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Snapchat Ad Examples

10 Snapchat Ad Examples & Best Practices

In 2023, statistics shows Snapchat’s usage in the US alone reaches over 75% of Millennials and Gen Z, and its users create over 5 billion Snaps daily. Moreover, Snapchat has become one of the most popular platforms among Generation Z (also known as Zoomers). To make the best use of Snapchat, Snapchat ads should be a must-try option for creating awareness of your products.

Due to having enormous popularity among younger audiences and innovative ad formats, Snapchat has become a wonderful medium for businesses to connect with their buyers. However, if you’re wondering how to create appropriate ads for Snapchat, you might need to have some Snapchat ad examples to make your better understanding.

Well, keeping the above scenario in mind; today, in this article, I’ll walk you through all about Snapchat ad examples. So, get ready to snap into action and explore the art of Snapchat advertising.

Actionable Snapchat Ad Examples

Let’s take a deep look at some of the best Snapchat ad examples given below and try to implement those at your Snapchat advertisement.

1. e.l.f Cosmetics

e.l.f. Cosmetics  Snapchat Ad Examples

The brand e.l.f. Cosmetics used Snapchat’s video ads to successfully feature their merchandise and boost recognition of the company.

Impressive results were achieved by the campaign, as site visits rose 20% in Q1 of 2020 when compared to Q4 of 2019. Furthermore, e.l.f. Cosmetics enjoyed a significant advancement in CPM efficiency during this time period amounting to a boost of 39%. Additionally, ad recall was substantially heightened at an impressive rate of 60%, whilst brand awareness surged ahead with an increase by a solid margin of 10 percent thanks to the success and impact generated from said advertising drive.

2. Domino’s Leveraged Snap Ads

Domino’s Leveraged Snap Ads Snapchat ad examples

Domino’s ingeniously utilized Snap Ads, commercials, and filters to launch their “New Bigger Better” pizza campaign. The outcome?

Domino’s captivated 800k unique Norwegian Snapchatters, who were drawn to both the engaging message and the impressive new pizza size. The ads were brimming with humor, showcasing the pizza’s exaggerated weight as too heavy for the delivery man and even the delivery car! Snapchatters could also personalize their Snaps with a Domino’s filter.

This smart campaign not only highlighted the colossal pizza but also significantly boosted purchase intent and brand awareness, making it a resounding success.

3. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren Snapchat Ad Examples

When it comes to effective Snapchat advertising, Ralph Lauren’s collection ad sets a high standard with its visually stunning aesthetics. This Snapchat ad example excels for several reasons.

Firstly, it maintains a consistent brand identity by using muted colors and a style that aligns seamlessly with their overall aesthetic.

Secondly, the ad leverages collection (or catalog) ads to drive users to their website. Clicking on any showcased product in the ad takes you directly to its product page, enhancing the likelihood of a purchase. It’s Ralph Lauren, after all!

Lastly, the ad’s clean and elegant design creates an engaging and captivating experience. By presenting a well-curated collection in a sophisticated manner, Ralph Lauren sparks interest and draws viewers in.

4. Starling Bank 

Starling Bank Snapchat Ad Examples

As a mobile-only bank in the UK, Starling Bank leveraged Snapchat’s innovative AR Lens experience in 2019 to amplify their brand presence and reach new users. Their strategic collaboration with Snapchat aimed to enhance brand awareness and drive app installations among Snapchat’s core demographic of 18-34-year-olds.

The initial Snap Ad campaigns targeted app installations, yielding impressive results. Starling Bank discovered a 61% reduction in cost per install on Snapchat compared to other platforms, underscoring the effectiveness of their approach.

Building on this success, Starling Bank utilized Snapchat’s AR technology to create a bespoke Lens experience. When activated, the Lens displayed a mesmerizing murmuration of starlings around the user’s head. By flipping the camera, users witnessed an intricate augmentation of birds in the sky, seamlessly forming Starling Bank’s logo.

In addition to the AR Lens, Starling Bank maximized their brand awareness campaign by incorporating Snap Ads and Commercials, effectively engaging their target audience and strengthening their market presence.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative CloudSnapchat Ad Examples

Adobe Creative Cloud’s Snapchat ad brilliantly encapsulates the essence of their product in a brief, engaging format. The ad starts with the powerful statement, “everything you need to make everything you want,” effectively summarizing Adobe Creative Cloud’s comprehensive capabilities.

Showcasing their features in action, Adobe keeps the ad concise and impactful, using striking visuals that capture attention and highlight the app’s creative potential. As a design tool, it’s crucial for the ad to reflect its visual prowess, and Adobe achieves this seamlessly.

The ad concludes with a targeted call-to-action, “for creative pros,” directly addressing their audience and prompting immediate engagement. This is a prime example of how Snapchat ads can be both visually compelling and strategically effective.

6. The Ridge

The Ridge Snapchat Ad Examples

The Ridge, a minimalist wallet brand, leveraged Snapchat Ad Examples to effectively reach a new audience and achieve impressive results. To gauge their campaign’s success, they utilized the Snap Pixel, which enabled them to meticulously track the purchase journey of users who either swiped up on the ads or simply viewed them.

With the Snap Pixel, The Ridge crafted custom audiences from actual buyers of their wallets. This strategy proved highly effective for cross-selling new products. Additionally, they identified lookalike audiences, resulting in a significant boost in sales.

The Ridge optimized their campaign by employing various creative formats, finding that static creatives delivered the best performance. Furthermore, they took full advantage of Snapchat’s vertical video editing tool and Snap Publisher to effortlessly produce multiple ad variations.

These strategic efforts culminated in a 4.1x return on ad spend for The Ridge. They also managed to reduce their cost per acquisition by 20% compared to other platforms. This case study of The Ridge exemplifies the power and potential of Snapchat Ad Examples in driving substantial business growth.

7. Hubble

Hubble Snapchat Ad Examples

Hubble, known for its affordable daily contact lens subscription service, successfully leveraged Snapchat to acquire new subscribers. Their primary objective was to maximize sign-ups for their 14-day trial subscription.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of their campaign’s performance, Hubble utilized Snap Pixel. This tool enabled them to track conversions and engage with custom audiences—particularly those who visited their site but didn’t complete the sign-up process.

By targeting these potential customers, along with lookalike audiences who had previously shown interest or signed up, Hubble achieved an impressive 84% reduction in cost per acquisition (CPA) in Q1, compared to standard targeting methods. This is a stellar example of effective audience segmentation and targeting in Snapchat Ad Examples.

Hubble’s ad creatives were a key component of their success. They employed GIF-like visuals that were not only engaging but also succinct, capturing the attention of Snapchat users quickly. The dynamic nature of these ads ensured they stood out in the fast-paced Snapchat environment.

To further drive conversions, Hubble incorporated an intuitive call-to-action button at the end of their ads, directing viewers to the sign-up page with ease. This seamless transition from ad to action exemplifies best practices in Snapchat Ad Examples, showcasing how a well-placed CTA can enhance user experience and boost sign-ups.

In summary, Hubble’s strategic use of Snapchat Ads, from effective audience targeting to engaging creatives and clear CTAs, highlights the platform’s potential for achieving significant marketing goals.

8. The Giving Movement

The Giving Movement Snapchat Ad Examples

The Giving Movement, a UAE-based athleisure retailer, turned to Snapchat’s innovative AR solutions and creatives to drive brand awareness, engagement, and sales. This pioneering brand in the MENA region was the first to leverage Snapchat’s try-on lenses, offering a virtual in-store experience through advanced AR technology.

By utilizing Snapchat Ad Examples like try-on lenses, The Giving Movement allowed their audience to virtually try on outfits by simply raising a hand. This interactive feature not only enhanced user engagement but also enabled users to share their new looks with friends and family, facilitating informed purchase decisions. This strategy effectively boosted brand awareness and conversions.

Over an 8-week campaign, The Giving Movement achieved remarkable results by using these Snapchat Ad Examples. The brand generated 4.49 million impressions, reached 1.79 million users, recorded 26.7K swipes, and achieved an impressive 3.438x return on ad spend (ROAS). Adopting AR technology through Snapchat proved to be a highly successful strategy for The Giving Movement, driving significant engagement and sales growth.

9. Gucci

Gucci Snapchat Ad Examples

Gucci made headlines as the first brand to collaborate with Snapchat for a global augmented reality (AR) shoe try-on campaign, achieving remarkable success. This innovative campaign allowed Snapchat users to virtually try on four different types of sneakers. From the AR Lens, users could seamlessly transition to Gucci’s website to purchase their favorite pair.

What They Got Right: Gucci’s AR try-on experience not only captured the attention of countless Snapchat users but also kept them highly engaged. This innovative approach led to increased sales and a positive return on ad spend (ROAS), making it a standout example among successful Snapchat ad campaigns.

10. Motorola

Motorola Snapchat Ad Examples

To boost brand awareness and consideration for their Moto g7 Power smartphone, Motorola utilized Snapchat Ad Examples to highlight the device’s impressive three-day battery life.

By leveraging Snapchat’s Story Ads and Snap Ads, Motorola effectively demonstrated the significant benefits of their smartphone’s long-lasting battery to potential customers. These Snapchat Ad Examples showcased the practical value and convenience of extended battery life, resonating with a broad audience and enhancing the overall impact of their marketing campaign.

Final Words

To capture the attention of your target audience uniquely and make them engaged, Snapchat could be the best platform to consider. The above mentioned Snapchat ad examples used varieties of Snapchat ad formats, creatives, and approaches to serve theirs purposes to their target audiences.

If you want to make the most of your ad spend, you need to set your business goals, keep your brand message clear, captivating visuals, and strong CTA. You need to target specific audiences wisely based on their interests that are most relevant to your brand.

Hope, this article helped you to understand about the best Snapchat ad examples that will be valuable for serving your purposes. If you have anything to share about the topic, feel free to share in the comment below.

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Sazzadul Bari

Sazzadul Bari takes care of marketing at wpWax. He is a passionate marketing geek who loves to craft compelling brand narratives and spearheading innovative marketing campaigns. His profound understanding of consumer behavior, combined with a keen eye for emerging trends, enables him to orchestrate impactful marketing initiatives that drive tangible results and propel organizations to new heights. When he's not drooling over digital marketing, you'll find him enjoying sports, traveling his favorite spots or going through his favorite books.

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