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How to generate Google Map API key

How to Generate Google Map API Key

In the buzz of technology, integrating maps into your website has become increasingly phenomenal and beneficial as well. Whether you’re running a business directory, showcasing event locations, or simply seeking to display your office addresses, embedding Google Maps is a tonic to enhance user experience and provide valuable information to your visitors. 

To accomplish this, you’ll need a Google Maps API key. Hence, in this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of generating a Google Maps API key step by step.

How to Generate Google Map API Key: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Accessing the Google Cloud console

The first step in generating a Google Maps API key is to navigate to the Google Cloud Console. You can access it by visiting Google Maps Platform and signing in with your Google account. Make sure to review and agree to the terms and conditions if prompted.

Step 2: Creating a new project

Once you’re logged in, you’ll need to choose the existing project or create a new project. Click on the “Select a project” dropdown at the top of the page and choose “New Project.” Name your project according to your preference and click ‘Create’.

How to Generate Google Map API Key
How to Generate Google Map API Key

Step 3: Enabling APIs

How to Generate Google Map API Key

(2) Google Places API: Search for “Google Places API” and enable it.

How to Generate Google Map API Key

Note: Enabling libraries may require you to set up billing information, but you won’t be charged until you exceed the free usage limits($200 monthly Google Maps credit).

Step 4: Creating Credentials

Once the necessary APIs are enabled, the Map API is supposed to be automatically generated.

How to Generate Google Map API Key

If the Key is not automatically generated, you may navigate to the “APIs & Services” > Credentials section. Click on “Create credentials” and select “API key” from the dropdown menu. A new API key will be generated, and you’ll see it displayed on the screen.

How to Generate Google Map API Key

Step 5: Optional: Restricting the API Key

For added security, you may want to restrict the usage of your API key. This can help prevent unauthorized usage and potential abuse. You can restrict the API key by specifying the websites or IP addresses that are allowed to use it. 

To do this, click on the “Restrict key” button and follow the prompts to set up restrictions according to your requirements.

N.B: You can watch this video in case you haven’t been convinced yet with the guide.


You’ve successfully generated a Google Maps API key. This key can now be used to integrate Google Maps into your website, whether you’re using a plugin like Directorist or implementing custom map functionality. Remember to keep your API key secure and consider restricting its usage to protect your website and data.

Integrating Google Maps can greatly enhance the functionality and user experience of your website. Whether you’re a business owner, developer, or simply someone looking to provide location-based information, generating a Google Maps API key is the first step towards unlocking the full potential of Google Maps on your website.

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