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Carousel Settings: Specially designed to let you customize the carousel slider in the frontend.

  1. Auto Play: If “no” is selected then the slider will not play automatically. When “yes” is set, the slider will move automatically.
  2. Repeat Product: When set to “no”, the slider will stop playing when the last product arrives. Even when the user scrolls, the slider will not move unless the user scrolls backward. 
  3. Stop on Hover: Selecting “no” will prevent the slideshow from stopping even if the customer hovers over a product image on the slider.
  4. Products Column: You have the option to set the number of products you want to show on the carousel slider on different devices.
  5. Slide Speed: You have the option to set slider speed in milliseconds according to your preference.
  6. Slide Timeout: You also have the ability to set the slider timeout in milliseconds according to your preference.
  7. Navigation Show: By default, the option is set to “yes”. If “no” is selected then the navigation button below the slider will disappear.
  8. Navigation Position: You can choose the position of the navigation arrows from 5 different options.
  1. Navigation Style Customization: Customize the navigation arrow color based on your preference.
  2. Pagination: You can choose if you want to show pagination or not. If “no” is selected then all the products will be displayed on the same page.

Pro Features

Auto Play Type: You can set two different auto-play types (normal, marquee).

Scroll Settings: When “Per Item” is chosen, scrolling will move one product at a time from the slider. If “Per Page” is selected then a whole column will move from the slider for one scroll.