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Best android directory apps in 2022

Best Android Directory Apps in 2024 You Shouldn’t Miss

From the start of the last decade, the number of smartphone users has increased at a super-fast speed. In these times, you can do almost everything through this magic lamp without moving an inch. Considering the rapid increase of smartphone users, prominent websites are planning to make their websites easily navigable using a smartphone.

Considering the fact that directory websites are converting their websites to smartphone-compatible, especially for Android users. There are immense benefits of having an android directory app for your directory website. First of all, users can easily log in to your website through the app hassle freely. Apart from that, having a mobile app can significantly increase the sales of a particular directory website. 

Taking all of this into consideration, in this article, we’ve selected some great directory apps for Android. Let’s dive in!

What Should You Pay Attention to in an Android Directory App?

With unlimited options available, selecting the right Android directory app can be puzzling. No worries! the following parts will demonstrate the factors you need to consider to pick the right Android directory app for your needs.

i. Essential features

A dynamic directory app should offer two basic functionalities: a comprehensive and accurate database and intuitive search capabilities. So, go for an android directory app that offers you to search by name, category, location, keywords along with particular filters like price range, operating hours or user reviews.

ii. Offline exploration facilities

You won’t get Internet connectivity all the time. That’s why it’s smart to pick a directory app that allows you to store data for offline use. This facility helps you access essential information no matter if you’re off the grid.

iii. Reviews and ratings

User reviews and ratings provides invaluable insights into the directory app’s usability, reliability and accuracy. Go through user experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the app’s strength and weaknesses.

iv. Beyond basic listings

Nowadays, directory apps are more than simply listing information. Make sure your selected android directory apps offer facilities like Google Maps for seamless navigation. Contact details readlily available in your directory app can significantly save your valuable time.

v. Navigating the price maze

Before choosing the best android directory app, get a clear understanding about its pricing plans. Some apps comes with free version with limited features while paid plans offer advanced search filters. offline access or an ad-free experience. All you need is to pick the suitable plans for you by considering needs and budget.

Compatibility and storage considerations

Your selected directory app needs to be compatible with your device and Android version. If you plan on extensive offline use, consider the size of the data files and make sure you have enough storage space available.

List of the Best Android Directory Apps

Here in the upcoming list, we will present some of the best directory apps for Android to quickly generate a directory website for your no matter where you are.


Android directory app: Directorist.

If you seek a robust solution for making the directory submission and checkout process way more manageable than ever, then the Directorist app can be a powerful solution for your queries. You won’t face any problem using this app as it is highly accessible and reciprocated. The Directorist app is very budget-friendly as well.

Furthermore, the interface and design of this app are way more straightforward, and you will get an eye-pleasing experience while browsing it. Anyone with minimal expertise can effortlessly operate this app. Directorist app is cross-platform and supportive of using both Android and iOS. Besides, it is powered by Flutter, so you won’t face any interruption while using the app.

Key features:

  • Facility to connect with the listing author using a contact form
  • Quick action feature to help visitors communicate using different media
  • Multi-directory feature for different types of directory listings.
  • Instant push notification facility to get notified about important news
  • Single listing view page to get all necessary information
  • Opportunity for users to share any listings on different social media
  • Add to favorite option to mark any listing to find in future
  • Facility to change the listing view instantly
  • Option to maintain personalized profiles for users 

Pricing plan:

The single-site annual base price starts from $119 with free setup and submission.

Brilliant Directories

Android directory app: Brilliant Directories.

The brilliant app has been solely designed to keep Brilliant Directories in mind. This wholly native app has been designed comprehensively to give you a fantastic directory app-using experience on Android devices. If a member signs in to the app, then it securely loads their data, as this Android directory app is completely integrated with your database. 

The interface is smooth and professionally designed so that you make credibility among users. You don’t need to be a coding expert, as the app automatically updates the members’ permissions and settings based on data saved in the Brilliant Directories Admin console. The Brilliant app has the power to integrate the logo, look, and color of your directory to feel refreshed. 

Key features:

  • Easy access to lead
  • Direct listing edit facility for members
  • Automatically matches the look and feel of the Brilliant Directories site
  • Tap to reply and call leads for instant response
  • Facility to get access to the important pages 
  • Constant future updates to add new features

Pricing plan:

The monthly price of this directory app costs you $49.


Android directory app: Connecteam.

If you’re looking for a robust directory app for employees, using Connecteam is a perfect choice for your business. Utilizing this Android directory app, you can have all your work contacts at a single location with a minimalistic effort. You don’t need to be an expert in using the app, and it’s also easily customizable. Connecteam works as an all-in-one solution by amalgamating multiple software.

Besides, the powerful search capabilities offer a free text search with which employees can locate any work contact along with multiple profile attributes. However, Conecteam saves employees valuable time and energy by offering a quick action button to perform each work contact through different media, including a private face-to-face meeting, phone call, or email.

Key features:

  • Comply with privacy rules and regulations
  • Easily customizable Contacts and details
  • Instant profile update facility 
  • Complete control over visible contacts and details
  • Offers strong security to all contacts

Pricing plan: 

Connecteam allows a free 14-day trial to experience the app. The basic pricing plan (annual) costs $39 per month with features including time tracking, payroll software integration, and more to get the paid ones.


Android directory app: eDirectory.

This directory app is very easily configurable, and you can effortlessly build a directory through the site manager. You don’t need to be code-savvy to operate this amazing app. All you need is hassle-free logging in and creating your desired directory. To offer users a reliable and upgraded app using the facility, the app authority uses Flutter. 

Key features:

  • Real-time data synchronization facility
  • Fully native app to offer users better performance and reliability
  • Easily customizable app layout through site manager interface
  • Option to send notifications effortlessly from the Google Firebase interface
  • Find your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play store, and your icon on the home screen after download.

Pricing plan:

The professional (cloud service) monthly pricing costs $99 with a complete set of built-in features.


Android directory app: GoClixy.

GoClixy is a robust directory management solution that works as a helping hand for various businesses with multiple facilities like online payments, bookings, manage listings, sitemap, user ratings, reviews, and more. This Android directory app adorns several ready-to-use features with which it’s pretty easy to create and maintain your local business directory. 

One notable thing about this app is its powerful member area. The app offers an advanced filtering option. Moreover, this app comes with a grid and listing layout option. To make the GoClixy app active on your device, you must ensure it’s running on Android version 4.1 or up. The app doesn’t take much space on the Play Store as its size is only 15M.

Key features: 

  • Option to search business information using keyword, city, and postcode
  • Push notification system to send a message and other notifications to users’ device
  • Map layout facility for listings
  • Ways to post comments, ratings, buying requirements, and business queries
  • Facebook and Google Plus login without registration

Pricing plan:

GoClixy offers a free trial. The GoClixy pricing starts from $79 per month for each feature to get the paid plan.

Polishing Off

Having a powerful and dynamic Android app for your directory website boosts the chances of earning more revenue. With that in mind, you should have been sensible enough to choose a directory app to make users convinced entirely. That’s why in this post, we have demonstrated some of the best Android directory apps to offer you a fantastic directory app user experience for Android.

We think from now on, and it will be easier for you to take any of these directory apps to make your business widespread. You have the freedom to pick any of these apps from here. However, if you have more things to share, feel free to tell us your valuable thoughts.

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