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These settings are for the sliders/carousels. Can be set within different shortcodes.

  1. Layout: There are two layouts available. It can either be a Carousel or a Grid.
  2. Display Total Logos: Specify the number of logos you want to show on that specific carousel/grid.
  3. Display Header Title: You can choose if you want to show the carousel/grid title on the frontend or not.
  4. Header Title Text: You can give each slider/grid a different name such as Sponsored, Premium members, etc.
  5. Logo Type: 9 default options are available. You can sort logos within the carousel/grid using either of the following options: Display Logos from Latest Published, Display Logos from Older Published, Display Logos Randomly, A to Z (title), Z to A (title), Display Logos from,  Category, Display Logos by ID, Display Logos by Year, Display Logos by Month
  6. Image Crop: The logo images might not be of the same size which might make the carousel/grid look visually unappealing. This feature is handy in such cases. You will be able to make all the logo images of the same size using this feature.
  7. Image Width: Used for the image cropping functionality. 
  8. Image height: Similar to the last option. The height and width are used during automatic image cropping.
  9. Open Logo Link in: The logo link can either be opened on the same window/tab or a new window/tab.