your customers and leads and flood your directory business with more revenues. If you have already applied email marketing for business strategy in your marketing campaign, then don’t forget to share your experience with us by leaving a comment in the comment section. 

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