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Best WooCommerce Slider Examples

5+ Best WooCommerce Slider Examples You Shouldn’t Miss

The key to business success is increasing sales. To achieve this, it is important to use effective and dynamic techniques to attract more clients and convert them into potential customers. By showcasing the quality of your products and presenting them in an engaging way, customers will be more interested in buying from you.

Using sliders is one of the top effective techniques to sell products by showcasing products in a dynamic and eye-catching way. Sliders are beneficial if you have a mammoth collection of products but want to save your site’s valuable space. Let’s look at the best WooCommerce slider examples to pick the best for your products.

What is WooCommerce Slider?

With a WooCommerce slider, you can display your products excitingly and creatively. For example, you could use a WooCommerce slider to show the latest products. But you could also create a WooCommerce slider which displays the most popular products. If there’s a sale going on, it would be a great idea to create a slider that explicitly shows the discounted items.

Best WooCommerce Slider Examples for Your Website

In the following part of the article, we’ll demonstrate some top WooCommerce slider examples to help you bring diversity to showcase products or services on your website.

1. Product Carousel

If you want to create a WooCommerce slider that your customers are familiar with, look no further. This traditional-looking product slider will get you covered, and your customers will love it. It displays more slides next to one another, focusing on the product’s picture. The layout also displays details, namely the name, category and price. Plus, it shows a sale badge on the products that are on sale. 

2. Top 5 Products

With the Top 5 Products slider, you can showcase your products and make your site stand out. The slide covers the whole screen on all devices, so there’s no need for a traditional WooCommerce carousel. Plus, the large image of each product lets people see all the important details. So whether you’re looking to promote one product or five, this slider is perfect for you!

3. Full-Width Product Carousel

The Full-Width Product Carousel is one of the best WooCommerce slider examples with special slides that don’t just display products. Rather, they showcase small details that make your shop more appealing to potential customers. For instance, this template has a slide that tells shoppers about current deals and another with a customer testimonial.

Additionally, there is a slide promoting the shop’s newsletter service. These creative ideas help enhance the attractiveness of your slider while also enticing buyers to purchase more products. Who wouldn’t want their store to have stand-out features like these?

4. Full-Width Product Slider

This little gem lets you display one product at a time on your website, making it easy for visitors to get information about your products. The slider is displayed full width, which makes it easy to see and use. Plus, the large images ensure that everyone who visits your site loves them. The card includes all the important information – stock image, price and name – in a convenient place.

And, of course, there’s room for a short description and a buy now button too. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and add the WooCommerce Slider to your site today!

5. Product Showcase

People are familiar with sliders. They like them because these tools display more products next to each other. The Product Showcase slider works similarly so that customers will love it. However, there’s an even bigger advantage to using this slider instead of a carousel.

The showcase focuses on the slide in the middle, making it easy for customers to know exactly which product details to check out first. Additionally, they can see many more slides to check out.

6. Boxed-Product Slider

The Boxed Product slider is a great way to focus on one product and showcase all the details that customers would love. It’s perfect for those who want to showcase their products attractively and creatively. The product’s image and details are separated, giving customers a full view of the image without any obstructions.

In addition, this two-column layout allows plenty of space to describe the product and include a title, category, price, and buy now button. So if you’re looking for a WooCommerce slider that will stand out from the rest, check out the Boxed Product slider!

7. Product Slider

The Product Slider is special because it is so concise. The base of the slider features a large, stunning image of the product that instantly grabs your attention. This sliver of space leaves plenty of room to describe all the great details about the product, but instead, they limited themselves to only displaying the key info- name, category, cost and purchase button. This allows customers to really get the required information in a short time.

Polishing Off

Nowadays, to be successful in business, you should depend on more than just producing good quality products and have a strong product promotional strategy. Sliders are one of the most effective mediums to showcase your product to dominate potential customers’ mindsets.

In today’s post, we have displayed the widely used and most famous WooCommerce slider examples that are widely used to display any WooCommerce store’s products. If we should include something more, feel free to share your opinion.

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Abdullah Al - Harun

Abdullah Al Harun is a technical content writer at wpWax and a digital marketing enthusiast. Apart from tech, he enjoys reading books on different aspects of communication, journalism, science, and arts. On his time off, you will find him playing cricket with his teammates.

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