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These settings are specific to the carousel layout.

  1. Select Theme: Carousel Layout offers 16 pre-installed themes to choose from.
  2. Auto Play: You can choose if you want the slider to play automatically or not.
  3. Repeat Logo: If selected , the carousel will keep playing even when all the logos are played. When selected ‘no’, the autoplay will stop once the last logo appears.
  4. Stop on Hover: Hovering the cursor over the logo will stop autoplay if selected ‘yes’.
  5. Marquee: Enable this option to create the marquee scroll in the website with logo carousel.
  6. Logos Column: These options will let you choose how many logos you want to show at the same time on different devices.
  7. Slide Speed: Using this feature you can choose how fast the slider should play.
  8. Slide Timeout: Once the last logo arrives, the slider will take a pause based on the timeout set here.
  9. Scroll: Per Page or Per Logo is the scroll effect available for the scroll feature.

    Carousel Scrolling Direction: This option comes in handy mainly for RTL enabled sites. You can either set Left to RIght scrolling or Right to Left scrolling direction.
  10. Navigation Show: Choosing yes will display two arrows in the carousel.
  11. Navigation Position: You can choose the position of the arrows (Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left).
  12. Navigation Style: These options lets you stylize the Navigation Arrows (Arrow Color, Button Background Color, Button Border Color, etc).
  13. Pagination: If the number of total logos is set high then this option can be handy. Otherwise, all the logos will show up on the same page.
  14. Pagination Dots Color: Change the pagination dots color to any color of your choice.
  15. Pagination Dots Active Color: You also have the ability to set the color of the active dot of your choice.