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A Year in Review: wpWax

A Year in Review: wpWax in Waking an Upgraded 2023

Everyone has different opinions. But we can all agree that 2023 was crazy. It made up for the past few dead years. It woke the world up from sleep with shocks and surprises. We got the worst imagined catastrophes of the past with the future. We overcame the plague. And the sci-fi horror of AI ambushed us by ousting its very creators.

Going from one disaster to another, wpWax knew there’s no better time to serve. Here, we made life easier for the surprised and the frustrated in 2023. In 2023, we gave you enhanced compatibility with our most Popular WordPress Plugins. Then, we saw love on one of our most-loved agents with HelpGent. So, of course, we introduced HelpGent 2.0!

Overall, the whole year of 2023 was amazing in terms of growth and success except some screws up. To know them in detail, let’s dig deeper.

Our Overall Growth in Percent 

In 2023, wpWax saw a remarkable 37.19% increase in revenue compared to the previous year, making it a fantastic year for the company.

Directorist and Legal Pages Triumph at the Monster Award 2023

Directorist and Legal Pages, developed by wpWax, have been honored with the prestigious Monster Awards, a recognition reserved for the best in the WordPress ecosystem. This achievement underscores wpWax’s commitment to providing outstanding products that make a lasting impact.

Scaling Horizons: A 2023 Expedition with Directorist

i. Releases Directorist 7.7.0

The new version of Directorist has some cool new tools called Hooks. Think of them like keys that open up a bunch of new possibilities for developers. These Hooks let developers really dig in and change, improve, and create new features for the plugin in many ways. Whether you’re a coding expert or just getting started, these Hooks let you customize the plugin like never before.

But that’s not all! There are also some bug fixes in this update. We’ve gotten rid of those annoying bugs that might have caused small issues. Now, using the plugin is super smooth. No more glitches or problems – just a seamless experience.

We’re all about making things perfect. This update ensures that using the plugin is easy and trouble-free. Everything works better, from browsing to overall performance. Every click and action will be a breeze with this update.

Ultimately, Directorist has achieved a 30% improvement in performance, leading to enhanced overall efficiency when compared to its prior version.

ii. Embedding YouTube shorts in listings

Users can directly embed YouTube shorts within their directory listings. This allows viewers to watch engaging video content alongside the traditional listing information, providing a more dynamic and immersive experience.

iii. Introducing the “Automated Email Verification” feature

In 2023, the team Directorist took a powerful step forward in safeguarding user authenticity with the introduction of the “Automated Email Verification” feature. With this feature, users can

  • deter bots and fake accounts
  • protect their directories from spam and malicious activity
  • ensure only legitimate users can access your site.

iv. Directorist optimization

We’ve enhanced the loading speed of Directorist, enabling users to significantly reduce page loading times and experience exceptionally fast directory performance in various environments like.

  • Query
  • Media

v. Improvements on Directorist mobile app

We have had substantial enhancements to the app where we have added dynamic fields. These fields enhance the overall user experience.

vii. HelpGent integration

HelpGent by wpWax is the ultimate communication tool with advanced features like conversational forms, video, audio, text messaging, screen recording and sharing with voiceover. In 2023, we integrated Directorist with HelpGent which makes your directory website more accessible and interactive to your audience. Eventually, it creates more leads and conversions.

Introducing HelpGent 2.0: Unveiling the Latest Version Featuring Enhanced Conversational Forms Functionality

HelpGent 2.0, released in November 2023, brings a bunch of exciting new features and improvements to the all-in-one communication platform for WordPress websites. Here’s a quick rundown of the key highlights:

1. Conversational forms

Ditch the boring old forms. HelpGent 2.0 introduces a conversational form builder with 21 custom elements, mimicking natural human interaction by presenting questions one at a time. This personalized approach boosts engagement and completion rates.

2. Enhanced lead generation

Capture valuable leads efficiently with advanced lead generation capabilities. Export lead data in CSV format for easy management and integration with your marketing or CRM systems.

3. Save incomplete forms

Don’t lose valuable data anymore! HelpGent 2.0 automatically saves any information entered in a form, even if the user leaves it incomplete. They can pick up right where they left off later.

4. Improved asynchronous communication

The core strength of HelpGent – asynchronous communication via video, voice, text messaging, and screen recording and sharing with voiceover – has been further refined in version 2.0. Get a smoother and more intuitive experience.

Other noteworthy additions

  • Editable pre-made templates: Save time and effort with customizable templates for common use cases.
  • New cloud storage like Bunny integration: HelpGent effortlessly integrates with both Google Drive and Bunny, a renowned cloud storage platform, ensuring users enjoy seamless access and hassle-free data storage.
  • Advanced logic: Craft more sophisticated interactions with conditional branching and dynamic content based on user responses.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements: Enjoy a more stable and efficient platform.

wpWax: Marketing Activities Throughout The Year of 2023

  • 45+ articles published for Directorist.com
  • 90+ articles for wpWax.com 
  • 1000+ social media posts through different platforms 
  • Collaboration with well-known companies like wpmet, Themewinter,
  • Product promotion with famous Youtube influencers like MAK 
  • Featuring blog posts about HelpGent on US-based magazines like NEWSBREAK.

Our Incredible Support Wizards Offering Lightning-Speed Assistance

  • 10000+ tickets solved 
  • 15000+ replies to the customer queries
  • Helped 3000+ customers
  • Achieved more than 85% customer happiness score 
  • Earned 150+ 5-star ratings

Breaking Down: What We Couldn’t Achieve in 2023

While 2023 brought groundbreaking success for wpWax, there were certain milestones that remained beyond our reach. Here’s a brief overview.

i. Unable to release the Directorist version 8.0

Due to unforeseen technical challenges and quality assurance processes, we find ourselves unable to meet the initially planned release date for Directorist version 8.0.

ii. Missing exclusive features in HelpGent 2.0

Regrettably, we also acknowledge that we missed the inclusion of some exclusive features in the HelpGent 2.0 release. These features were intended to enhance the user experience and provide additional value to our users. Rest assured, we are already taking corrective measures to address this oversight.

Looking Forward to 2024: A Step with Tidy Sum

In the year of 2024, we have devised a comprehensive plan aimed at elevating and enriching the overall user experience. So, let’s dive in.

1. Releases Directorist version 8.0

Version 8.0 will cover the following elements:

  • New design
  • Optimization 
  • Less pages
  • Better UI and UX

2. Elementor, Bricks, Divi integration

Integrating Directorist with these page builders can enhance the flexibility and design options for creating directory pages. In this year, our goal is to integrate Directorist with Elementor, Bricks, and Divi to make Directorist escalable.

3. Better SEO features

We will bring a number impressive SEO features in Directorist, making it a powerful tool for building directory websites that climb the search engine rankings.

4. More income streams

In 2024, Directorist is poised for an extraordinary year ahead. Wondering why? Well, Directorist is set to launch with multiple revenue streams, guaranteeing a steady income for all directory website owners.

5. One-based theme platform

We are excited to unveil a unique theme platform that revolves around a user-friendly experience. Here, users can effortlessly explore a variety of niche-based themes, all at their fingertips.

6. Adding exclusive features to HelpGent

In 2024, we aim to revolutionize user assistance by incorporating some exclusive features with HelpGent. These features are:

  • Quiz System
  • Payment System
  • Live Chat

7. Improvements in Legal Pages

Throughout this year, we will deploy our time to enhancing Legal Pages by upgrading the user interface and integrating legal templates into non-WordPress websites.

8. Modernize Product Carousel Slider and Grid Ultimate

We are introducing an AI-powered slider to enhance the capabilities of the Product Carousel Slider and Grid Ultimate. This innovation aims to revolutionize user interactions and modernize the overall experience.

Over to You

The past year has been a transformative and successful period for wpWax as it navigated the challenges of an evolving digital landscape. The launch of upgraded features in products under wpWax in 2023 has positioned wpWax as a leading platform at the forefront of innovation and user experience.

Moreover, the commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction has resulted in significant growth and recognition within the industry. Looking ahead, wpWax remains dedicated to pushing boundaries, meeting the needs of its users, and adapting to emerging technologies. As we embrace the future, let us join hands in exploring the endless possibilities that await us with wpWax.

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