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The role of frontend developers in WordPress

The Role of The Frontend Developers in WordPress

The WordPress community comprises a diverse range of talented individuals who contribute differently to make any WordPress project successful. One of the most critical groups of people who play a crucial part in WordPress development is the front-end developers.

Front-end developers are responsible for the visual appearance of WordPress websites. They work on the front end of websites, meaning the part that users see and interact with when they visit a site. 

The role of frontend developers has become increasingly important in recent years as the WordPress project has moved from its roots as a simple blogging platform to a fully-fledged content management system (CMS)

In this article, we will explore the role of front end developers in WordPress and how they contribute to the project’s success.

Who are Frontend Developers?

who are frontend developers

Front-end development is one of the crucial factors to consider in web development. This web development mainly focuses on codes and building the visible elements in web applications or websites. Besides working with the prevailing development methods and techniques, frontend development works to develop mobile applications.

Front-end developers are those who work to create the layout or scheme of the application that we have mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Different frameworks like Angular JS, Angular JS 2, Jquery, ReactJS and Bootstrap work as the basement of frontend development.

All of these frameworks work based on HTML and CSS. In brief, frontend development mainly converts the common data into a graphical interface so that end users can view and collaborate by interacting visually and digitally using different languages, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Must Have Skills for WordPress Front-end Developers

A frontend developer needs to be proficient in some skills to effectively contribute to the development of a WordPress website. Let’s take a look at them.  

1. Having a solid base on programming knowledge

Frontend developers: Having a solid base on programming knowledge.

Front-end developers should have a good command of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, just knowing these coding languages and working on projects alone won’t cut it. They’ll also need to be proficient at preprocessing formats like LESS, SASS. 

Additionally, they should feel comfortable working in a codebase as part of a team environment. This means they have previously worked with version control tools such as Git/SVN.

2. Knowledge of software development methodology

Frontend developers: Knowledge of software development methodology.

A good developer is not just limited to technology but also understands how to work with methods such as Agile. Having significant experience working within an organization is essential to be up-to-date with the changing needs of businesses.

3. Ability to interact and use RESTful services and APIs

Frontend developers: Ability to interact and use RESTful services and APIs.

A front-end developer is tasked with interaction with and use of APIs and RESTful services. These systems follow a lightweight architecture, making communications more straightforward while keeping user experiences high.

4. Good command over creating mobile friendly design

Frontend developers: Good command over creating mobile friendly design.

Most front-end developers now design their websites to be mobile-friendly so that users can easily navigate and find the information they need. Responsive design changes a website’s layout based on different devices. Thus it makes the website a responsive one. This way, all visitors have an enjoyable experience regardless of their device.

5. Knowledge of differences among browsers

Frontend developers: Knowledge of differences among browsers.

Becoming a front-end developer requires you to learn and understand the differences between browsers, so the code you use can work across the full range of devices and browsers. While browsers share some common features, their interpretation of programming codes can be quite different. 

As a result, becoming a front-end developer isn’t just about mastering coding skills – it’s also about understanding how your audience will interact with your website or application.

Programming Languages That a WordPress Frontend Development Team Work with

There are different programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript that any WordPress front-end development team uses most of their time to make themselves skilled in their respective field. 

The process of using programming Language

Frontend Development team uses specific programming languages to perform particular tasks. They use HTML to design a document’s content, general structure, and CSS for styling. When any situation needs advanced interactivity, then they use JavaScript. Besides, they use AJAX, a combination of JavaScript and XML, to update a website’s specific areas without refreshing the whole page.

Libraries and frameworks

Different programming languages like Angular JS, React, and jQuery are used to create libraries and front end developers generally use the libraries. They also design frameworks like Bootstrap and Foundation. Moreover, they use CSS extensions like SASS to offer better scalability and power.

Other languages for front end developers

There are other programming languages that Front end Developers don’t use frequently. They use Python, PHP or Ruby to connect data with the website’s backend quickly.

How do WordPress Front end Developers Make Working So Easy?

Front end developers follow some standard functionalities to make the front end of a website more advanced and dynamic. Some everyday tasks of the frontend development team are as follows.

Front-end web developers deeply understand what looks good to the average person. Since they use WordPress as a robust content management system that makes work incredibly simple, they utilize tools like wireframing and sketching to help develop stunning ideas on screen.

They are experts in cross-browser testing and testing between various platforms and devices. Besides, they have skills in testing for the unit, accessibility, and spam verification. This is a requirement for most websites and applications being developed today.

The front-end development team is a group of website design specialists and understands how bots and crawlers interact with websites. This knowledge enables them to create an effective content strategy, which only seasoned digital marketers could do.

They understand the organization’s basic strategy well and what must be delivered to provide a perfect blend of both. The job is not easy, but it’s fun because of all the skills they learned online and their understanding of the organization’s strategy.

Wrapping Up

Making a successful WordPress-based website is a combination of contributions from different teams related to that particular project. Among them, the team of frontend developers plays a very significant role in making up a website stand out from the crowd in terms of different scopes of improvement.

Considering the importance of frontend development in WordPress, in this post, we have demonstrated how a frontend development team plays a major role in different fields of any website development. Raise your voice if you have any questions regarding this post.

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